It can't be easy being married to me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

It just can't be easy being married to me. I'm generally getting in trouble, losing my way, wrecking myself in some new way.

an open letter to my beautiful wife

it sometimes can’t be ease being married to me. i know i do a lot of really strange stuff that makes no sense to a lot of people but hopefully brightens our days. i have a lot of really bad habits - like i leave toothpaste and socks all over the place - but i’m not going to go down that road. but somedays it really must be tough. and somedays you have to just be so AARRRGGGGGHHHHH! with me because i’m sort of the class clown who doesn’t quite know when the show is over.

i can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice when things aren’t right. i know that you would love to trade places with me in an instant and make our house a home for me and the children. I know it hurts you every day when you leave that you can’t stay with the beautiful children. it hurts us just as much to watch you drive away...

i know that you feel pressure to perform at work, at home, in bed, all over. i want to be the helping agent in this chemical mixture to ease that pressure. i’m sorry if i instigate when i shouldn’t. but it really is out of love that i reach to touch you, to feel you, to caress you next to me.

i want our home to be your sanctuary - your place of decompression. let’s make that happen sooner rather than later. let’s let our yard be filled with the sounds of summer - the swing, the birds, the critters, the pond, the fishes., the monster...

i know that i do a lot of seemingly useless things and waste a lot of energy in the process of completing these things. but that’s ok with me if it’s ok with you. I love that when I do the laundry that Will likes to fluff the towels and fold them just so... i love to mane Anna Marie smile by giving her a squeaky little kiss on the nose.

every minute of every day is a chance for me to teach and for our children to learn and i love that. and i’ve grown soooooooooo much by sharing myself with them and with you - like i come out of my shell to show them the world! and it’s big and bright and bold and beautiful and filled with wonderment and awe and we oh so love to explore!!!!!!!! WTF - i don’t need a shell anymore...

I’m so happy sometimes i could cry. there’s so much beauty in our lives that i am overwhelmed and overcome with waves of pure joy. each and every day is a blessing, and each and every moment a treasure.

you ask if i’m happy? how could i not be? it’s working. everything is working for me. the medications, the sessions, the late nights meditating, it’s all so beautiful. and it’s all because of you. you are my Angel, my love, my beautiful wife, my everything.

please call me after you read this...

I love you My Angel!

- billy

Submitted: May 30, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Billy Clarke. All rights reserved.

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