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Renamed 7/2/11


Plants that bloom in colors bold

While dewdrops freeze from winter’s cold

October’s air so fresh so crisp

November’s care is but a wisp


Between the suns a harvest moon

Looms large for midnight’s afternoon

‘neeth wispy clouds of blue and gray

That dance beneath the star’s display


We celebrate our joie de vivre

As solstice slumbers ‘neeth a tree

Of life that grows where none can know

Delve into ethereal realm and go!


And wake upon the other side

As light opens our eyes so wide

We glimpse our place, serenity

And begin to define our identity


But to start anew sucks dry our strength

Our desire to travel to any length

To find a moment oh so clear

Where we find all are one endear


Steps back beneath the silver sky

A yes to our eternal why

Come one come all come rich come poor

As there is always room for one more




Submitted: May 30, 2012

© Copyright 2023 Billy Clarke. All rights reserved.

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