Saving the Environment: 5 Transportation Tips

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Car pollutions is a part of a major environmental problem. This article provides some tips for your efforts in saving the environment by reducing your transportation pollution.

Saving the environment from all of the pollution created every day is too big of a task for any one person. But if everyone made small changes to their lifestyle, then together we could take a major step toward saving the environment. Here are five transportation tips to reduce the amount of pollution you produce on the road.

1. Spend less time in traffic

Getting caught in traffic isn't just stressful, it's bad for the environment. More time on the road means that your car puts more pollution into the air. One way of saving the environment is to keep your trips short. If possible, change your schedule so that you get in and out of work before the worst of rush hour traffic. Or if your boss won't let you leave early, consider shopping for groceries or running other errands near work before hitting the freeway home. Combining trips is an easy way to save gas and the road won't be as busy after you've finished shopping.

2. Keep your car running efficiently

The more work your car's engine has to do, the more gas it will burn. Turn off the air conditioning and use your car's fan settings instead. Saving the environment is worth enduring a little heat. Extra weight also adds to your engine's load, so don't carry unnecessary baggage. If it's July, then your probably won't need those tire chains in the back. Speaking of tires, check your tire pressure once a month. Fill them up to the number posted on your driver's side doorjamb for the best efficiency and ride quality.

3. Share your ride

Many cars on the road are occupied by just one person. If you want to do your part in saving the environment, don't ride alone when you can avoid it. Metropolitan and regional transportation authorities often offer services to help commuters find or organize carpools, so try contacting them. Or, if you're going out with friends on the weekend, consider taking one car. You'll be saving the environment and you'll be able to spend more time with your friends. Taking one car also means that you only need one designated driver if the evening involves drinks.

4. Leave your car at home

Walking or riding a bike to work may be daunting at first, but it's one of the best ways of saving the environment. Even if you only walk or ride twice a week, you could cut your pollution by 40%. Commuting under your own power will take longer, but it also counts as exercising time. If you don't have a shower or washroom at work where you can freshen up in the morning, try stopping off at a nearby gym instead.

5. Stay local

Before going out of town for the weekend, look at nearby alternatives. Check the paper for special events or have a night out at a restaurant you wouldn't usually go to. Supporting local businesses is a way of saving the environment becauses it reduces the distance that you and the things you buy have to travel.

By traveling less, driving more efficiently, and using alternative forms of transportation you'll be doing your part in saving the environment. Once you've incorporated these tips into your life, encourage your friends and family to follow your lead.

Submitted: September 24, 2010

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