Dear Jas, My Poem To You

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okay, this is my first and last poem(i think),don't be mean! lol so basically i wrote this to say good bye to a 'friend'... things came up an pushed us apart for the better honestly. ENJOY XD

Submitted: October 06, 2010

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Submitted: October 06, 2010



Dear ' Jas '
you say i have made you cry, hunni you've made me cry more,

no, you're right, i dnt have it yet,but my day will come, at least mine will be alot better than what i've saw,

call me all the names you want, but callin me ugly dnt make you any prettier, calling me a fake does not make you any more of the real thing, calling me a bitch

dnt make u less of one,

child, that i am, an guess what lovey,you are too!,

dont bother wasting your hate on me,because babe, lets face it, i can handle it alot better than you,

i'm glad that u have new friends, as i have found my own, realising they were never gone, lets hope their shoulder is ready for you to cry on when 'tom' has gone,

'cuz mine is full of all your tears, an to be honest it's weighing me down.

i do this to say my goodbye, not good bye to what has been but what could have been, i say good bye to those days of feeling the odd one out, i say goobye to

what you have become,,all i'm asking is for you to be careful, dont rush too far ahead with him,not yet....

i'm no longer the third wheel, i'm wating for my heart to heal

oh an hunni, stop trying to rub my face it it cuz, guess what it aint workin ;)

chow abella x

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