the turning ofVlad Dracona

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This was a short story i did for my corsework, igot an A*/A hopeyou all like it , enjoy!
this is basically about how dracula became dracula and how he iscoping inthe modern world.

Submitted: April 05, 2010

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Submitted: April 05, 2010



The turning of Vlad Dracona...

By Billie J. Clarke





There it was again! That sensation, that rush of desire....a need for that constant fix being fulfilled...

As the count stood there in the dark shadows of the city watching passers by, heading to some of the many night clubs to fulfil their hunger for alcohol, drugs and partying, he started to question his addiction, that rush of human blood coursing through his veins, why did it make him feel so good when it was so wrong? Why was it only now, one hundred years on that he had started to question what he was doing and was it right, the greed, the selfishness. Was it finally sinking in?

It was the year of 1909 when it happened.The thought of it made him feel angry, heartbroken, lifeless but the one emotion he felt the most was lonleyness. The loss of friends, family but the one he missed the most was his beloved Elissa.

All during the battle of the Turks and up to the very moment where he recived eternal life, he was known as Vlad Dracona, Count Vlad Dracona to be precise. A well respected man at that, a mere mortal, someone that was able to walk the ground during daylight and take it for granted, someone who fought for his country. Now he regrets it. That singular moment repeating itself over and over again.That smuggled handover. That deal with the devil...all those lives taken just to save one....


As the night drew on his long for her became too much for him, his heart ached, his head thumped, his legs to weak to hold him up, then the

rain started to pour, the wind started to howl but nothing was going to stop him, not now. After years of being kept apart by the battle of Turks Count Vlad Dracona had no time to rest and he simply did not want to, for he could wait no longer to see his Elissa. It was several days before he had reached the castle. Oh, the joy he felt when he had! The excitement overwhelmed him, his pulse started to race, his palms started to sweat and his head became clammy!

This had ended shortly after it had started. he excitement turned to horror, his pulse slowly started to stop,his palms started to tingle, his head thumped a million times over. The smell, horrendous. The sight, unforgettable. His poor Elissa lying there. Lifeless.


The count was yet to find that she had taken her own life on the misinformation that he had taken his in the battle feild.

Neither was she or he aware that it was the devil himself playing one of his tricks. He had shown her the information. A dream, she first called it but later knew this was far more than a dream. An unwanted vision!

Days and days went past, still she recived nothing to confirm her husbands death.

Elissa Dracona heard mention of a letter being recived from Vlad's commanding officer from one of her maids, the letter reads:


Dear Mrs Elissa Rosana Dracona,

i am writing this letter to confirm the death of your husband Count Vlad Dracona.

He had been great service to us but felt he could not carry on for much longer. He sadly took his life on the 12th of August 1909.

We here are in great commiseration and are truly sorry for you're loss aswell as our's.



This was of the devils words an none of his commanding officer. He knew this unthinkable information would be enought to make Elissa topple over the edge and kill herself. He knew just how her husband would react when he found her, this would make it easier to corrupt Vlad and turn him to the dark side.

As he searched the cold and dark castle he found no one. Eeveryone had gone. It seemed as though no one, nothing, not even the insects wanted to be around as the count crumbled inside. He too felt like dying. His true love, gone. He was alone and made a vow to stay that way an to never love another as long as he shall live.

It had been two weeks before Vlad encountered any sleep. The image haunted him. In those few hours of sleep that he did manage to grasp, Vlad Dracona kept on seeing the same recurring dream. Was it safe enough to call it a dream or was it a nightmare? Either way he could not get away from it. Night after night after same old night, tossing and turning the count slowly started to go mad. Was this the works of the devil?

Vlad had slowly disowned himself from the rest of the world.

Then,one night Dracona made a deal he would live down to eternity.He made a deal with the devil. The beast had some way draged Vlad to hell. Some may of called it an out of body experience to another world? Whatever it was Vlad had no controll over it.

"Ah dear Vlad Dracona we meat at last, i've been looking forwad to this moment for a very long time." These words the devil spoke sounded somewhat comforting to Dracona. He felt wanted, needed, like he belonged but he said nothing.

"Come here my child, i have many great things to tell you. You are the choosen one." His words became more and more welcoming. It's as if Vlad had forgotten all about his wife and what had happend just a few weeks ago. Was he under the devil's spell? He proceeded.

"How, my friend would you like to be able to live forever? watch as generation after generation pass by an you not go down with them. The glory of it all."

" Eternal life." he whispered

The count just stood there in amazement, a state of shock, nodding his head to every word the beast had said to him.

" And all i have to do is sign a contract?" Vlad spoke those words with delight, he was being rewarded with an ever lasting life span an yet he did not know what for.

Moments later he found himself signing his signature at the bottom of the contract, not reading in full detail what this would mean he would have to do, all the sacrifices, all the consequences.

The next morning he did not seem to wake, it was only after sun down did he open his eyes to see what was in front of him. His camber, a totally different one to the night before, the grand hall, even the sheets he lay in were different. Everything had been refurbished. Vlad had not remembered much from the previous nigh eccept from the contract he signed his name on. The count read many things, some not as pleasing than others but at the time sounded all very well and welcoming.

"From this day on i shall be known as Count Dracula, i will go down in history and i shall take others with me. For i have the power to choose who i want and who's soul i shall sell back to the almighty one. I am in charge now. I shall decide if you die or not.I will live forever." Dracula bellowed from deep within. He was so excited and so wrapped up in it allt hat he had forgotten all about his once dedecated wife.

Once the contract was read twice over Count Dracula set off, already thirsty for blood...

The count stood there with the young adults body in his arms, waiting in the shadows not knowing what to do. Does he let her die and sell another soul to go and live in a place only he knows truly exist, a place of turture, a place were true sins lie with blood upon their hands or does he turn her into what he signed up to be. A blood sucking monster who would live untill the world had come to an end? Either way he could not fix what he had done. Not dead nor alive he left her there, in the street on her own, more vunrable than before.He watched as the alcoholics and the druggies and the couples and the friends as they all poured out of the clubs and pubs together. No matter who they were they were together, all ways with someone, always. This made him think back to when he and Elissa were to gether and the painfull night he came home and vowed he would never love another as long as he shall live. The words crippled him inside because he knew deep down there could be no other. There had to be a way to stop this, the nightmear he was living night after night.

"A silver stake maby, the blood of a HIV victim coursing through and mixing with my blood?, sunlight?, a church?

I need to stop this.This has to end...."

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