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No one ever died with a face full of dirt and was happy about it until this happened.

Submitted: March 12, 2015

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Submitted: March 12, 2015



For as long as I can remember I've always lived inside of a spaceship, there was never a time where I've ever been on a planet, or seen all of the things on it. Rocks and dirt mostly. And I know it's silly, but I've always wanted to see it.


I'm not a nature-loving kind of person, I mean, how can I be when I've never actually experienced it? Plus I'm always building something or another when I can, but change can be good sometimes, without change no one would progress, and the entire universe would just stand still.


The alerts went up, everyone was suddenly on their feet as someone blared over the speakers


"Hostile ship inbound. Be prepared for the worst, whatever language they're speaking in, we don't know it"


I panicked, everyone else panicked,and then I panicked again. Were we in the wrong territory? Where were they coming from? What exactly were they going to do?


As if to answer me, I heard over the speakers "they've hit the left side of the ship. We no longer longer have power or engines on that side"


This is the first time we've lost power to anything bigger than a table, and now we can't move forward, or breath on that half of the ship.


Something else hit the ship, and this time it was on the side I was in. I flew into the wall as the entire ship jerked forward from an explosive force and from the 'gravity` on the ship suddenly going off.


Everything lost its weight and I saw droplets of blood drift through the room, as I looked for the source I saw a piece a scrap imbedded into my chest. It didn't hurt, probably because I was still in shock from the idea that we were actually being fired upon.


I put on an emergency suit, I needed out of the ship if I was going to survive. We were hit again, I flew into another wall, though this time I wasn't injured as badly, and I started to look for a way off of the ship shortly after getting my senses together again.


Then the gravity started working again, or was it?  It was pulling from the wrong direction. I realised we were heading straight into a planet with no way to correct the ships path. I looked through the ship desperately as it kept accelerating into the planet. I found the airlock, and I opened it, hoping maybe I'd be launched forward fast enough to escape the planet's gravity. It ended up being a really dumb plan


I was launched into the planet, and not too long after I crashed into it. My helmet was busted, and I ended up with a face full if broken glass, and dirt.


I guess it was what I asked for, to know what dirt was like. I took my glove off and put my hand through the powdery substance. It was odd feeling, cool and dry, except for the majority of it around me which had absorbed a lot of blood after the crash.


I used my gloved hand to pick some of the glass out of my face as I laid there, in the dirt. I took some comfort out of the idea that this is what I had always wanted to see.

I suddenly felt cold, and looked out at this new world I had just gotten used to fade out into darkness.


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