The Zombie Menace

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A bunch of people getting zombies

Submitted: June 03, 2010

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Submitted: June 03, 2010



A long time ago in a land far far away there was a scientist who created a cure for aids but little did he know what he unleashed on the world. This antidote caused people to turn into zombies that would feast on human brains. This story is based ten years into the future in the center of Kentucky. There is a small group that call themselves the Rebel Alliance. The rebel alliance is made up of humans that survived the first wave of the attacks they number in only a few thousand. There main purpose is to find humans that are alive. This story will begin in a shack two miles from nowhere.

Episode I The Zombie Menace

In a shack there is five hooded figures sitting around a small fire in silence. The largest of the figures stood up and takes of his hood. This is the leader of red squadron he is the strongest smartest and bravest of them all. His name is Captain Morgan. His squad is known as the most decorated squad in the Rebel Alliance. Its members are the brothers Cain and Abel they are the most reliable and trustworthy of the alliance and there battlefield reputation is legendary. Then there is Captain Morgan’s beautiful wife who is unknowingly carrying his first child. And last but not least Morgan’s apprentice Chuck who has an unprecedented knack for killing zombies.

As Morgan addresses his squad of tomorrow’s mission there is a scream of in the distance. Everyone in the shack became alert and Morgan gave the command to mount up. The group dispersed and jumped into the amour plated bus waiting outside. They drove as fast as they could toward the scream not knowing what they would find. They pulled up to an abandoned house they heard the screaming girl inside. Cain and Abel were the first through the door followed by Chuck. The three of them ran upstairs and found an older woman protecting her young son from two zombies. Cain and Chuck leaped upon the zombies. Chuck killing his instantly with a knife to the spine and Cain shooting his in the head with a shotgun both zombies were killed in a matter of seconds. Abel approached the women to see if she was alright only to find that she was bitten several times and would turn into a zombie any second. Abel reached for the child to take him away but she wouldn’t let him go. Abel was trying to pry him from her but it was to late she had already turned into one. As she bite down on the child’s arm she received a shotgun blast to the head. As Cain was about to shoot the young boy he hesitated for some reason he did not know? Chuck said to the group “ There is something special about this boy we must bring him to the Captain.’’

They brought the boy onto the bus and put him in front of Morgan. As he questioned him they learned that he had been bitten before and had not turned into a zombie. Morgan said “ We must bring this boy back to base and show him to the High Council.” And with that they made there way back to the secret rebel base in the Appalachians Mountains.

The High Council is made up of the wisest humans in the world. Its Grand Masters name is Yogurt. He is a midget but don’t let his small stature fool you he is the most skilled and wisest of them all. As Morgan who is also a respected member of the Council brought the boy in front of the Council. There was a long silence until it was broken up by

Yogurts raspy voice “ I sense much fear in you young one what is your name.’’

The boy answered,” My name is Chuck Norris.”

Yogurt looked up at Morgan and asked,“ why have you brought this boy in front of us.”

Morgan replied,” I think this is the boy the prophecy speaks of.”

“ Why do think this young Captain Morgan,” one of the council members asked.

“ He seems to have a great power he is impervious to the zombie bite,” Morgan explained.

“ Really how do you know this” Yogurt exclaimed.

Morgan reached down and grabbed the boy’s arm to reveal the bite on his arm. As he showed the arm to the Council members they all looked with astonishment as his arm healed itself before there eyes.

“ Now the only question is what to do with someone with such a special gift.” Yogurt said.

Morgan said “ I will take him under my wing as my new apprentice I will teach him well with your permission of course.”

The council took a vote and it was a unanimous decision. Captain Morgan was granted permission to teach the boy.

As Morgan and the boy made their way back to the bus a member of the Council stopped Morgan. He had a mission for Morgan and his crew it was a class S mission which is the most dangerous of all the assignments. His mission was to infiltrate enemy lines and rescue a stranded team. Of course he couldn’t turn down this mission. These were the kind of missions his team dreamed about.

As they got back onto the bus Morgan debriefed his team on the happens in the high council room and on there next mission.

Chuck spoke up “ so what does that make me now that you have a new apprentice”

“ You are old enough you are a much wiser and braver than I can ever hope to be I have taught you all I know” Morgan explained and as the bus disappeared into the sunset there was and uneasy feeling about what was going to happen next.

The team was driving down the rode toward their destination when the engine started to spit and sputtered. Every one feared the worst because if this bus broke down then they would be vulnerable to attack. Abel pulled the bus over to the side of the rode and him and Morgan got out to see what was wrong. As they popped up the hood of the bus a big ball of smoke spewed up from it.

Morgan turned to Abel and said “ It doesn’t look like we are going anywhere in a hurry.”

Morgan got back onto the bus and told the team of the grave news. He said that he and he alone would walk to the town close by and see if he can find parts for the bus. Everyone in there minds disagreed with this but they did not argue with him. As Morgan stepped off the bus he pulled chuck aside and told him that if he didn’t come back by sunrise you will be the leader of the group and you will teach you Chuck. Chuck was astonished and told Morgan that he couldn’t possibly do this but by the time he said those words he was already gone.

As Morgan made his way to town he had an uneasy feeling leaving his team all alone. He was in town in under an hour and found and auto parts store got the parts and as he was leaving when he heard and unnerving sound behind him turned around to see 40 zombies behind him. He started running and shooting behind him at the zombies. He had the bus in site he was only a hundred yards for it now. All of the sudden the noises behind him stopped he turned around and found that there was nothing there. As he stepped onto the bus everybody stood in shock as he told his story to the rest of his team. They waited a couple of hours till daylight to go outside and fix the bus. When the got out there and started to work on the engine they found out it was more serious then they thought. Morgan is going have to make another trip into town and get more parts. As Morgan suited up for tonight’s run into town he was very fearful of what was waiting for him in the town.

As he made his way into town he noticed something strange that it was very quiet there was not even and owl hooting in the trees. As he entered the parts store he was very careful not to knock anything over to alert anything to his presence. He grabbed the part that was needed and was making his way back to the bus when there was a big commotion up ahead of him. The sounds were coming form the direction of the bus.

Morgan was sprinting as fast as he can toward the best. As he saw the bus up ahead the sight horrified him. The bus was completely surrounded by zombies. He got out his Remington 1100 semi automatic shotgun and started shooting the zombies from 25 yards out. It got the zombies attention and they started chasing after him. Everyone in the bus was yelling at Morgan to get back on the bus.

He yelled back “ I going try and get the close to you guys and then you guys shoot them ok.”

As he ran by he threw the part they needed at the bus door and told them to put the part in as he led them away from the bus. Abel did as he was told he went out and installed the part in under five minutes. As Morgan ran back toward the bus ready to jump through the door but just as he went to jump onto the bus he tripped and fell just short. Little chuck ran out of the bus and grabbed Morgan’s shotgun and started shooting the zombies that were gaining fast.

Morgan grabbed the boy and told him “ chuck you must run and get back onto the bus leave me I will hold them off as long as I can” But Chuck just wouldn’t leave Morgan’s side until Cain came and picked him up and threw him into the bus. He was about to go back out and get Morgan but it was to late the zombies were already on top of him. As Morgan fired and fired again until he ran out of ammo he was a true fighter all the way till the end.

The team numbed by the captain’s death returned back to the rebel base and told the council of his death. Chuck was appointed the new leader of Red Squadron and little chuck became Big Chucks apprentice.

10 years later

The rebel alliance now numbers in the hundreds of thousands and the leader of the alliance is none other that Big Chuck. The Zombies are all but extinct and society is making a come but. And everyone lived happily ever after. THE END.

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