The Adventures of Aster and the Zealots of the Idyll 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: House of Ghosts
As hope against any assault they had planned to once and for all end winterirons reign seems to be fading, the group of individuals, self-proclaimed: zealots of the idyll, the only real heroes left on this merciless planet, must summon all of their might to do what is right, for agreuis, for all...

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017








A teenage girl is cradled by her mother. They watch frivolously as the girls father races, ceaselessly, around the monotonous household; he carries pieces of clothing to and from certain equipment bags whilst manoeuvring food caches outside. As the mother grips her daughter tighter, the girls anxiety constricts her.

Izotol: mum?

She looks at her mother.

Lyra: its going to be alright, izotol.

Izotols eyes never leave her mother.

xavier: it should be about time, now. lyra, turn onto the EUCR.

Lyra unwillingly detaches herself from her daughter and scurries over to the television. xavier, the father, turns his attention to the screen as he takes hold of his daughter in place of lyra.

The television turns on.

Earths united capital representatives appear and head chancellor chullore is addressing the world.

He clears his throat.

Lyra stands by the television excessively biting her nails.

Head chancellor chullore: my fellow people of earth. I am regretting to inform, that we have been thrown into the mix of nuclear war.

An extremely loud siren, suddenly bursts their ears.

Head chancellor chullore: winteriron has imposed a world-wide nuclear threat upon us, his attack is unfortunately, imminent. We have decided… to retaliate in hopes of stopping this mad man. I wish you all the best and may god bless your souls.

The television goes to black repeating a slight beep over and over.

The family is left in shock. xavier lets go of his daughter and steps towards lyra.

Izotol, rushed by cold air after being left uncradled.

Lyra: xavier?

xavier: retaliation?

Lyra: what do we do?

Lyra breaks out in a panic with tears in her eyes.

Izotol looks onto her broken mother unable to muster an appropriate expression, choked under the weight of the ordeal.

xavier: hush, lyra, it will be alright.

He turns to izotol.

xavier: it will be alright. Theres still a chance-

Lyra: a chance for what?

He turns to lyra.

xavier: for izotol.

Lyra looks to izotol.

Lyra: how. How can you be so sure?

xavier: we have to, lyra.

Lyra takes a slight step back.

xavier rushes over to izotol.

xavier: izzy, youre gonna have to come with me. Your clothes and your bags, ive got them over here-

Izotol: where am I going, dad?

xavier: you have to go away from here, izzy.

Izotol: what-

Lyra, silent, following her family.

xavier grabs izotols bags and directs her outside to their ship.

Izotol: dad?

xavier: you have to go, izzy. We love you. You have to go.

Izotol: dad, I want to stay with you-

xavier: you cant, not here.

Izotol: why aren’t you comi-

xavier: we just cant, izzy. Please.

Her rushes her on board their little space craft and types in the coordinates for agreuis and sets the flying mode to auto pilot.

He sits izotol down in the cockpit as she watches her mother appear from the household walking through the ships small main door onto the vessel.

xavier: I promise youre gonna be alright. Everythings gonna be alright… but you cant stay here anymore.

Izotol: why cant I stay with you, dad?

Lyra enters the cockpit.

Lyra: xavier…

Lyra grips her husbands forearm.

Izotol: why aren’t you coming with me?


xavier: theres something important we must do-

Izotol: why cant we stay in the house-

Lyra: and youre very important, izotol. To us.

Lyra takes a step back.

Izotol: mum… dad…

xavier: we aren’t staying here either… we love you, izzy.

Lyra: we do…

As Xavier and lyra are about the exit the vessel, Izotol grabs her parents tightly. They reluctantly give in to her affection knowing holding her will only make it harder to let her go.

Izotol: where are you going? Mum, why? where are you going?

Lyra: were sorry. Izzy. I… I love you, so much.

Izotols parents let her go and remove themselves from the ship. xavier presses a switch and the ship begins to take off.

xavier: what did karissan say?

Lyra: were late…

The ship raises off of the ground and slowly hovers towards agreuis’ direction. izotol watches the tracker repeat the red planets appearance over and over.



The ship begins to accelerate when passing broken earths atmosphere as izotol watches broken shards of the lost moon float past and occasionally smash against her ship. Graced by luck, izotol and her ship smoothly pass the obliterated moon craters safely; but her mortal luck begins to wear thin when confronted by four beams of green light, seen far from her cockpit window, soon blinding her.

The roar from the beams begins to rattle her ship, and as tears begin to flood her eyelids, the beams whistle past, just missing her ship, travelling at an extreme velocity. she races towards the opposite end of the ship, entrapped in the phenomena, her eyes glued ingloriously to the beams of light which soon smash against the entirety of the lost moon and explode ruthlessly into many other spitting and spontaneous beams of green light projectiles. The aftermath of the impact eventually travels to her ship and in a rush and surprise, her ship is blown towards agreuis. the collision: knocking her unconscious.



Within a sect of the planet, a diverse group of individuals rest, pondering the next step in their odyssey. Creating a makeshift outpost from a fallen factions attack base from the days where the founding of the south lands began; they look onto the horror that now pollutes their agreean sky: a dominating and sickly green nuclear cloud floating over agreuis, perverting it. As hope against any assault they had planned to once and for all end winterirons reign seems to be fading, the group of individuals, self-proclaimed: zealots of the idyll, the only real heroes left on this merciless planet, must pull together.

In the cathedral, nothing can be heard. Most of the zealots remain asleep after the recent exposure to the cataclysmic event, but others, like aster, remain seated in the emptiness of the main room of the cathedral, longing his lost friend, jace. And mage, another lost in the intoxication of grief over jace, his son, as he lays restless in bed. Aster looks over to the three unconscious civilians, who are being waited upon to wake up from their grave experience as slave soldiers for the court of agreuis. But, restlessly and curiously, aster attention turns on them…

But suddenly, a sound is heard in the hallway opposite aster. he freezes.

The sounds are revealed to be coming from mage who has decided to unburden himself from the entrapment of a small room.

Mage: aster? what are you doing awake?

Aster: I… nothing. Too much on my mind, couldn’t sleep…

Mage sighs.

Mage: I understand… this must all be overwhelming, of course-

Aster: its all too real now…

Aster looks to the laid bodies aside him. Mage steps closer to the centre of the main room.

Aster: do you think hes alright?


Aster: do you think he was right?

Mage: I believe my son is afraid.

Aster: but why? Haven’t you been teaching him all that you know? enough so that he may even carry half of your courage?

Mage: I did. but learning from the master and the experience are two different things. And aster, no, I don’t think he is right.

Aster: so hes just lost then? So then… he will come around in time?

mage sighs.

mage: I don’t think jace will be back anytime soon…

aster: why?

Mage: the south lands has only dawned on him. There is still much for him to do…

Aster: how are you so sure?

Mage: because its all I have, aster. my boy, he just left… again. Its all I have…

Aster: you need to rest, mage? the heaviness in your eyes tells me.

Pause. Mage looks back to his room.

Mage: no. no, I must speak with you too…

Aster: yes. I know.


Aster: about my father…

Mage: your father, he is alive. Moments after relm attacked, your father and I got separated. Throughout the battle, I searched and searched for my boy and your father, but neither of them could be found. And if what you say is true, that your father did not die in that town…then, homar is alive.

Aster: but where could he be? Where could he have gone? If there is even the slightest chance he is alive… he has probably been taken by the court. Not that it matters.

Mage: aster-

Aster: he left me, mage. nothing will make him my father again.


Mage: perhaps the age of war is setting upon us… and I see the heaviness in your eyes too… you must rest, also.

Mage rests a hand on asters shoulder.

Aster: are we in this til the end? Even with all of our losses?

Mage: I thought we were never going to doubt our mission again. Yes, aster, to the end. I assure you the others would have it the same way.

Aster… even, if changes need to be made…

A look of confusion takes over mages face.

Mage: what are you talking about?


Aster: we need an army, mage.

Mage: what?!

Aster: were outnumbered now, mage. it is the only way, winterirons forces are too strong, and weve only recently learned about the court of agreuis… how can we compete with these beasts alone-

Mage: but the plan was always simple. To reach winteriron spire and erase all of this by his blood spilled?

Aster: we wont get to the spire… not like this.

Mage steps away.

Aster: mage… mage you must reconsider. We cant do this alone!

Mage begins walking back to his room.

Mage: none of us are doing this alone…

He exits.


Asters attention turns back to the unconscious south landers, but weighed under the altercation with mage, decides instead to fall asleep aside the courts victims as a sign of unconditional protection to those in a place he once was. In the other room, however, nagenissis howls of pain echo as his wounds ache.

Aster awakes in a cold sweat, another night where the seasons of war have taken their toll on the boy. He slowly moves closer to the others, still asleep; he feels the unshakeable nerve to wake them, and as he tries to hold himself, he gives in.

he reaches out…

Aster: hey-

Wilde: ASTER!

Aster: sorry!

Aster raises his hands in capture.

Wilde: what are you doing?


Aster: ahhh…ahhh…

Wilde: if youre that bored boy, go interrogate the prisoner.

Aster: I just wanted to see if theyre still alive-

Wilde: you know theyre alive… do you wanna give them a painful startle?

Aster: of course not-

Wilde: of course not.


Wilde: what are you doing up so early in the morning?

Aster: oh, I didn’t sleep.

Wilde: winteriron?

Aster: no… jace… my dad…

Wilde: im sure jace will be alright. He is the son of mage-

Aster: I know, I know, Ive heard all of this before... hey, is it too soon to ask, I don’t know… what was it like? Under their control.

Nagenissi’s chuckle echoes faintly into the main room.

Wilde flinches.

wilde: theres not much I can remember. The weird thing is, after all that time under their control, the only actions I remember taking are the ones against you. Against you all.

Aster: you don’t remember anything else? Where they might have taken you? Nothing?

wilde: faintly. Shapes… objects…. Nothing that’s clear. Being forced to be mindless… thoughtless… their beast-a slave.

Aster reflects on his friends trauma, the control that evil had on him.

Wilde: aster. why did you continue this journey? After I was captured…

Aster: I was saved by white elk. After the haven I had nothing, no one and nowhere. I would be a pile of bones right now if it weren’t for him.

Wilde: and then?

Aster: well… I took white elk to dragonarte and this is whats come of it…

Wilde: aster… is… is that you?

Aster throws his head laughingly.

Wilde: seriously, happened to the aster I met? he chuckles.

Aster: I…I don’t know. he chuckles.

Wilde: when do you think the others will wake?


Aster: hey wilde. Ive been thinking… but what im telling you, gets to no one. Alright?

Wilde: aster?

Aster: alright. Ive been thinking of a way to attack winteriron.

Wilde: aren’t we already in ‘a way’ right now?

Aster: a better way, wilde, a better way. Look at where we are. Look outside! This is madness, we will never win. Look, look! Weve got a court member right here! Imprisoned! And what does that prove? What is its value? Nothing! This gigantic mess is still going on everywhere else and were a few men…sleeping!

Wilde: what are you talking about, aster?

pause. Aster gulps.

Aster: I think we need to create an army.

Wilde: an army, aster? you seriously wanna build an army-

Aster: yes. Yes I do.

Wilde: but even you said war was wrong-

Aster: times have changed. We need a force greater than our own or we wont even get close to winteriron-

Wilde: this Is the south lands youre talking about…


Aster: yes. Alright, it is. It is the south lands. I know. but were desperate. come on!

Wilde: aster…

Aster: they can change, I swear on my life, they can change. The people can be taught to help each other they just need to stand together first.


Wilde: youre growing up, aster, but… I don’t know, I don’t think so.

Aster: why not-

Wilde: im no warrior. You know that. So I wouldn’t know the best strategy to attack winteriron… I couldn’t tell you.


Wilde: What…what about mages plan?

Aster: what is so good about mages plan?!

Suddenly, the three civilians begin moving and twitching.

Wilde: theyre waking…

The two zealots stand quickly, stepping away wearily from the awakening civilians.

Aster: they’ll be okay…right?

Wilde shrugs his shoulders.

One of the three start rising, inching their way into a full stand before collapsing against the wall.

Maro: where am I?

aster: you are in a second elders cathedral… do you know who you are?

The other civilians, a man and a woman, begin helping themselves up slowly.

Maro: my na… maro. Why am I in here?

Aster: you were captured by a group of attackers known as the court of agreuis. they are connected to winteriron.

Maro: winteriron?

The other two civilians stand fully.

Anna: what is this?

Anna remembers aster and wilde.

Aster: hello, anna.

Wilde: hey.

Anna: what are you two doing here? What am I doing here?

wilde gestures to the remaining man.

wilde: what is your name?

Sol: sol.

Wilde: do you remember anything, sol?

Sol: nothing. No, nothing.  

Sol clutches his head.

Anna: what is this?

Aster: you were taken by the court of agreuis as slave soldiers for their bidding against winteriron.

Sol: winteriron?

Anna: court of agreuis?

Aster: the situation with winteriron has become far more threatening than ever before. We are trying everything in our power to stop it-

Moro: you? Who are you?

Aster: aster. this is my friend: wilde. There are more of us, sleeping elsewhere in this cathedral…

Sol: where exactly are we?

Aster: close to the blackness.

Sol: Take us home.

Aster: we cant… we aren’t planning on going home at all-

Moro: where are you planning on going then, hm?


Aster looks at wilde.

Suddenly, mage and merlin enter the room. Aster and mage eyeing each other.

Mage: I see theyre okay.

Aster: mage.

wilde smiles at them both.

Moro: are you?

Mage: yes I am. And you are?

wilde: these men are moro and sol… the woman is called anna.

Mage: hello, all, this is merlin. im sure you have all met my cohort. I want you to understand that we are not here to hurt you. We are here to help. We are glad you have all awoken from the nightmare set by the court of agreuis. you have told them haven’t you?

Aster: yes.

Mage: and because you are all alright, you are free to travel home. You are outside the vultures stretch. We have one commuter we can allow you to have, you must share it between each other to arrive home safely.

Sol: one? I don’t even know where he even lives?

Mage: you must work together to find your homes, gentlemen. I have no way of helping you, there just isn’t enough time.

Moro: what will we do then? Stay with you and die?

Merlin: we don’t recall asking you to criticise.


Moro and sol look at one another.

Mage: I don’t remember asking you to stay.

Sol: we want the commuter-

Mage: very well.

Mage: and you, young lady?


Anna looks at aster.

Anna: dragonarte?

Mage: dragonarte? How do you know him?

Anna looks at mage.

Anna: hes someone special.

Anna looks back at aster.

Anna: where is he?

Aster: were not exactly sure-

Mage: we believe hes been taken by the court.

Anna: what do you plan to do about them?

Mage: we… haven’t agreed upon anything yet.


Moro: If youre so unsure then why do you continue?

Merlin: for you.

Moro and merlin make cardinal eye contact.

Aster: wouldn’t you want to fight for someone you care for?

Mage: aster.

Aster looks at mage, confused.

Moros expression, changes.

Aster: think about all those that will suffer, surely something has to be done-

Mage: unfortunately, we will not be needing anyone else to accompany us and Im afraid you have all been exposed to too much already-

Aster: mage?

Mage: the situation is far more dangerous than you realise. We do not need any more people to worry about, you will only become target practice for winterirons men.

Anna: what has happened?


Mage: follow me.

Mage leads everyone out the main door toward the glowing green atmosphere of agreuis.

Sol: what is this?

Anna: what has happened?!

Aster: we think winteriron has destroyed earth.

Moro: destroyed?!

Mage: indeed.

Moro: and your plan was to face him?!

mage nods.

Moro gestures to sol, they immediately take the commuter from merlins hand and escape the cathedral.

aster: tell your people of what has happened here today! Tell them who we are-

mage: aster! no! we must not give ourselves away!


Aster: mage.


Wildes eyes light up.

Aster: I think its time we consider another option…

Merlin naturally steps back.

The zealots and anna look at aster.

Mage: another plan?

Suddenly, white elk exits the cathedral fixating his eyes to the brightness.

Aster: look at what winteriron has done. this tyrant has destroyed a planet, and just yesterday, we didn’t even know about the courts schemes to take agreuis from everybody… we are outnumbered, overpowered. Its time we devise a different strategy.

mage: what are you suggesting, aster?

aster glances at wilde.

Aster: white elk, the court member is still tied up in there, right?

white elk nods.

Aster: I say we question the court member we have, find out where they were hiding the other slave soldiers, save dragonarte and fight together against winteriron…

Mage sighs.

Wilde: you want to make an army out of the slave soldiers?!


Aster: I want to begin building an army out of them... yes.  Have them help us spread the word of the idyll. we need a stronger force. a group of us just wont cut it anymore.

The zealots look amongst each other.

merlin: how can you be so sure the slaves will fight with us. They are south landers.

mage: merlin is right, fear, unfortunately, will guide them. But not with us-

Aster: I trust they can do it. I trust they’ll stand with us.

White elk tilts his head backward slighty, intrigued by asters plan.

Anna smiles.


Mage: no. we will not forge an army-

Aster: mage?

Mage sighs.

Mage: we have spoken about this before, aster, we will not draw attention to ourselves like that. Winteriron will have us found immediately. Besides, even you believe showing the south lands to wage in war against the tyrant is wrong-

Aster: I did. But he has made us very desperate. as of right now, I don’t believe we stand a chance. I will fight for what I believe in, the best way I see fit. Things need to change, we need to adapt. As odd as it may seem to say, we need the south lands right now.

Mage: winteriron will have us killed before we create the army, aster-

Aster: what will you do then, mage-

Mage: I will continue our previous mission. Penetrate his walls and face him in his city.

Merlin nods.

Mage: We do not need the casualties and blood on our hands, aster.

Aster: each time we leave a stronghold we taunt death a little more. Whos to say the next time we don’t leave, someone dies? Or we all, die?

Mage: that is something you should’ve considered a long time ago by now, aster, its time you get used to what youre in.


Aster: what about dragonarte, what if there is a chance to save him as well?

Mage: if dragonarte were in my shoes… he would continue the mission. If winteriron is destroyed perhaps the court will fall too… and the slaves will be freed.


Aster: you cant face him alone…. And dragonarte would come for you.

Mage: we head out tomorrow.


The zealots look amongst each other.

Aster: I’m going inside. do what you think is right.

As none of the zealots can come to an agreement, aster exits.



Aster creeps into the dark room where nagenissi, the lost court member, sits bound and alone.

Nagenissi scowls at aster.

Aster and nagenissi sit in silence as aster stares into the face of winterirons shadow.

But slowly, aster shows his true colours… to an still individual of agreuis… one amongst all… he leaves the room but returns with his equipment bag.

Nagenissi still scowling.

Aster removes wraps and a medical kit. He hands them to nagenissi.


Aster: tell me about the slaves.

Nagenissi remains silent.

Aster: I wont ask again, I need to know about the slaves.

Nagenissi: will this game of cat and mouse continue, aster-

Aster: don’t say my name like you know me. Don’t ever.

Nagenissi: but I do know you, aster, I do!

Nagenissi shakes the medical kit.

Nagenissi: do you forget; weve been watching you for a while-

Aster: not long enough, it seems. What you see in front of you is what you have created.

Nagenissi: and still, I already know ive won…

aster looks at nagenissi confused.

Nagenissi: come on, aster, you really don’t believe I will give up the slaves just because you asked politely, do you? Its gonna take more than that, aster. a lot more than that.

Aster: I can play your game, court mem-

Nagenissi: can you now? would you be willing to hurt me, aster? make me bleed? Make me suffer?!


Nagenissi: is that you, aster? will you do what is right for the greater good?

Aster remains quiet.

Nagenissi: only then will I give up the slaves. Otherwise, youll be here for a long time.

Nagenissi grins.

Nagenissi: youre dealing with powers that are much too great for a little squabbling band of ‘heroes’. And I have a name, aster. it is nagenissi.


Aster: nagenissi, help me get rid of the court, help me save the lives of millions-

Nagenissi: stop your desperate pleas! do you think I give a damn about any one of those barbaric wastes in the south lands, or those complacent people in winteriron.

Aster moves closer to nagenissi trying to gesture his desperation.

Aster: the others left you… if they cared they would have saved you… help me stop them… while we still can… please…


Nagenissi: never.

Aster stands trying not to show his true feeling toward nagenissi. he exits quickly.

Nagenissi grins once more.



Aster walks into the main room previously confused, now, stressed. The others walk in from outside the cathedral, crossing paths with aster again.

They all fall silent.

Merlin: well?

Aster: what will it be, mage?

mage remains vigilantly silent.

White elk: aster…

Aster: surely you can help mage decide on the right path, white elk?

Pause. White elk sighs.

White elk: has he told you of their location?

The zealots look at aster, perplexed.

Aster: …no.

White elk: then what choice do we have…

Aster: white elk-

Mage: let that dream go, aster. we cannot fight winteriron like that.

Aster: but-

Mage: prepare yourself. Worse is yet to come.

Mage disappears somewhere in the cathedral followed by merlin.

Aster just stares into the faces of white elk and wilde.

Aster looks out the top level window to the gigantic nuclear cloud still staining the agreean sky.

white elk: you cannot let this event cloud your judgement. Yes, winteriron has finally showed us just how immense his power can be… but that doesn’t mean we need to succumb to irrational decisions like trusting the south lands to fight WITH us.

Mage: if those men who just woke are not here anymore. What hope do you have for anyone else in these parts?


Aster looks at each and every individual standing around him hoping some sense can be made from their plan to face an immovable threat.

Aster: nobody will stand with me? Nobody?

Aster looks at the agreean sky once more, then enters the cathedral, shattered by the thought of fighting the tyrant in such an unreasonable and hopeless manner.



Aster is greeted by wilde, entering his sleeping area quietly.

wilde: aster… aster…

aster abruptly wakes.

Aster: wilde…?

Wilde: I have decided… I want to accompany you on your mission.

Aster: with me?

Wilde: yes, the one to find the army-

Aster: but you made it clear you didn’t like the plan?

wilde: as right as mage is. We don’t stand a chance against him alone. we do need an army. and you didn’t think id leave you to take on this effort alone, did you?

Aster: but the others? I thought the mission was scrapped because we wouldn’t move as one-

wilde: we may not have that luxury anymore, aster.

Aster: so were gonna leave them?

wilde nod.

Aster frowns.

Aster: when?

wilde: later tonight. Before they wake. For now, rest. I will be back for you before dawn.



Outside the cathedral, mage is greeted by merlin and white elk during the glowing green night.

White elk: why have you called us here, mage?

Mage: im sure you both heard your ear full of aster disclosing his plan. I even saw wildes reactions to it, somethings up with them two.

White elk fidgets.

Mage: if we continue this we will remain in conflict. Not one plan will be chosen over the other and nothing will be accomplished. I for one have no time for that.

White elk: theyre young. Theyre scared-

Merlin: nonetheless, mage is right, something needs to happen now. weve been waiting too long.

White elk: what do you suggest? Forcing them to follow your plan and come with us now?


Mage: I am suggesting… we just go.

White elk: now-

Mage: now.

White elk: aster, wilde? The girl? The court affiliate?

Mage: they can take care of themselves, they were gonna leave anyway.

White elk: we cant just abandon them- aster said that if dragonarte were still here, he would travel to save you. I believe him…

Mage: There is a mission much more important to attend to right now, white elk-

White elk: is it? What is important right now is that we stick together, above all of this.

White elk sighs.

White elk: I know you want to leave this place because of your son-

Mage: do not speak of my son as if he is my weakness-

White elk: I do not want your decisions to come from irrationality and desperation.

White elk looks into the direction of the fortress walls trying to make out their shape in the greenish darkness.

Merlin: that’s why we need to go, now. whos to say aster isn’t facing his own grief, right now?

Pause. White elk remains silent.

Mage: lock the door, merlin, we don’t want them catching up. Did you leave a disguise in our quarters?

Mage gestures to merlin. Merlin nods then runs over to the main doors placing bits of old debris in front of it, sealing the others in.

Merlin: well?

Mage: are you coming, white elk?


Mage: its now or never…

white elk: I am.

The three zealots, ripping themselves from their companions, take on their own separate mission to save agreuis.



Aster wakes in a shock, crushed by the residual and irregular heartbeat. aster tries to relax remembering his preceding visions, trying to make sense of the nightmare he has just come out of. Then, suddenly, his thoughts race over his father. As aster and mage haven’t been given a proper time to speak about mage’s possible contemplation, aster feels the urge to speak with mage before he leaves to undertake his secret mission with wilde.

Aster lifts himself off of his bed and creeps through the darkened and cold cathedral walkways. Aster passes wildes sleeping quarters noticing his deep sleep fogged by dreams; he then passes another room, knowing white elk should be in there, but is shook at the fact that white elk is not in his sleeping quarters. Aster then checks merlins quarters but can tell from a far that merlin is in fact, in bed. he quickly heads for the main doors to look for white elk outside but the doors are forcedly shut.

Aster: hey… hey! White elk?! …Mage?!

Aster scurries around the main hall of the cathedral, his voice echoing around the entire building, as the loud sound of his voice wakes the others.

Aster: why is this locked?!

Aster bashes his fists and shoulders into the door, his anxiety climbing.

Anna: aster… whats wrong?

Aster: the door… its locked. Where are the others?

Anna: sleeping?

Anna points to the sleeping quarters where wilde enters from.

wilde: aster…

Aster: are they here? Have you seen mage? or white elk?

Wilde: no ive been asleep, whats wrong-

Aster: white elk isn’t in his room.

Wilde: so? Hes an indigo, he could be doing anything…

Discouraged; aster rushes over to mages sleeping quarters and when he peeks in, he sees the same set up as merlin.

Wilde: see… asleep…

Aster: wait a second.

aster intrudes into mages room, ripping the covers off of his bed to find a collection of pillows stacked to give the illusion that mage is fast asleep.

Aster: damnit, check merlins room!

As wilde rushes out to merlins quarters, asters thoughts delve into white elk forsaking him.

Wilde: nope. Gone.

They enter the main room where anna is still standing.

Aster: theyre gone, all of them.

Anna: then the sounds I heard a few hours ago were real… I heard them speaking outside and then suddenly, the sounds disappeared.

Aster: they’ve left us.

Wilde: we don’t know that for sure-

Aster: we were going to do the same thing, wilde, of course we do.

Wilde: well, what are we going to do then?

Anna: you were going to abandon us too-

Aster: we were going to complete our mission-

Anna: so much for being a team.


Aster: the door is locked.

wilde walks to the door testing its rigidity.

wilde: how are we going to open it?

aster: why would they lock us in here-

wilde: snap out of it, how are we going to do this? I wish I had my bag, im sure theres something in there to help us out here, maybe a pick lock?

anna: no, I don’t think a pick would help here. Theres something on the other side.

anna immediately notices asters wrist turret.

Anna: is… is that?

Aster: oh… yeah.

Anna: mind if I…

Aster: oh… of course… not?

Aster removes the weaponised brace and hands it to anna. She studies the brace before quickly placing it on her right arm.

She points the weapon to the door.

Wilde: wait, woah!

wilde runs from the door toward aster who clenches away from the door.

Anna fires round after round into the door blowing pieces of wood everywhere cutting down a large opening.

The turret shots stop.

wilde: what?!

Anna hands the weapon back to aster who resituates it to his left wrist.

Anna: handles well. drake?

Aster smiles.



He then heads through the door.

Aster: mage?

Outside, he sees nothing. The others stumble through the door opening.

Wilde: what do we do now then-

Aster: why wouldn’t they be here…

Wilde: what does it matter? The others aren’t here, what are we going to do?

Aster turns back to wilde as they both contemplate on the actions involving anna.

Aster: anna, you must stay-

Anna: alone? No, no way-

Aster: we can come back for you-

Anna: how do I know that!

Aster: how do you know youll survive out there-

Wilde: we don’t know if we can take care of you out there, anna…

Anna: oh… after that?

She points to the blasted door.


Wilde: now im conflicted-

aster: if you slow us down-

anna: aster…

he sighs.

anna: which way?

Pause. Aster and wilde are lost within themselves over their disappearing allies.

Anna: and what about the other guy… inside?

Aster: we are taking him-

Wilde: what?!

Aster: you heard me. He will crack. Eventually. I promise. And when he does, we will head straight for those slaves-

Anna: and dragonarte?

Aster: and dragonarte.

Wilde: okay, but what are we going to do about weapons?

Aster: we can use my turret.


Anna: …that’s it? That’s all you have?

aster nods confusingly.

anna: for a company of heroes facing winteriron, you are all crudely disorganised…

wilde smirks.

Aster: I will go and get him from inside. then, we will leave.

Aster exits.

Anna: where do you think they are… out there?

Wilde: I cant be sure. But, I know theyd be travelling north, straight to the walls. if we get a move on im sure we could at least find their tracks…

Anna: are they safe?

Wilde shrugs his shoulders.

Anna looks out into the darkness.

Anna: do you believe in asters plan?




the three zealots: mage, merlin and white elk, heated and led distraught from disagreements and the loss of their allies; roam the south lands, surely enough; towards winterirons walls. as the horizon-stretched walls draw ever closer and winteriron is in their sights, the brightness of the burning sun beams through the green cloud revealing snippets of rays.

Merlin: the clouds still getting through… how long do you think itll be there for?

Mage: its shouldn’t be long now… maybe another night. It mustve been some impact.

Merlin: at least we’ll get to see if it truly was earth…

White elk: the death of the planet intrigues you?

Merlin: doesn’t it fascinate you?

White elk: fascinate?

White elk comically chuckles.

White elk: no… not fascinate.

Mage: whats out here, white elk? Any creatures we should be aware of?

White elk: is your base not just down there? Did you not check your clans lands?

Mage: the sound of weapons and raging men probably scared them away, but that’s just what I think.


Mage: So, Is there anything out here, white elk?

White elk: Ahead, there is a scarvera cave.

Mage: where?

White elk: it can be faintly seen… just there.

White elk points away from winterirons fortress walls towards a large formation of mountain-shaped rocks hosting a large hole buried deep into the side.

Merlin: im ready-

White elk: there are none that reside in that cave. Otherwise we would be battling an agreean-forsaken number of scarvera right now.

Mage: so we’ll be alright?

White elk: Be wary.

Mage loads his fusion rifle as merlin removes a hunting knife from his boot.


There is no sound around the zealots as they continue to draw closer and closer to the scarvera cave.

White elk: we will enter the cave only for a moment. Then, we will continue to winteriron.

Mage: are you sure about this?

White elk: yes- merlin: snug as a bug.


Suddenly, screeching sounds can be heard deep in the cave.

White elk: they are here.

Merlin: I cant hear nothing.

White elk: stop.

The zealots halt.

Merlin: what is it?

White elk: there are scarvera in this cave still. not a colony, only a band.

Merlin: so whats the plan? Are we in here to kill them?

White elk: I suggest we leave while we still can, unheard.

Mage: then we will. Come on.

the zealots slowly creep around the cave. Only so far from the edge and yet they may as well be hundreds of metres deep.

The scarvera growls louden.

White elk: they are coming.

Merlin: what? Now-

White elk: stand your ground they are coming for us.

Mage: white elk we can see in the light, lets get out of here first-

White elk: no, they will surround us that way-

Merlin and mage take a slow step each, testing their surroundings, and when they feel the time is right, they press on.

White elk stays perfectly still.

Mage: white elk, come on!

White elk shifts his head watching a single scarvera silently run past him towards mage from a far, deep darkness and into the light and their vision.

White elk charges, following the creature, eventually tackling it to the ground, meeting the scarvera as mages protector.

Mage: white elk!

Merlin: shoot it!

Mage fires his fusion rifle burning a hole into the struggling scarveras head. White elk jolts away from the blue bolt as the flare burns his arms.

Mage: white elk! Im sorry! Are you okay-

White elk: theres more. Theyre coming.

Merlin: how many?

White elk: you will want to wish you did not ask.

The zealots wait patiently for the scarvera to strike.

White elk: mage! fire there!

As white elk gestures, mage pulls his heavy weapon toward white elks request and fires round after round into the cave. The sound of a dying scarvera is heard.

White elk: well done.

White elk promptly launches himself towards merlin and is immediately met by a scarvera that had snuck past the zealots whilst they were engaged in the wrestled scarvera.

White elk places his wrist-mounted arrowheads under the jaw of the stunned creature, that was hunting an unsuspecting merlin; white elk closes his fist, and fires a large arrowhead through its skull, killing it instantly.

White elk: we must take shelter inside the cave.

Merlin: you want to go inside the cave, still?!

White elk: how many have escaped from the cave?

Mage: I cant tell you, they seem to be doing it when were not focused…

White elk: if we enter the cave we have only to fire into two directions, the scarvera movement will be limited.

Merlin: doesn’t that also make us sitting ducks?

White elk: not with mages weapon.

Mage: get inside the cave.

The zealots trudge within the cave.

White elk: forgive our trespass agreean creatures…

The zealots’ march eventually comes to a halt as they set their positions for imminent attack.

White elk: if the scavera enter the cave we will hear its roar.

Merlin: I can hear plenty right now.

White elk: they are already inside, are you ready for them, mage?

Mage: as ready as ill ever be.

Mage grips his rifle tighter.

White elk: are you ready to fight aside me, merlin?

Merlin: youre alright, indigo.

the creatures are heard entering the cave. the growls whistling through the entire cave.

Mage: theyre here.

white elk tries to focus on his hearing as the darkness of the cave proves to be a challenge.

Mage: how many?

White elk darts into the darkness ahead of them.


A scarvera whimpers.

White elk screams from the darkness.

White elk: fire!

Mage, skipping a breath, unloads his blue bolts into the darkness, lighting up the entire cave. Mage catches glimpses of the scarvera faulting in white elks designed trap.

Merlin steps closer towards white elk, creeping at a slow pace.

Merlin: white elk? Are you alright?

Suddenly, white elk emerges from the darkness, throwing a scarvera into merlin.

White elk: merlin, quick!

Merlin quickly slices through the scarvera’s throat letting it fall to its death.

Mages weapon ceases firing.

Merlin: is that all of them?

Mage: yeah… I think so. White elk?

White elk: indeed it is. We will rest here for a short time. Come to the entrance.

Mage, completely impressed, nods.



Aster, wilde and anna, have begun their journey onto agreuis, followed closely by the captured negenissi.

Wilde: where are we going, aster?

Aster: for now, we tail the others.

Anna: why would we follow them? We may as well have gone with them, then?

Aster: we can cover some ground, we can decide from there which direction we take…

Aster looks over at nagenissi, barely standing but pressing on against his will.

Aster: we will come across where they keep the slaves, or run into their holders. I can promise you that.

Wilde: you want to find them? The soldiers that destroyed the haven? You were there aster.

Aster: coming toe to toe with them is inevitable, wilde…

Anna: aster, agreuis is a big place… are you sure about this? If we are following the others, we may as well find them and unite again…

Pause. Aster looks at nagenissi who tauntingly smiles at aster as he kicks sand.

Aster: fine. We will.

Nagenissi’s smile drops.

Aster: they shouldn’t be far now.

Anna: how do you know?

Wilde: you can smell the dead scav in the air… and burning chemicals.

The others follow aster, still confused.



After a period of rest, the zealots have pressed on to the nostra citadel, a gigantic pillar where infamous dealings and exchanges between bosses takes place. As the zealots circle the vicinity, it becomes apparent that there are two groups of individuals within.

Merlin: whos in there?

mage finds a crack in the wall and peeks through to witness the proceedings.

Mage: its… exodus… and rust…

Merlin: whats happening?

Mage: I don’t know… talking… a lot of standing.

White elk: quickly, we must leave here.

Mage: wait, I want to know what theyre doing.

Inside, exodus is handed a rectangular shaped mechanical bar.

Mage: hes… playing with a dark bar? …really studying it…

Exodus is gestured to attach it to his arm, almost like asters wrist turret, except, placed in the middle of the wrist.

Mage: hes putting it on.

Merlin: what is it?

Exodus raises his arm, the individuals giving it to him stumble back slightly. Then, blue blocks of plasma, the same substance inside mage’s pulse fusion rifle, begin piecing their way up into a large, tough, sharp and triangular-shaped blue sword.

Mage: it’s a… woah. A…

Merlin: let me see!

Merlin pulls mage away and witnesses the sheer radiance of the advanced weapon.

Merlin: it’s a- a blade?

White elk: your people are joyous over the creation of weapons of destruction and death.

Merlin: so?... this thing is really cool.

Mage: okay, we will go.

Merlin stands, following mage. white elk listens to the distance.

Mage: white elk?

White elk: there are ships approaching.



Aster, wilde and anna eventually walk along the same ground the other zealots have already been on. They spot deceased bodies of scarvera all around them leading to a cave amongst rock formations.

Wilde: you don’t think theyre in there, do you?

Aster: they could still be taking shelter in there, its possible.

Anna: what if theres more of these things out here?

Aster looks around.

Aster: there isn’t… lets go inside the cave.

Anna: and if those things are in the cave?

Aster: we would be joining the other zealots in battle, wouldn’t we?

they walk towards the cave.



Where the zealots await their impending competitor, the nostra citadel floods with the sound of chaotic voices echoing inside as they too have heard of the oncoming ships.

White elk: wait here, in the shadow. If we run, we are sure to be caught.

Merlin: we cant stay the whole time…

White elk: when the battle breaks out, we will escape.

Three ships land in front of the citadel.

Exodus and rust, another regional terralord, burst out from behind the doors followed by their men.

Rust: winteriron, ay?

Exodus: nevertheless. Men! Weapons at the ready. Shoot, to kill.

Exodus’ men fall out of the citadel and take aim at the still standing court of agreuis battle ships.

Suddenly, the doors open.

Citizens, controlled by the brace on their neck, rush towards the two factions, taking heavy damage by speeding bullets.

Rust: stop! Stop! You cant kill these people, they are our people!

Exodus: these are not our people? Continue firing!

Rust: no! look, into the crowd; I sell bullets and magazines to that man!

Exodus: what is this?

Rust: tell your men to cease firing!

Exodus: are you crazy? These ‘citizens’ will kill us!

Rust: at least stop the bloodshed, they are south landers?!

Pause. Exodus lets out a slight bellow.

Exodus: stop!

The gunfire stops but the soldiers continue charging.

Exodus: they are not warriors of winteriron! Show them mercy.

Exodus’ men all share the same confused expression. But nonetheless, the two armies collide in hand to hand combat as a large battle breaks out.

Exodus and rust share casualties as their men are mauled by the unsuspecting agreeans.

Rust: to hell with this, exodus! I! am leaving.

Exodus turns to the cowardly snake.

Rust: remember. be wary of winteriron. Something big is coming.

Exodus: what will you do? How can you run from this beast?

Rust: I learned from dorn.

Exodus: how? How does he know, why would he tell you?

Rust shrugs his shoulders.

Rust: he just did.

As more and more of the slave soldiers are defeated, rust escapes, followed by his men.

Exodus: lets get out of here!

white elk is followed by mage and merlin, as they make their escape from behind the nostra citadel. But mage’s eyes lay themselves upon the dark bar on exodus’ wrist eventually stopping him from leaving the citadel.

White elk: mage, let us go!

Mage is silent.

Merlin: mage?!

White elk grabs mages furthest shoulder keeping him in place to not chase exodus in the battle ground.

Mage meets eyes with exodus, who is fighting off a slave soldier already.

Exodus is immediately knocked off of his feet by the soldiers fearsome tackle. Just as the soldier seems to be attempting to choke exodus, he reveals a hidden pistol and holds it under the soldiers heart. The fired bullets, emptying the round, pierce the soldier leaving him a bloody corpse.

White elk: now. the soldiers are coming for us.

Mage: go then.

Exodus regains focus, staring at mage and his companions as they leave the citadel, with a concerned look in his eye…



Aster, wilde, anna and nagenissi enter the cave.

Wilde: mage!

Aster: shut up! What about the scarvera, huh?

Wilde: what if theyre in here and they answered?

Anna: they obviously didn’t... they mustn’t be here… and what about the scavs?


Aster: check again. Wilde.

Wilde: mage!

No answer.

Anna: There mustn’t even be any scavs…

Wilde: no point travelling down there then.

Aster: they’ve already been through here.

Wilde: so… we keep travelling north, aster?

Aster: we do. Lets get out of here.

They all exit the cave.

Nagenissi: aw, wasn’t your band of heroes in there?

Wilde: aster… if were travelling behind the others maybe we should try finding them….

Anna points at nagenissi.

Anna: you. Shut-up.

Wilde gestures to the laid scarvera.

Aster: no, wilde, no. we cant use them… we can do this-

Wilde: when weve walked far enough, when weve followed the others enough, what then?!

Aster: are you giving up already, wilde?

Wilde: no, n-

Aster: or you just asking your million questions, again?


Wilde: fine.

Aster: we got this.

They all continue on the zealots tracks.



Aster, wilde, anna and nagenissi find the nostra citadel, hollowed out and rust and exodus’ men piled along the floor as well as some deceased slave soldier bodies.

Aster: the court attacked…

Wilde: these people aren’t just anyone…

Wilde examines a dead faction protector.

Wilde: this is one of exodus’ men. He mustve been making a deal with someone else just like him, here.

aster: over what?

Wilde: who knows… the inside of the citadel is cleaned out…

Nagenissi: I told you all. The court will not stop just because you have me, just because you know who we are now!

aster looks to anna and wilde.

Aster: they did strike again…

Anna: what were you expecting?

Aster looks over to nagenissi, saddened.

Wilde: lets rest here tonight. Im sure we’ll be safe now.

The company rest in the citadel for the night.

Aster: hey, wilde. Out there, did you ever see exodus?

Wilde: no.

Aster: do you think someone like him would’ve been taken by the soldiers?

Wilde: honestly.


Wilde: I don’t think so.


During the silent stiffness of the agreean night, where the planet is still extremely lit by the green cloud above them, aster emerges from his makeshift bed, sneaking past wilde and anna.

Aster walks into the room holding nagenissi, who is also sleeping.

Aster: nagenissi.

Nagenissi wakes startled.

Nagenissi: what do you want?


Aster: to let you go.

Nagenissi: what-

Aster: the journey is far from over… but my plan; its failed. I thought I could lead my friends towards your slaves… I was so caught up in saving them I never stopped to think what I would do when im even there. How to even begin… Go, nagenissi.

Nagenissi: why am I being set free?

Aster: mage doesn’t believe you important. What purpose do you serve us if winteriron is the enemy… go.

Aster breaks nagenissis locks.


Nagenissi stands.

Nagenissi: you are foolish boy, but I always you knew you were just that… a boy…

Nagenissi scurries out of the citadel.

Aster sits ashamed.



Atop the awed spire, within the rounded walls of a cold civilisation, is a room encasing the evil spirit residing on agreuis; winteriron. He sits upon his golden throne, in a state of deep trance drowning in his own hubris. Winteriron remains in his quarters as requested, alone; the darkness diming the room matching his soul; his usual glass of spirit, in his right hand.

Suddenly, masc, winterirons enforcer, enters disturbing the malevolence.

Winteriron: yes, masc.

Winterirons feet twitch.

Masc: your excellence, I request your audience.

Winteriron: must I, masc…

Masc: your excellence, I-

Winteriron: for a moment, masc, I will speak. Look to the sky.

Winteriron removes himself from his throne and gestures masc to the window.

Winteriron: out there, earth, my trophy, burns bright in toxic, masc.

Masc: s-

Winteriron: and it is exactly that to me, masc. a trophy. It… is mine, now. and now my hunger has grown for the south lands. and I will smite what resides there now, cleansing the land anew, to make it mine. Do not request my audience, masc, as if I do not know what you want.


Winteriron: you will get your wish, masc. I will allow your descent on the south lands; but know this…


Winteriron: the south lands is my trophy.

Masc nods

Masc: yes, your excellence.

Masc exits.

Winteriron sips his spirit, standing in the rays of the green cloud.



Wilde: aster! aster!

Anna: move, ill wake him! Aster, get up!

Anna pushes aster around until he finally wakes.

Aster: what? What!

Wilde: hes gone. The court member, hes gone.

Aster sighs.

Wilde: we have to go find him.

Aster: its okay, its fine-

Wilde: no its no-

Aster: wilde! Relax!


Aster: I let him go-

Wilde: you what?

Anna: aster, what?!

Aster: I put a tracker on him. I have a feeling he’d scurry back to his friends if we let him go. He would lead us straight to them. theres no one else.

Wilde: you… you, this was planned?

Aster nods.

Wilde: so following mage and forsaking your plan? A hoax?

Aster nods.


Anna: do you know where he is?!

aster removes a small device with a screen on it and lobs it to anna. She catches it and looks up nagenissi’s location.

Wilde: where did you find that?

Aster: I found it hidden in the iron collectives base.

Wilde: aster, you devil!

Anna: wow, hes cleared a lot of ground overnight.

Aster: which direction?

Anna: that way.

Wilde: away from the fortress walls…

aster snickers.

Wilde: anna, show us the way.

The trio exit the nostra citadel.

Wilde: woah, the green cloud, its, its gone… woah…

The green nuclear cloud has faded unveiling an obliterated planet aside them.

Anna: has he no soul.

Asters head drops, the pain overwhelms him when he stares into what was, earth.



The zealots, after travelling long and far, can finally see the shadow created by the fortress walls. mage sneers in excitement.

Mage: we are almost there, gentlemen.

White elk: I see a camp. Standing guard, it seems, of the blackness.

Mage: damnit, its winteriron soldiers.

White elk: slaves?

Mage: no, his REAL soldiers. They will slaughter us- Drop!

The three zealots crouch down, scouting the perimeter.

Mage: these beasts will cut us down-

White elk: shall we not meet them in might-

Mage: no! we plan to sneak into winterions fortress and face him… not his men. These men are highly skilled and If they catch us we am sure to have lost our element of surprise, and failed.

Merlin: lets go around them. We can go around them cant we?

Mage: it depends on how far their blockade stretches, and how many there are.

White elk: wait.

Three rifles smash the zealots into unconsciousness.



After leaving the nostra citadel behind, aster, wilde and anna, refreshed from their rest, press on behind nagenissi; taking to their new quest level-headedly, guided by asters ever-growing self. a boy now sure enough about the coming around of his plan. Soon, the trio’s path intertwines with a large stream of the jewel of agreuis cutting them short of their mission, ready to test them once again.

Anna: the tracker keeps pointing in that direction. how do you think he got across?

Aster: he couldn’t have, the stream is too wide.

Wilde: perhaps he found another way around…

Anna: impossible, the stream runs for miles… this was his only way… our only way…

Wilde: so were swimming?

Anna: look at that current. Theres no way we can swim that.

Aster looks up and down the stream for a possible vessel to travel on.

Anna: theres no way he could either-

Aster: but he did. And fast.

Wilde: how?

Suddenly, the sound of steps constricts the trio, forming around them.

The trio turn around.

There stands a large clan of indigos.

Aster raises his wrist turret as wilde and anna step behind him.

Wilde: guys…


The indigos step closer.

Aster: stay back! I said step away.

Aster locks his weapon.

The clan of indigos begins to shift outwards, creating a gap down the centre.

A tribesman steps out from behind the clan, dressed as one of them, but only dressed.

Aster: dad?


Wilde: h-homar?

Homar: son.

Homar nods at wilde.

Homar: romark to, dy uce sun.

The indigos around homar step away acknowledging the presence of his son.

aster, filled with joy, is about to charge into his fathers arms, but remembers. Instead, he holds himself back, creating a distance between the two, expressing his loss.


Aster: dad-what…what?

Homar: Im happy to see you alive too, my son

Aster: why…

Aster clears his throat.

Aster: why did you abandon me?


Aster lets out a disgruntled whimper.

Aster: point me a way over this stream. We’ll be out of your way soon enough.

Homar: son…

Homar steps closer to aster, aster steps back keeping his weapon high.

Aster: it doesn’t matter what you say anymore, it doent matter who you… are. Just… direct me over this stream.

Homar looks into his sons cold and unforgiving eyes.

Homar: what is it you seek?


Homar: this clan will protect you.

Wilde: aster, its your…dad… maybe we should go with them? They can probably help us?

Homar: help you?

aster turns to anna who sports a concerned look in her eye.

Aster: no. we don’t need their help. They cannot be trusted.

Pause. Homar being the only person aster looks at remarking that comment.

Aster: how do we get over this stream!

The indigos tense up.

Homar sighs.

Homar: if you cannot trust even your own blood, then your way it shall be … this way.

Homar points to the right of the stream.

Homar: mak-to!

The clan shuffle towards his suggested direction, eventually followed by wilde and finally, a reluctant anna.

Homar grabs asters arm.

Homar: don’t you wanna know where ive been?

Aster: where you’ve been doesn’t excuse your reason for not being there for your son.

Aster shrugs homar off following the group.



Held against their will, the zealots kneel side by side imprisoned by four of the six winteriron soldiers patrolling a sect granted to the marshall of the platoon.

Merlin: oh my head-

White elk: how are we to escape?

Merlin: was this part of your plan mage?

Marshall carbine: quiet! No speaking amongst the prisoners!

Ulant: marshall, we have received a message from will and blot, no sign of stragglers or companions. Its just these three, sir.

Carbine circles the zealots.

Marshall carbine: tell me, what brings you to my camp, south landers?


merlin: do you mind telling us what brings you to the south lands?

Carbine punches merlin in the face, threateningly.

Marshall carbine: do you think I would answer the retched slime of these parts? Answer me.


Marshall carbine: ill assume something important, then, hmm? Maybe you will answer me after this, why should I not just kill you now? you would be my first south land kill… ive been waiting for an opportunity…

Merlin looks over his shoulder, unfazed by the threats of the marshall. And in the distance, over a sandy dune, he sees exodus. His expression, thirsty for the blood of the zealots.

Mage: we are looking for my son, hes gone missing-

Mage is hit by the truthful tragedy realisation.

Mage: its… its been two days…

Marshall carbine: really?

Mage nods, saddened.

Carbine looks deeper into the eyes of mage. exodus ducks away from the dune, unable to be seen by merlin anymore.

Marshall carbine: do you want to know how I know youre lying, south lander? Because you walk with an indigo. And for what? Your son? No. no, I believe there is work being composed between you three…

Suddenly, the commuter on the four officer’s screeches.

Exodus: “this is… blot?… we have survivors south of your direction, requesting assistance, over.”

Marshall carbine: well… move! Except for you.


Marshall carbine: send these three to winteriron.

Carbine death stares mage.


Exodus, covered in sand, sneakily watches two of the officers scurry by him following the false transmission. When exodus looks over the sand dune, he watches the zealots being transported onto a small gunship.

Exodus: damn!



Aside the repeating sandy bank and great stream of the jewel, footsteps imprint along the bank; step after step, every indigo leads the trio of heroes.

Then suddenly, the indigos stop.

Aster: w-what is it?

The indigos stare into the stream.

Rabbitsfoot: there. Those rocks. They are your passage across.

Wilde: we are sure to fall in?

Homar: no. you will be fine. If you travel as close as you can to those rocks, the rockbed rises highest of all the stream floor. I assure you, you will be safe.

Pause. Homar stares into his sons face. The trio examining the treacherous water.

Aster: thank you, father.

Homar: I cant ask for your forgiveness, can I?

Aster rubs his fathers shoulder comfortingly. he then separates himself from his father, from his emotion, once again; aster continues his journey following anna and wilde into the rockbed.

Claw of bear: where is it you go?

Pause. Aster looks into his fathers face.

Aster: nowhere.

Homar: tell me, aster.

Aster: why?

Homar: I need to know my son will be alright… at the very least… let me have that.


Wilde and anna trudge over to aster in support, all having their legs pushed by the oncoming stream.

Aster sighs.

Aster: we are following a member of the court of agreuis. he is directing us to an army of slaves captured from the south lands to be used to destroy winteriron.

The indigos shudder at his name.


Homar: retreat from that stream.

The trio shudder.

Homar: There is a place I must take you… a place, of grave importance, aster. you must be shown.


Aster sighs again, turning to his friends. Wilde and anna subtly agree.

Aster looks at his fathers stern and cemented face.



Nagenissi can finally see the hidden base in the distance. His hurry quickens towards his target.



Inside the metal hull of one of winterirons ships sits mage, white elk and merlin bound onto a seat. Marshall carbines officer sits across them gripping his rifle tightly as the pilot steers the ship toward the winteriron walls.

Merlin: so like… this winteriron. He scary?

The officer looks at merlin, confused.

Merlin: come on, whats he like?

The officer drops his head trying not to mind the prisoner.

Merlin: don’t wanna talk about him, huh? Your gun, looks sweet. Im sure you saw my buddy’s here, hm? Sweet fusion pulse-

Officer red: will you ever stop talking?!

Merlins eyes dart around the back end of the ship. He analyses every detail, understanding the mechanics of the ship. Then, he sees it.

Merlin looks over to a still glum, mage.

Merlin: mage… mage, are you alright?

Mage remains silent but he turns to his friend. The look of nonchalance plaguing his face.

Merlin: mage…

Mage: no, my friend.

Mage turns away, peeking through the cockpit window towards the winteriron walls closing in.

Pause. Merlin huffs. He turns back to the officer.

Merlin: look im sorry we got off on the wrong foot. Its just that, youre one of winterirons people and to you well… im just a south lander.

the officer looks up at him.

Merlin: so I guess im just gonna have to be a south lander.

The officer grips his weapon tighter.

Merlin: hey, is that the cargo door button?

Officer red: what?

Merlin quickly presses the button and the big cargo doors open abruptly sucking the officer outside.

The rushing air throws the ship off course and the pilot loses all control of the vessel. The ship begins to crash; but the zealots sit, stuck to the seat, saved by their enemies.

Pilot: mayday, mayday! Gunship going down!

Merlin: woo! Yeah! We got this, fellas!

White elk and mage, statues.

The gunship crashes down onto agreuis, far from the winteriron walls, far from their companions.



The entire group of heroes, as disjointed as they may be, journey, now, as one. A strong union being formed and orchestrated.

Homar: I will assume none of you have ever travelled to the sacrosanct.

Wilde: we are going to the sacrosanct?!

Homar: soon you will feel a coldness. There, is a field, you must pass through it to be amongst the people.

Aster: its hidden?

anna: have none stumbled upon it?

Aster: ive been told… there has…


Homar: the field wards travellers away with its energy, but as you walk with us, there will be less resistance to you.

Aster looks to his father, idling the man, but quickly snapping from it, remembering what happened in his old town.

Suddenly, tribes of indigos are seen in far distances, circling their sacred land.

Homar: we will be there soon.

Aster: what about the slaves?

Homar: soon.



Nagenissi slithers into the large dark base.

Nagenissi: hello?

No answer.

Nagenissi walks through the darkness, slowly, and up a stair case to a large machine. He activates the computers and the base alights.

The brightness displays tens of hundreds of south landers attached to machinery holding them in a standing sleep whilst wrapping the thick metal brace around each and every neck.

Nagenissi: hello!

Suddenly, the other three court members, arch, telos and mesis, charge down a long flight of stairs, panicking and tripping over one another.

Nagenissi: whats going on?! ‘

Nagenissi rushes down towards them.

Nagenissi: Answer me!

Mesis: hes coming-

Nagenissi: who-

Arch: masc.

Nagenissi: what?! How? How does he know where we are?

The court remains silent. Instead they rush over to the main station controlling the mind controlling machinery.

Nagenissi: what are you doing?

Arch: we will activate these soldiers to fight him off.

Nagenissi: are you crazy? That will jeopardise the mission! Completely!

Telos: he already knows, nagenissi. its over. We need to make a stand! Now.


Suddenly, a huge blast crashes into the building wall beside them knocking them all away from each other, beaten and bruised.

Nagenissi looks around to the rest of the court.

He lifts himself off the ground…and leaves them.

Mesis: nagenissi!

Arch: nagenissi!

Telos: what are you doing?!

Mascs army invades the base. the court is held captive.

Masc walks into the base spotting the court.

Masc: well, well, well. Look what ive found. The committee. Messing about the dirt people?

The court remains silent.

Masc: no answer?  

The court flinches.

Masc: its alright, you don’t have to answer to me. He will take care of you. no, im just here to soak in my victory. To stand amidst my trophies.

Mascs officers form up behind him.

Masc: tell me everything.

General marix: sir, I believe theyre forging an army… of south land… slaves…

Masc: whispers impressive.

Masc turns around to his general slowly.

Masc: take control of this base, general. When I return we will tend to this matter properly.

General marix: sir, where will you be going?

Masc smirks.



Aster and his large ensemble feel the coldness described earlier by his father. Aster feels an instinctual disliking of the area, he feels the need to just, walk away. Instead, he presses on and eventually he passes through a compressing field and find himself surrounded by a living community of indigos.



Masc stands tall over the court in the hull of his ship.

Pilot: sir, we need you in the cockpit.

Masc slowly but confidently struts into the cockpit.

Masc: what is it?

Pilot: sir, weve just received word from an outpost. It seems one of our gunships have gone down-

Masc: and?

Pilot: well, it was carrying individuals of some importance to the south lands, apparently, sir.



The zealots wake in a startle! Every breath they take, cherished. Surrounded in gunship wreckage, the zealots eventually stand themselves up with all of the might they have left and drag themselves out from the destruction.

They lay, injured and resting.



Around aster is a peaceful and quiet natural homestead for the thousands of indigos guarding and living in this place. Homes and sacred shrines intertwined, harbouring painted-on designs above the entrances; weaved and built into the tree line and rock formations. These sanctuaries however, are constructed around a large naturally formed cave-like shape that delves deep and far into the camp of the indigos; the secrecy of the depth intriguing aster and wilde.

As aster has laid his eyes upon the entirety of the entrance, and his focus has been guided toward the sacrosanct hallow, a formation of indigos has moved ahead of it in protection.

Snakebite: who are these outsiders you have brought to our sacred home?!

Homar: its alright. These people come in peace… with a purpose-

Snakebite: the clan leader will be none too happy-

Homar: they are here to visit him, snakebite. A Matter of urgency, in fact.

Snakebite: urgency…

Snakebite rolls his eyes.

eagleeye: how can we be so sure to trust them in here?! People like this do not CARE for this land as we do!

Eagleeye scowls over the trio.

Boartrunk: I am starting to believe you have no respect yourself. All that is thought of in your mind is silva, old homar.


Boartrunk: If you continue this behaviour, old homar, the respect of the katarnan on you will fade, also.

Homar: this is my son.

Pause. Gasps.

Snakebite looks over at homars clan, they all nod then drop their heads, respectfully.

Snakebite: arah la-hoonah.

Homars clan disperses, they retreat to their homes and duties within the sacrosanct. Homar looks around himself, surrounded only by the trio.

Homar walks through snakebite, boartrunk and eagleeye.

Snakebite: will you be following your father, boy?

Aster follows. He is followed by wary wilde and anna.

Boartrunk: nahma sartoo!

Snakebite: hala, hala, boartrunk.

Homar peeks at a large inscription a top the largest chapel ahead of the hallow.

The heroes enter the cave, stepping down an off-centre flight of perfectly crafted, naturally-made steps.

Wilde: when granted passage by the great protectors, one must ponder the value of the treasure within…

Baffled, aster studies wilde.



As the group has travelled deep through the extensive cave before the hallow, a light begins to shine ahead of them.

Aster: what is that?

Homar: it is just the end of the cave. We will be in the hallow soon.

Aster: why are we here, dad?...wilde: yeah…-

Homar: just be cautious. I will walk through into the hallow first. Only when I give the signal, will you walk into the light, with me.

The group moves closer and closer to the light, the trio feeling the coldness creep onto them again with every step.



In a large dome-like hive, is the hallow. A vast number of indigos sit amongst each other and the sacredness of their land feeding off of the vibe and energy encapsulated in the area. Circling on columned rows of seats is the indigo tribe around their leader; homar enters from the cave soaking in the orange-lit room. Silverback notices homar. He stands warning the other indigos. they all fall silent. The leaders attention is had.

Horndrill: he returns…

Homar: ny-ahn. i present myself in a matter of urgency…

Pause. The tribe of indigos await homar patiently.

Homar: and I know what I am about to ask of is disrespectful. But I wish to speak with you alone-

The indigos roar against his request. The leader, though, sits extremely relaxed.

Bluetongue: why must we banish ourselves from the hallow? what you have to say should be presented to us all!-

Silverback: it should be you who should not enter this domain without the allowance of the katarnan-

Homar: but, my friends…

the leader leans forward attentively.

Homar gestures for aster, and only aster, to step into the brightness of the hallow.

silverback snarls.

Wilde: (why just him-)

Homar: my son.


Silverback: your son means nothing! With my own eyes, I have seen this boy whimper in cowardice-

Homar: great, ny-ahn-

Silverback: for this outsider to invite another, and for us to abandon the hallow to allow these two a word with the ny-ahn, alone, is-

Mekka ny-ahn: silence! Please…


Mekka ny-ahn: I will speak with homar and his boy.

Silverback: ny-ahn-

Mekka ny-ahn: our people are humble, silverback. We will respect them.

Pause. Silverback snarls.

Mekka ny-ahn: You both will await me in my personal chamber.

Pause. Silverback sits stunned.

Homar pulls aster away, keeping contact with mekka, unbreaking. Homar, his son and his sons allies disappear back into the cave.

Silverback turns to mekka.

Silverback: how can you allow this? This fool took silva from our clan, and the fool he brings took away white elk!


Mekka ny-ahn: fool or not. The boy he brings is of value to him, silverback. A fool to you he may be, but to them, he means more. We must respect his urgency.


mekka ny-ahn steps down from his seat, head held high, and follows the group out of the hallow.

Silverback stares deathly at mekka.



Managing to recover on the rock faces of the great peaks, the zealots piece themselves together, aiming to reclaim any lost ground by conjuring up their next plan to continue moving forward. But as mage calculates his surroundings, it becomes clear they have been thrown off of their path devastatingly.

A thick fog begins to close in on their surroundings as the sky rains.

merlin: I can barely see…

White elk: the time of year has descended upon us earlier than expected, this is a dark sign-

Merlin: soon we’ll just be frozen bodies. we need to escape from these peaks.


Merlin: suggestions?

Mage: merlin, It was your idea to crash the ship and get us lost, perhaps you can come up with a plan for this.

Merlin: I saved us from winteriron. anything is better than being a dead man transported to his spire, you better watch your tone with me! I saved your life!


Merlin: In that ship, you were ready to give up, mage. I got us out. I saved our lives! Now we have a second chance-

Mage: a second chance for what? None of us have ever travelled to the great peaks! Were lost! Worse than ever before!

White elk: gentlemen-

Mage: and yes, merlin, I give in. sometimes, I… he… Hes gone… again.


Mage: you wouldnt know the feeling of real pain, bounty hunter. What it means to let someone go…

Merlin stares into the eyes of mage.


Mage walks in the opposing direction of his fallen ally. As the snow begins to fall harder and the fog thickens, white elk trudges over to merlin, lifting him off of the ground. White elk gives merlin a reassuring look, as if white elk can comprehend merlins past, when merlin finds sanctity in white elks comforting presence, they follow mage.



As the trio have been guided by homar to the clan leaders chamber, they await the man, in front of his sealed room for practice.

Wilde: why are we waiting for the clan leader-

Homar: there is much to be discussed-

Aster: Dad, our mission- what is so damn important.

Homar turns and looks into the dark of his sons eyes.

Anna: the slaves?


Homar: the ny-ahn will know what to do with them.

Wilde: what is ‘ny-ahn’?

Homar: ‘the clan leader’.

Aster: what is his real name-

Suddenly, the clan leader appears.

Mekka ny-ahn: mekka. My name is mekka. But I have not been mentioned by name in over a decade. Well, except by homar here of course.

Homar: mekka.

Homar and mekka exchange solemn greetings upon their awaited reunion.

Aster: hello…

Mekka ny-ahn: ah, it is finally nice to meet you, young man.

Aster: you…too?

Mekka ny-ahn: your father has told me much of you. But it seems from what he knew only. And perhaps, what these people with you know, would give much more insight, now, hm?

Mekka turns to wilde and anna.

Awkward pause.

Wilde: ahhh… im wilde. This is anna.

Mekka ny-ahn: wilde, anna. May the forebearers be ever with you. But Contrary to what I said, I will not be asking you to partake in what is to transpire beyond my chamber doors.

Aster: what-

Mekka ny-ahn: this is strictly business of your family alone, aster. it will be best if you accompany your father and I.

Aster: my family?

Mekka nods.


Wilde and anna nod to their ally and slowly creep away from mekka, homar and aster.

Mekka opens his chamber door. Homar falls in.

Mekka ny-ahn: aster… please…

Mekka gestures for aster to enter after his father, and he does, but not before giving his allies a much-needed look of assurance. Mekka slowly follows watching out for wilde and anna who sit on a branch far from the chamber.



Inside the ny-ahn’s chamber is another array of seats circling around a spiralling table hosting a single, important, seat, inside of it. Aster, burdened and troubled by what is about to envelop, stands perfectly still ahead of the now, closed entrance door.

Homar follows his friend, mekka, to a seat parallel to the hosts chair, he then takes his respective seat; mekka, however, stuns aster, by sitting next to his friend homar rather than the hosts chair. Mekka turns to aster. the chill of the room, proving to aster, his youthfulness is still trifled with, as it overwhelms the young boy causing him to forget the courage it has taken to journey to a room like this.

Homar then turns to his son.

Aster is compelled to sit with these men; he chooses the seat aside his father.

Pause. The only sound in the room, the passing wind from the window openings.

Aster breaks the silence.

Aster: I can understand what you want to tell me is important… but whatever it may be. I don’t want it. I cant be a part of it.

Homar: but aster-

Aster: dad. You have dragged me to the sacrosanct, a place I should not be. You’ve now sat me down to explain why you left. And im sure by the ny-ahn, you believe your reason is justifiable. Incomparable…

Pause. Homars face cemented in stun. Mekka remains unmoved, instead; listening.

Aster: but im not ready for it.

Pause. Aster holds a look with his father. He then turns sharply, to mekka.

Aster: there are slaves. Only so far from here, great ny-ahn, I need your help.

Pause. Homar turns to mekka slowly. Mekka, still, unmoved. He then breaks a smile.

Mekka ny-ahn: you are brave, tek-aster. Tell me, your mission.

pause. Homar looks back at his son.

Aster: my allies and I are following a person very close to winteriron, to a fortress. A fortress full of his slaves… innocent people from the south lands, controlled to do their destructive bidding.

Mekka ny-ahn: you aim to set them free?

Aster: I do. And hope they will be willing to help me.

Mekka leans in.

Aster: to fight winteriron.


Mekka ny-ahn: and these slaves, they will follow you?

Aster: I… I hope.

Mekka ny-ahn: you believe they will be at your aid because… you were at theirs?


aster remains silent.

Mekka ny-ahn: why…

Aster: because… because…


Aster: well… wouldn’t you?


Mekka ny-ahn: your son truly is of heart, homar. Perhaps silva has chosen right in him.

Aster: silva… my mother? But, dad-

homar turns away from his son and the ny-ahn.

Aster: great ny-ahn, you speak of her as if she is still alive today. my father has told you of her passing, surely?


Mekka ny-ahn: im afraid it is you who has been cast into the shadow of blindness, tek-aster.

Homars head drops.



As the zealots lumber through a thickening fog and evergrowing rain, a division begins to set in as mage lumbers himself further and further ahead of white elk and merlin who walk firmly together holding onto any heat they can muster.

Merlin: this all looks the same… how do we know where were going?

White elk: as long as we stay as one, we will be alright-

Merlin: if he continues to lead us like this, we wont be…

Pause. White elk looks ahead to mage who himself doesn’t realise the severity of the situation.

Merlin: and we cant just snap him out of it; more and more hes becoming less of himself-

White elk: never mind mage… this broken man is redeemed but by the glue of his own.

Mage disappears into the fog.

Merlin: your look earlier, indigo; you think I am troubled by his life-

White elk: my look was of concern to you. For mage to disregard your loved ones-

Merlin chuckles under his breath.

Merlin: do not be weary of my life. No heroes have ever walked into my life or slipped into the eye of my mind. To worry over another soul… it is a fickle thing. A waste-

White elk: you tell me you do not feel for his loss?... for our loss…


Merlin pushes on.

White elk, frozen in a moment, thinks of aster.



Aster: have you unburdened yourself yet.

Aster burns a whole into his fathers skull as he stands, distancing himself from homar and mekka.

Homar: a-

Aster: who are you?!

Pause. Homar sighs.

Homar: it was years only so long after your birth. Winteriron, for the first time in five decades, descended onto the south lands. Whilst here, he disbanded much of the south land uprising, of course, failing to halt any practice of the iron collective. But soon, his eyes were set on your mother. She… she captured him… so he took her.


Homar: no one knows where. I-I didnt even know if she is alive…

Mekka ny-ahn: until you, tek-aster.

Aster points to himself dumbfounded.

Mekka ny-ahn: your mother is has an extraordinary talent, she, is a bridge to forebearer energy, our grandmasters, our elders, tek-aster. we don’t know why… but, she is. And now, she projects herself onto you.

Aster: me?

Mekka ny-ahn: have you felt moments of strangeness, tek-aster? moments of uncontrollable awakenings…

Aster: I… ive had dreams… nightmares…

Aster: visions.  Mekka ny-ahn: visions.

Mekka ny-ahn: yes, aster. that, is your mother. She… guides you.

Aster: me? Why me? Im just a- just a boy…

Mekka ny-ahn: your visions astound us also. But your mother has decided upon you.


Aster: white elk- white elk didn’t recognise these visions, why?

Mekka ny-ahn: white elk.

Mekka chuckles.

Mekka ny-ahn: aquila, our rogue brother of the people. Aquila would not know of your mothers gifts. No katarnan warrior does, well, except for me of course he chuckles. The only ones knowing that of silva, is the people standing in this room.

Aster: why?

Homar: because, the pressure… shes so fragile… I-I cant allow it.

Aster: are… are you an indigo?

Homar: no, no.

Homar breaks a smile.

Homar: Im just a lowly old fool who fell in love with the most beautiful being in the galaxy.


Aster: you wanted me safe from the south lands, why did you leave me in it-

Homar: I couldn’t let you die in the town like the others. if there was even the slightest chance you would make it out there, then, I would take it and I would do it again if I had to. youre strong, witted, I believed you would make it, someway. but it also meant… I-I may not ever see you again. I went to the only place I knew I could go… the sacrosanct…  to mekka. He told me about silva, he told me what she was doing. I didn’t believe it was really you until the stream…I didn’t know there was still hope…

Aster: why are you telling me all of this?

Mekka ny-ahn: because, tek-aster, it takes first to know ones-self before leading their journey; or they will forever be lost, even when moving forward. And as for his… acolytes, they must seek to confide in entrusting good men.


Aster: what does this mean?


Aster: will we fight as one?

Homar and mekka nod.



White elk and merlin, after travelling the same direction wearily, catch up to their companion, mage, who is now stopped dead in his tracks looking out over the skyline; the icy breeze stunning them.

White elk: mage…

Mage fails to turn back to the zealot, instead, he firmly stares into the distance.

When white elk and merlin assume a position either side of mage, they mimic his actions and to their surprise… a large in-built steel facility breaks through the thick fog as it rests in a crater within the great peaks.


Mage hastily surveys his surroundings and quickly finds the most accessible stone to step down onto to make haste for the earie facility.

Merlin lands a concerned palm on mages shoulder.

Merlin: lets think about this.


Mage shrugs merlin off and travels toward the facility, shivering and wet. His companions reluctantly follow.



Aster, homar and mekka, exit the ny-ahns personal chamber and are greeted by wilde and anna.

Wilde: are you alright?

Aster nods.

Anna: well…

Aster: theyre going to help us.

Wilde: really?

Anna: what are you planning to do?

Mekka ny-ahn: homar, and tribesmen loyal to him, will accompany you to these slaves. I assure you, the katarnan will be swift, cunning, and they will be fierce, at your side.

Aster: I know.

Aster and mekka exchange looks honouring white elk.

Aster: but we will be needing much more than a few tribesmen. I believe we would be vastly outnumbered, the court should not be underestimated.

Mekka ny-ahn: many of the katarnan frown upon your kind. Ignorance clouds their judgement, unfortunately they would not fight for the south landers’ rule. To see eye to eye is still something to be achieved between our two clans.

Aster: not if you mention my mother.

Wilde and anna appear shocked.

Homar: we cant-

Aster: this is the only way. They WILL follow the path of the forebearers, ny-ahn. regardless if we have unity or not.

Mekka glances at homar.

Mekka ny-ahn: im not sure. So much can go wrong. what you ask of… can turn them against even me, tek.  

Aster: believe in them.

Wilde: we can always try…

Mekka sternly looks over at homar once more, he himself, stunned at this trios will.

Mekka ny-ahn: very well. I will enter the gra’yiil, and alone, will I contend with the ego of the katarnan.

Aster: are we not to follow you-

Mekka ny-ahn: this is a matter better left between the katarnan. For the people to decide what is rightfully ‘good’ to them, what is just. if the madness of the borders created amongst all on agreuis will dominate them.

Pause. Asters eyes remain glued onto mekka; the others have already disconnected awaiting him.

Wilde: aster… are you coming?

aster remains statuesque. The thought of the indigos betraying mekka and worse, shunning the groups wishes, haunts his present.

Suddenly, a large entourage of indigos surrounds homar and his team, larger than his preceding clan scanning the south lands.

Homar: son?

Mekka steps into aster, laying a hand on his shoulder.

Mekka ny-ahn: go, aster. im afraid this part of your journey is now over, you must continue on. You know what you must do.


Mekka ny-ahn: trust in me.

Aster slowly disconnects himself from mekka and turns to his group, now transformed: alliance. He witnesses the structure he has assembled in only so long.

Homar: we go, son. Walk with us.

Homar gestures for his clan of indigos to follow him out of the sacrosanct, wilde trails.

Anna: are you okay, aster?


Aster: yes-just… a lot on my mind.

Anna: whatever it is, im sure you can handle it. This path was meant for you.

Aster jerks away from anna instantly, unsure if she knows of the depth his life has shaped into, or if, she simply trusts him.

Anna: its time to go.

Aster creeps away from the ny-ahns personal chamber, to the edge of the sacrosanct.

In a quick glance back to mekka, aster notices that mekka, has already made way for the hallow.



Upon a wide and misshapen platform piercing out from the centre of the tall spire where the buildings thick, metal sheets begin to curve inwards forming the daunting shape of the steeple, mascs powership lands allowing its passengers: masc himself and his poached emancipators: the court of agreuis, to walk freely onto the grounds of winterirons spire.

Stepping off of the powership, masc, followed by the court of agreuis, arms locked and hoisted, entangled simultaneously, is greeted by a squadron of homestead winteriron police allocated to escort the prisoners to their predetermined confinement.

Instead, masc gestures the squadron to yield.

They do so.

Masc glances inappreciably to his captives and continues striding into the spire. The court reluctantly ensues.



Inside the auspicious room of the juggernaut of the cold megacity, floods four individuals allowed entrance by two guards allocated to the protection corps: ‘the winter fist’. Once inside, masc recognises the demon shadow of winteriron being still by the large throne.

Winteriron: of course, my committee. such a rare occasion. Since too long have I seen you, perhaps a welcome party would have been in order?

Winteriron strips himself of the cowardice-like shadow and beacons in full light coming face to face with arch, mesis and telos.

Winteriron: pardon my non-existent efforts, I was uninformed of your arrival….Masc.

Mascs full attention turns to his leader. A sense of unwontedness about himself now. but masc remains in place, challenging the needs of winteriron in the process.

a silence drowns the entire room. And as winteriron reads mascs kinesics, he decides to wage on, unsparing to the embarrassment of his enforcer.

Winteriron: perhaps my wise council would require refreshments? Nourishment?


Winteriron steps down from the elevated flooring of his throne space, drawing closer to the court who stand elusively fearful.

Winteriron: and where is the other associate?


Winteriron shrugs the matter off.

Winteriron: masc… perhaps it would be wise of you to fetch these gentlemen a refreshment- you do know the importance these men, here, radiate in this city…

Masc responds disgruntled.

Masc: sir, I do.

Winteriron: well then, as it was said before, fetch these men… something fine. Only of the best we have to offer. Of the best their efforts work to keep maintained.


Masc: sir.

Masc exits, eyeing the court.

Winteriron: gentlemen the way of living in this fine city is of no concern to me-

Arch flinches.

Winteriron: but if you have come today as an intermediary of the cynics down there, well then gentlemen, maybe this cordial visit and brandy will be turning into business and nothing more, wouldn’t you agree?


Mesis: sir, I assure you the brandy is welcomed. your enforcer had just taken us from our public services…

Winterirons eyebrow raises.

Mesis: of naysayers, there are none to be spoken-

Winteriron: good, that’s- that’s what I like to hear, gentlemen. Because I know your duties, as civil as they come, involves you pardoning some vermin within our walls, of course, firmly cementing that yours and their servitude should lie with me indefinitely. I must say to you, out of respect for this servitude persisting for over three decades now… do not be alarmed by my enforcers tactics and rough-housing, he only means to attend to his duties of servitude the way it is seen fit for him to attend them, hm?

Winteriron steps away, towards his throne, relieving the court to sigh in relief.

Winteriron: hes only been in your presence half the time you’ve been in mine and so his leash doesn’t reach as far as mine own… hence his decision to summon you today.

Winteriron reaches his throne and sips on his spirit.

Arch: no-no, of course… your excellence, what matters must be done must be done, there are no hard feelings we carry with your enforcer, sir. Our tasks are tedious, time has been consumed before we can think to tend to the off-balanced words of the people…

Telos: as tedious as our assignments may be, your city people should have none to complain about.

Pause. Winteriron rises off of his throne.

Winteriron: you believe this?

Telos: yes, your excellence.

Pause. An expression of ease rests onto winterirons face.

Winteriron: although your summons was not an obligation by any of you gentlemen, this afternoon, your report on the people is not one ill-command? There are no flaccid voices to be heard of squandering in my streets?

Pause. Telos gulps.

Mesis: no, your excellence-

Winteriron: not one…

Pause. The broken pieces of earth restabilising themselves rests as the accompanying halo of winteriron.

Suddenly, masc bursts through the excellence quarter doors with a servant carrying three, tall glasses of the same spirit sitting in winterirons glass.

Winteriron: well then! If my city lives, and control is in order, then the people must have it then, hm! Please gentlemen, take your respective glasses as a toast to your loyal work as of late. sirs… I must bid your eccentric absence as discerningly… brilliant.

The court take their glasses, more confused than ever. Masc takes his place behind winterirons right shoulder, in the shadow winteriron once was.

The court remains silent weary of winteriron.

Winteriron smiles.

Winteriron: gentlemen, allow me the freedom to divulge a memory.

Winteriron gestures for his servant to leave as the court sips their spirits.

Winteriron: once, long ago, some time after the first civil war; an old, hunched over man; a real frail individual, can barely hold up the clothes on his back; crossed paths with myself, mind you this was the first time ive ever stepped down from my spire… I felt this opportunity to be prime in my connection to the people, my people. And out of EVERYONE I had noticed that day, smiling and waving, ecstatic to even be in my presence, especially after a conundrum such as that of the first civil war, there was this one man, he looked miserable. miserable! To even be near me. I asked him, “why do you look upon me with such despair, such anger?”, to which he replied, “As soon as I go out of the city, I will spread out my hands to him; the thunder will cease and there will be hail no longer, that you may know that the earth is his.”

Pause. Still dumbfounded and afraid to interrupt their leader. Winteriron giggles under his breath.

Winteriron: this frail old man, who couldn’t muster the strength to even STAND next to me, says something as absurd as that!


Telos: what did you do, your excellence?

Winteriron steps closer to the court.

Winteriron: it struck me as odd, wouldn’t it, you? Even as powerless as he was to look up at someone who contains… all of it, and to speak out like that…


Arch: sir, did he suffer?

Winteriron: no, my dear handler, I merely pulled his fragile body closer to mine and questioned, “him?! Him?... what was built outside these walls has no leader… they have no direction… him?” but only after I had said what I said did I realise what this man was saying… the rawness in his face, the significance behind his demeanour… ‘him’… he had meant myself, gentlemen. Me…


Suddenly, winteriron activates a blade of plasma, like that of exodus, and rams it through arch’s body. The other court members jump, scared to death. Masc, unmoved in the shadows.

Winteriron: I know my people would not forsake me… I know they cry out because they wish their idol closer to them on the ground, I know.

Winteriron rips the blade from arch’s torso. Arch crumbles to the floor.

Winteriron: I believe gentlemen, you have not been attending to your duties. That you have instead been lurking the outskirts of the city. I know youve wished to host agreuis for so long. I saw the twinkle in your eyes years ago when I would call you an ally; the lust for power taking over you slowly… but surely. gentlemen, your way of rule… would have ended before it began, to ENFORCE control Is brutish, to have the control of the people by their hand, by their WILL... That is what separates us.

Telos quickly turns around making haste for the exit, but as the doors are locked, and the spires staff shun his tantalising and brutal knocks, the rest of the court is helpless.

Winteriron creeps onto mesis.

Mesis: sir! Your rule is unjust! How can they take it any longer?!….

Mesis frowns.

Mesis: You are just like us… The only thing separating us, winteriron… is your ego… is your madness- 

Winteriron strikes mesis across the torso with his blade, silencing him.

Winterirons eyes lock onto telos, moving ever closer to his betrayer.

Telos slides down into a foetal position against the door.

Telos: please! Wait-

Winteriron: I have no quarry to hear your reasons-

Telos: I can tell you everything!

A confused but intrigued look dons on winterirons face.

Telos: the zealots… the slaves… the south lands-all of it!

Winteriron: the south lands…



In the gusting winds, on the sharp, dangerous and uneven rocks, feeling the coldness set in; mage travels closer and closer to the enormous facility ahead of him as white elk and merlin trail behind more disturbed than ever.

White elk: you believe it is abandoned?

Merlin: yep. no person would stay in the great peaks all their life and how would they get their supplies up here? Years ago, this place was left years ago.

Mage: Its more than we need for shelter!


Merlin rolls his eyes.

Merlin: so… indigo… you ahhhh….

Merlin scratches his frozen nose, nervous to speak.

Merlin: you got a favourite food?... treat? You know?

White elk: a favourite food?

Merlin: yeah, you know?

Merlin mimics the act of eating.

White elk: I-I know… mardogo, it’s a food common amongst the… ‘indigos’.

Merlin nods his head pretending to understand white elk.

White elk: some oil from the idangi leaf, mashed bark of the bladetree mixed with the yellow and purple flower, and body of the fera... the soilhopper, mmm…

Merlin: sounds…

Merlin cant conjure a description…

White elk: what is yours?

Merlin: ahhh, scav, cooked through… agreean beer, on the side…

White elk awkwardly smiles.

White elk: why do I sense an indifference?

Merlin: indigo, youre just… a hell of a lot different to the rest of us, ha-ha.

White elk: and therefore I am an outcast?

Merlin: do you know the meaning of the word?


White elk: then, if you do not belong, in my eyes, I should have left you and mage to die. You would have never made it this far without my help, merlin.

merlin stops. White elk follows.

Merlin: what are you saying, indigo-

White elk: white elk…-

Merlin: whatever…

Pause. Merlin growls.

White elk: you are different to me and my tribe yet I do not shun you. I may not understand your… culture, but I respect you enough to know I must respect it, too. I ask you stop labelling me as the indigo, to stop looking at me with a pair of different eyes.


Merlin still growling, unsure of what white elk might do.

White elk: you can start by calling me by my name.

Merlin: fair enough… white elk…

White elk: fair enough… friend. And we are known as the katarnan…

White elk continues after mage who is now at one of the awesome pillars smashed into the rock as support.

Merlin: wha-…katarnan? Ill katarnan my foot in your ass, let me tell you-

Merlin, somewhat defeated, makes up for lost ground.



After travelling far from the sacrosanct and over the stream of the jewel, aster, wilde, homar and anna, accompanied by a hundred katarnan warriors, all from differing tribes, reach a disturbance in their path. As asters tracker urges them to voyage deeper in the east, a small, crashed ship blocks them.

The alliance circles and studies the wreckage before a young girl, the same age as aster, appears from within with crumbs of biscuits all on her lips.

Homar: what is your name, young one?


Aster: were not here to hurt you…

She disappears back into the ship.

Aster: great. Now what?

Wilde: well… we cant just leave her? Look at where we are?

Homar: what if she lives there?

Anna: men.

Anna scurries over to the opening of the ship and peeks in to see the girl shaking, scared and confused.

Anna: hey, hey its alright. You don’t have to be afraid. Trust me.

Anna reaches for the girl but the girl pulls away.


Anna: whats your name?

No reply.

Anna: my, my name is anna…how did you get all the way out here?

No reply.

Anna: are you alone?

The girl flinches.

Anna: please… come out here… we want to help?...

The girl slowly shakes her head.

Anna: do you live here?

the girl remains still.

Anna: look, I know you feel you have to defend yourself, and if by staying quiet you think youre going to ward me away. But I know what youre feeling. I was taken from my home and when I woke, these guys were around me, and apparently, they had saved me. You think youre alone… but youre not.


Anna: we’ll grow on you…

The girl finally emerges from her ship, sticking close to anna, studying her surrounding soldiers.

Homar: hello, young lady… what is your name?

The girl remains silent, her head jerking from homar, then confusingly, to anna, unaware that she should even answer.

Homar: my name is homar, this is my son, aster, his friends: wilde and of course, anna. These noble men standing amongst you, are the katarnan. We are pleased to meet you.

The girl squeamishly waves.

Aster: do you… do you live in there?

The girl eyes aster, awkwardly.


Aster: oh, just, I thought-

Wilde: where do you come from?


The girl: I…


Anna: how far from your town have you wandered?

The girl: what-

Homar: yes, which part of the south lands are you from, we will direct you there.

Aster faces lights up nodding.

The girl: I… im not from… here…

Wilde: what?


The girl: im from earth.

Pause. The alliance look amongst each other.

Wilde: you mean… that earth...

Wilde points to the celestial wreckage in space.

Aster: how… how did you…

Izotol: my parents.

Homar: so this is how you live now?

The girl looks back at her destroyed ship.

Anna: don’t worry. we wont leave you, we will help you.

Homars head drops slowly.

Aster: shes right, we will.

Aster and the girl lock eyes.

Wilde: what about the mission?

Aster: what-

Homar: the mission, son. What can we do about her? Where we head to is dangerous territory and it is no place for a young girl-

Anna: we cant just leave her here?

Homar: she can take care of herself. shes been doing it for this long… it is safer than this mission and theres something much more important happening RIGHT NOW-

Anna: but we had time to stop for you.


Homar: w-what is to be done then?

Anna turns to the girl, excluding the surrounding battalion.

Anna: im going to be honest with you. ive never been in this situation so I wouldn’t try to believe that I understand or give you reasons to justify one paths significance over the other…

Anna sighs.

Anna: this is your choice alone. I cant offer you safety when travelling with us, but my soul wouldn’t allow me to let you stay in this wreckage until something bad happens…


The girl: where are you going?

Anna: that ones complicated.

Pause. The girl looks amongst the alliance, the zealots.

Anna: I travel with them on their journey to finally end winterirons reign.


Anna: I also pursue another quest, involving a matter far more personal. I am looking for the love of my life. He was stolen from me and I want him back.


Izotol: well… I… I cant stay here…

Anna smirks, then stands to speak with her companions.

Anna: she will come.

Wilde nods and homar flashes a look of discern.

Aster: whats your name?


The girl: izotol.

A jarring feeling awakens in aster.

The zealots continue their journey towards nagenissis pinpoint as wilde bounces from indigo to indigo soaking up all the information he can question them about.

Rain begins to pour.



The two winter fist guards enter the excellences quarters and pick telos’ crumbled body up out of a chair given to him by winteriron.

Winteriron: have him locked away. Upon my need of him I will send my request for the body.

Winteriron gestures for telos to be taken.

Telos: sir, please…

Telos exits.

Winteriron strides over to his large window, masc appearing behind him.

Winteriron: tragic, isn’t it, what some will try to accomplish to rise to power.

A stern look on mascs face.

winteriron: to have my empire crumble from beneath me… but to hear there are again, heroes, in the south lands…


Masc: I know where they are.

Winteriron turns quickly.

Masc: an Ariel report detected a fallen ship of yours near the great peaks. Described to contain three important individuals… to the south lands.

Winteriron: why am I only hearing this now-

Masc: I paid them no mind. Their true threat spawned only when telos opened his mouth.

Pause. Winteriron looks into mascs face.

Masc: I will find them, your excellence.

Masc exits.



Nagenissi, beaten and injured, staggers into another large concrete building, an almost duplication of the hidden slave base. Inside, he flicks the light switch revealing another giant collection of slave soldiers.

Nagenissi removes his jacket, the tracker attached, and rushes towards the main hall of the base. passing the comatose slaves, paying them no mind, nagenissi passes the main hall, through to the kitchen and begins loading up nourishment before escaping the overt location.



on a sea of red soil, the alliance of zealots toil through the repetitive landscape. In the distance, aster makes out a dark building with smoke rising from the top, close to the edge of the blackness.

Aster: whats that?

Anna: I don’t know-

Wilde: probably just some forgotten establishment.

Anna: besides aster, the tracker is telling us to go this way.

The entirety of the alliance continues, following anna and the tracker. But aster cant help but look at it, something about it, mesmerising him.

homar: you know that place?

Aster: what-no, no-

homar: then whats going on? Another vision?

Asters focus shifts from the building to the barely visible winteriron spire behind the large winter fortress walls.

Aster: something, important.

Aster rubs his eyes then turns to homar. But is then guided towards the mesmerising face of izotol. He looks on to her face. A growing flash of white beams in front of her, eventually stunning and blinding aster. He yelps, the feeling uncomfortable, almost an itch he cant scratch, something he cant grasp. Homar concerningly grips his sons arm.

homar: are you alright?!

Aster: I-Im fine.

aster brushes it off, embarrassed.

homar pursues aster, staring at izotol… wondering…



Masc returns to his docked ship and signals the pilot to leave the megacity and enter the south lands once more. Masc removes his commuter and addresses his general.

Masc: general.

General marix: ah, sir. Weve been expecting your communications.

Masc: general, have the base destroyed.

General marix: sir-

Masc: burn it to the ground.

Masc retires his commuter sitting in his chair on his powership.



Escaping the blistering rain, mage smashes open a hull door, then gestures for the other zealots to enter.

The facility is cold, unnatural and well lit.

Mage: guess you weren’t right, merlin. This place is operational.

Merlin: but whos in here? A hermit? Come on, no one can survive here for long…

The zealots creep through the mechanical hallways, passing technical rooms, computerised stations and sections laid out for scientific experimentation.

Suddenly, voices echo from a distance down the hall.

Mage: wait. Listen.

White elk: they come from the far room. Perhaps warning them of our being here-

Merlin: no, white elk, we cant do that- we don’t know who they are… or what they could do to us.

Merlin looks around into the rooms.

Merlin: whatever goes on here, im sure the south lands doesn’t know about.

White elk: this could be unknown to winteriron forces too. we must at least know who our hosts are.

Mage nods.



White elk: “merlin will follow you in through the front, while I will enter from the room beside it.”

Officer magna: notify the master.



As planned, mage and merlin creep down the long hallway, coming closer and closer to the blasting voices. White elk slips through the paralleled rooms of where the voices echo from ready to catch them off balance.

As mage and merlin, slyly fall into the room, they witness a single scientist aside an assistant, both guarded by a single soldier.

the zealots fall into the room, mage holds his weapon up high at the scientist. As the zealots have the facility operators startled, the soldier holds his weapon straight up to mage in retaliation. with their attention focused only on the zealots, white elk attempts to enter the room flanking them, but is caught in a grip by an oncoming secondary soldier, knife point.

The room is at a stand off.

The scientist chuckles.

Master ziro: lower your weapon, outlander, or my men will be rushed in here to blow your heads off before you can even pull the trigger.

Mage refuses to stand down.

Master ziro: if you don’t think I have more soldiers at my disposal then you are as impulsive as you are dim-witted, I said do it!

The guard constricts white elks neck tighter and tighter until mage does as he is commanded.

Master ziro: good! See? No harm, no foul. To his ear piece send in another guard. now! what are you doing in my laboratory, gentlemen?

Merlin: we thought this was abandoned, we were just looking for shelter.

Master ziro: lost travellers? I see…  no one to be had to save you, hm.

Silence. Ziro chuckles.

Master ziro: well then, gentlemen, I believe you must be weary, yes?

The zealots remain still. Another guard shadows merlin.

Master ziro: have them restrained.

The zealots struggle to their last breath against ziros forces but are eventually confined and seated side by side under the guards

ziro tampers with his equipment.

Mage notices a neck brace, that of the slave soldiers, resting high up on a forgotten shelf.

Mage: wha- what is that, what is this?!

Master ziro: sir-

Mage: let us go!

Ziro turns around to his prey.

White elk: what are you going to do with us?

Master ziro: gentlemen, congratulations on being my next test subjects! you have trespassed onto my lands and you stand in a place invisible to the world, in fact, a place you should never have come to. So to answer your question: whatever I please. Ill be running a few tests on you now, simple procedures to find out what youre made of, see what you can do, you know what I mean?

Ziro punches his chest.

Master ziro: but first I want to find out where you come from, who you are? Its always best to have a firm knowledge of your clients beforehand.

Merlin: were not telling you anything.

Ziro chuckles. His assistant standing dead still in the corner aside the soldiers.

Master ziro: I think YOU just might, outlander.

Ziro removes a large syringe from his jacket and aims it at the zealots, taunting them.

Merlin: get that away from me, get that away from me, damnit!

A guard firmly holds merlins neck. Ziro injects merlin. He flinches.

Pause. Ziro steps away.

Mage: merlin?

Merlin: im fine. Im fine.

Merlin locks eyes with ziro who grins from cheek to cheek.


Master ziro: what do you do, merlin?

Merlin: im a… a bounty hunter- what, no-

Master ziro: and your friends?

Merlin: mage of the iron collective… white elk, an indigo, no!

Master ziro: why are you here?

Pause. Merlin tries desperately to hold his lips together. Sweat falls from his forehead.

Merlin: to stop winteriron.

Pause. The scientist glances at his assistant and the soldiers.

Master ziro: get me, winteriron.

Merlins head drops.



A worker of winteriron steps into his quarters, spotting winteriron on his throne.

Officer reptar: your excellence, theres recent communication to your spire. It seems a small group of traitors have been located.

Winteriron: the ones from the fallen ship?

Officer reptar: its unknown, sir, but it was requested this message was given to you personally, sir. Your head scientist, master ziro, has reported their whereabouts to himself.

Winteriron: what purpose would they have for being there?

Officer reptar: master ziro has informed us their task as overthrowing you.

Winteriron scowls. The officer bows and exits the room.

Winteriron exposes his personal commuter.

Winteriron: masc. the south landers are in the laboratory. Have them brought to me.



Standing tall over the helpless zealots, ziro plots his maniacal experimentation upon his prey.

Master ziro: in my hand I hold: an indigo, katarnan, is it? A bounty hunter and… mage… of the iron collective. Youre the one that caught my eye. Ive heard much about you. And now, winteriron will have you. I assure you, mage of the iron collective, winteriron is a dark man. but he is much sweeter than me. So you, you will be the last of my tested subjects, mage. you can watch your friends SUFFER before you do. Guards! Take these men to the primary testing floor. I will be there, in a moment.



 As the zealots are planted in a corner of the testing floor, piled against one another. They observe their surroundings, all noticing the thrown away neck braces stacked, as well as the large tank containing three monstrous and dark primal creatures, roaring to escape.

Mage: where are we?

White elk: abandoned, hm.

Ziro storms in, head held high, carrying a large and repulsing duffel bag.

He whistles, unloading the equipment.

White elk: what are those?

Ziro notices the large creatures.

Master ziro: really, you-you wouldn’t know? my good indigo, those are the natives.

Mage: natives-

Master ziro: yes, the natives of this land… the ones who roamed before us… the primitive ones-

White elk: what happened to them?

Master ziro: hm, life, my good indigo. Where one species evolves and betters itself, another must fall. In their place we took over the land of agreuis. when their species realised there was no place for them on the surface any longer, they dug themselves under ground.

White elk: if the species has already lost. Why are they in here?

Master ziro: because I control evolution on agreuis, my dear indigo.

Mage: with those braces I assume.

Merlin: we know about the mind-control game. Not the biggest fans of it.

Master ziro: this flimsy thing? They were recalled years ago. Their grip on the subconscious was too weak, the subjects would always come back.

Ziro steps closer to the zealots.

master ziro: but that’s where you come in! I will be injecting you with my latest design for this method. And believe me you will not come back to consciousness with it inside you.

Ziro pulls away and caresses the glass of the natives.

Master ziro: and when ive proved my succession on you…  winteriron will have no choice, but to allow the nature of my evolution on these beasts…

Mage: why would you do this to agreuis?


Master ziro: why would agreuis allow us to do such a thing?

Ziro returns to his equipment bag and begins filling three syringes with the liquid.

Merlin looks to his fellow zealots, so sure they wont make it out from this twisted fiend and his sick wishes. As a final thought, merlin looks back at his life, coming to terms with what he had said to white elk as being true. But until now, he did not realise his heroes, anyone pushing him to do right in this lifetime, were right next to him, as odd as the company may be.

Merlin: go.

Mage: what?  White elk: what?

Ziro lifts one of the full syringes in the air, its canister full of a bronze liquid.

Master ziro: I wonder what winteriron will have you all put to work on. Perhaps you will all help him silence the south lands.

Ziro starts filling another syringe.

Master ziro: perhaps he will let me have one of you as decoration.

Ziro chuckles.

Merlin: I said go!

Merlin stands with all of his might and launches himself into ziro. Upon impact, ziro is thrown over the main desk, accidentally injecting himself with one of the syringes. Mage and white elk remain seated, shocked at merlins courage.

Merlin: they would have heard that. Run, you idiots!

Mage and white elk quickly hop to their feet, tripping over themselves during their escape. But before either of them could leave their companion in that room, they stop at the entrance and turn back as merlins aid.

Mage: merlin…

Merlin, standing above a fallen and panic-induced ziro, looks to his companions, gesturing them to hurry out.

Merlin: find your son, mage.

Merlin nods to white elk.

Security voiceover: attention: dispatch. Experiment escape, experiment escape! All troops, primary testing floor-

Merlin: ill make it out, I always do.

Pause. Ziro squirms his way to a stable footing as the liquid inside all of the flasks douse him in their colouration.

Merlin: go!

Mage and white elk detach themselves from their companion and race for the nearest exit.

Master ziro: your friends will not survive; my guards will have their heads on my desk!

Merlin: what desk?

Merlin gestures to the broken table under ziro. Ziro growls and lifts himself to his feet, and before he can reach for his commuter, merlin quickly throws his right hand into ziros jaw, buying his companions a great amount of time.

Ziro begins to laugh; a top of the broken desk once more, bleeding from the puncturing broken glass in his back.

Master ziro: you think yourself brave sacrificing yourself to your friends. But that dosage continues to run through your veins at this very moment. even if I cannot find them, outlander, you will tell me where they are.

Ziro rises from the desk again.

Master ziro: where are they going?

Pause. Merlin thinks long and hard astounding ziro. But instead, he smirks and giggles.

Merlin: I… I don’t know…

Ziro bursts in outrage, suddenly unveiling a pistol tucked into a hidden holster behind his nametag, shooting merlin twice in the chest.

Stunned, merlin falls back, crashing to the floor hard. Eyes still wide open and unable to blink, merlin watches a horde of ziros troops storm passed the testing floor entrance, tailing the remaining zealots.

Two of ziros officers stop at the doorway, looking in on the disastrous mess.

Ziro nonchalantly throws away the pistol and looks into merlins dying face.

Master ziro: he wont be long now. just give him a minute.

Ziro graciously steps out of the testing floor.

Level officer nine: but, sir. The others?

Pause. Ziro stares into the officers simple expression.

Master ziro: find them!

Ziro glances at merlin one last time, awaiting merlins breaths to shorten and shorten until… there are none left.

Level officer nine: sir… where are you going?

Ziro brushes the officer off covering the incidental injection. He wipes bits of the experimental liquid off of his cheek and finally scurries out of the room.



Security voiceover: “the subjects are passing the loading dock now. all troops near the loading dock, please report!”

Mage: hurry, white elk!

White elk: where is the exit-

Mage: I don’t know!

To their surprise, a battalion of ziros troops wait around a corner, blocking their path.

Mage: white elk!

Mage grabs white elks arm raking him away from the gun fire.

Mage: we have to go back to where we came in from!

White elk: if we go back that way they are sure to catch us.

Security voiceover: “the subjects are passing the loading dock, all troops report!”

Mage: the loading dock.

White elk: what?

Mage: theres sure to be a way out there! Maybe a door we can trigger-

The pursuing troops gunfire explodes from a far, almost grazing white elks arm.

Mage: come on!



In haste, mage and white elk travel down the east hallway away from the two oncoming and menacing battalions, but unfortunately, place themselves in an easy trap.

White elk: do you know what we must do now?

Mage: still working on it!

The battalion recently firing at the zealots reach the loading dock hallway, rapidly shooting their bullets down the corridor but narrowly missing the zealots.

Mage: there!

Mage spots the door switch activating it.

White elk: mage…

As the doors slowly open, he is pointed to a docked winteriron cruiser.

Without a second thought, mage and white elk enter the ship.

White elk: do you know how to start this?! Do you know how to fly this-

Mage: no, I don’t know! damnit!

both battalions reach the loading dock and take aim at the landed cruiser and the heroes inside.

Mage: damnit, come on! If only merlin was here!

Winteriron guard pax: take them out!

The battalions unload their weapons into the cruiser, colliding their steel bullets with the alloy of the ship.

White elk: it seems the ship will withhold their fire-

Mage: not for long! Damnit! Work!



Ziro bursts through the security doors, stumbling onto a chair.

Officer magna: sir, are you alright?!

Master ziro: the subjects, where are they?

Officer magna: the loading dock, sir, they’ve just opened the hangar door-

Master ziro: shut it!

Ziro begins to tense up.

Officer magna: yes, sir.



Mage crashes his fists down onto the powerboard, miraculously sending the cruiser into overdrive and eventually, activation. But to their untimely luck, the hangar door as already began to shut.

Mage cries out in laughter.

The ship lifts itself out of its docked position, still taking heavy fire that cracks the cockpit windscreen, and blasts out of the loading zone into the agreean sky smashing through the closing hangar door.



Officer magna: sir they have escaped… Sir?!

The officer turns around to find an extremely medicated and statuesque ziro.



Flying passed the zealots saviour, is another aircraft, twice the size of the cruiser. To the zealots luck, mascs powership, is only beginning its docking at ziros lab.



Masc exits from his powership, head held high. He is confronted by an ensemble of ziros guards, exhausted from chasing the zealots through the laboratory.

Masc: where… where is ziro?

The officers gesture for masc to follow.



Aster and his alliance finally reach nagenissis pinpoint and in its place, see a building.

Anna: its there!

Izotol: all that journey… for this?...

Wilde: finally…

Homar turns to his second in command amongst the indigos, wing of dove.

Homar: give the command…

Wing of dove gestures for the indigos to his left to advance and circle the building establishing another entrapment.

Wing of dove: All others, enter!

Homar steps closer to his son. Aster feeling his presence.

Homar rests his hand on his sons shoulder as the indigos make haste to the entrance.

Homar: this is it, son. Im right behind you.

Aster, followed by his father and the remainder of the new and old zealots, enters the building.

Thunder and lightning sprout from the sky.



Masc enters the security room and finds two security officers attempting to revitalise the scientist.

Masc: move!

Masc looks down on ziros stiff body. He begins to giggle.

Masc: what is it now professor? Test gone wrong, again?

Ziros eyes dart towards mascs. A shooting look of rage enveloping onto him from a helpless body.

Masc bends down to ziros level. Ziros breathing heavier than ever.

Masc: why don’t you just tell me where the heroes have gone?

Silence. Ziros eyes dart to magna.

Officer magna: enforcer-sir, their ship is in the stratosphere, there is no way to track them.

Masc stands and reaches for his commuter.

Masc: general. Allocate a patrol party in the sky. Any rogue ships are to be shot down.

Masc looks down at ziro, half smiling. He sighs.

Masc: oh the leader will be none too happy with you.

Masc exits.

Masc: your excellence, theyve escaped the lab before I could touch down. Yes, your excellence, they will be hunted down and brought to you soon enough. Yes, sir.

Masc replaces his commuter.



Officer magna: master ziro, sir, the excellence is requesting your audience.

Ziros eyes shut slowly.



Aster: nagenissi!

Asters voice echoes through the darkness. The indigos remain cautious around aster as they all slowly file in.

Aster: nagenissi! court of agreuis!

The zealots get their first glimpse of the inside of the base.

Wilde: I wouldn’t expect an answer from anyone trying not to be caught…

Homar: where are they-

anna: it wouldn’t stop their slaves from attacking at any moment…

Aster: no… its too quiet in here. Somethings up-

Wilde: if I remember your description, you did say they were mysterious figures. anything can happen.

Aster: whatever the situation… we need this place checked.

Wing of dove nods.

Wing of dove: rychu!

Anna: the tracker is calibrating the base… it says… this way.

Aster nods.

Anna: homar, stay with izotol.


Aster: ill be fine, dad. Wilde, come on.

Wilde: and try and find a light switch…

Aster and wilde tail anna through the darkened hallways of the base. aster, locking his wrist turret, ready for battle.

anna lowers the tracker and points to a room. Aster nods. He then bursts into the room holding his wrist at eye level.

There is nothing but a jacket.

Aster, defeated, drags his feet to the jacket and holds the tracker up for his friends to see.

Wilde: so that’s it then?

Aster drops the jacket. He sighs.

Aster: we were so close.

Anna: aster, we still found the slaves. Focus, so what If we didn’t find the court…

Aster: it… it just would’ve made everything safer.

Anna: finding the court wouldn’t have made the south lands any safer. Our priority is the people.

The trio leave the room meeting with homar.

Aster: theyre gone. No sign of the court of agreuis-

Homar: what about the tracker-

Aster: it seems they were one step ahead of us.

Wing of dove returns.

Wing of dove: you must all see this.

Wing of dove takes the group up a flight of stairs towards a computer and a generator connected to a large metal container.

The indigos surrounding it, trying to make sense of the contraption, step away allowing the group to study it themselves.

Izotol: what is it?

Wilde: whatever it is, its controlling the slaves.

Aster: its too dark to make out whatever this machine is. dad, did you find a light?

Homar: no.

Wilde: what If we figure how to turn this on-

Aster: no, you have no idea what youd be tampering with.

Wilde: we can at least try…

Anna; you heard aster, wilde, it could kill you.

Wilde: but if we don’t well be sitting in the darkness for a long time, so…

Wilde races towards the computer and begins pressing buttons.

Aster: wilde, that’s enough!

Suddenly, the base rumbles, then, the lights flicker until they are lit. on the level below them, machines light up, revealing constrained individuals from the south lands.

Wilde: there…

Homar: the slaves…

Anna: this is like five towns worth of people, how many have they taken…

Aster: theres probably more elsewhere, this isn’t enough.

Homar: can they be woken?

Wilde: uhhh… im not sure, the computers not giving me any answers, here…

The alliance looks amongst the forgotten people.

Then suddeny, she spots him.

Anna: dragonarte!

Anna bolts down the stairs to dragonarte.

Aster and izotol smirk.

Anna clutches his unconscious body so tightly, believing he will slip from her arms again.

Aster: can we get them out of there, wilde?

Wilde: im working on it. Oh! These controls! Theyre like that facility near the forsaken forest!

Homar creeps over to aster.

Homar: where do you think they’ve gone, son?

aster sighs.

aster: if we don’t find them, this evil wont stop.

Homar: tek-anu!

Wing of dove rushes over.

Homar: host a search party to hunt for this ‘court of agreuis’.

Wing of dove nods then exits.

Wilde: I got it…

The machines attached to the slaves begin to flicker, then shut down. Slowly, most of the slaves begin to waken.

Anna: drake? Drake!

Dragonarte: a-anna? Anna?!

Anna: yes, drake, its me…

She caresses him as he crumbles to the floor.

Homar: are you sure of their return?

Aster nods.

Dragonarte: how did you find me? How did you get here? My love…

Anna gestures to aster, a top the second level. Dragonarte falls silent and stunned. He nods to his old ally. Aster nods back.

Voices are began to become heard amongst the slaves, question after question echoing throughout the base.

Aster clears his throat.

Aster: citizens! Of the south lands… if you do not know where you are or why you have been brought here, do not worry. You had been placed under the control of an evil collection of winterirons most trusted men some time ago. We have travelled for days In search of you, to protect you, to save you-

Dragonarte: is this aster?-

Aster: you may not trust me. You may not trust us. Of course, you don’t even know my name. but I, we, took this leap, not only for you, but so that you can take a leap for us. If we did not come I would not know what winteriron would of done to you. Or have done with you. But I ask you to join me, not for my honour. Not for yours. But for the greater cause of others around us.  


Aster: the enemy is beyond our darkest imagination, I know. this task is not easy. But I have given up trying to live an ordinary life. A life of peace and tranquillity, a life that was just like your own, and instead, given myself, to you all, to them, back at home. Nothing has been more empowering than knowing I can trust you all rise…

Dragonarte looks around at the other slaves, eyes glued to aster as they wobble on the spot.

Aster: help me.


A slow clap begins and loudens until the entire base is joyous with hope and rallied motivation.

Aster turns to his allies.

Homar nods, smirking.

Wilde: I would’ve went up a few notches, you know, just to emphasise…


Dragonarte: anna…

Dragonarte kisses anna as they remain on the floor of the base, surrounded in the echo of the slaves clapping and chanting.



General marix stands tall outside the burning base being doused in rain, acquitted with a large force of winterirons soldiers.

Marix lifts his commuter to his ear.

General marix: yes, enforcer.

Masc: general, what of my requests?

General marix: sir, the committee’s base has been destroyed as you have requested. And the gunships have been sent, we are now awaiting the heroes capture. Awaiting orders…

Masc: there are others. similar to the hidden base you have just destroyed. I am sending the coordinates for what is remaining, now. wipe them all out.

Masc retires his commuter. The general sighs and looks upon his commuter as new coordinates develop onto his commuter.

General marix: lets move out!

The sound of thunder breaks through the sky.



Mage and white elk rest in the lab cruiser flying over and away from the great peaks, back to south land soil. Mage helms the ship.

Mage: once we see that red desert again we can find out where we are and continue our mission.

White elk: the weather has not let up. Are you sure to continue by air?

Mage: the damn fog may be making this trip difficult but it will make our escape nothing but an ease. Besides, were almost over the peaks now…


White elk: are you alright, mage?

Mage: im fine-

White elk: merlin redeemed his life with honour and courage by putting his in place of another. You must remain vigilant.

Pause. Mage looks out the cockpit window with a stern expression.

Suddenly, dark clouds break up from underneath them and the redness of the soil explodes at them.

Mage: the south lands is just down there. Find another window and see if you can find out where we are.

White elk slowly scrapes himself from mages side and looks out another port.

white elk: does this ship not have a tracker?

Mage: I don’t think this ship was meant for anything but local transport…

White elk: what If the enemy comes after us?

Mage: well… were doomed aren’t we… see anything yet?

White elk: …no. the land is all too similar.

Mage: tell me about it.

White elk: are we going to land?

Mage: no.

White elk returns to the cockpit.

White elk: then why do we seek familiar territory?

Mage: so it could show me the direction of winteriron.

White elk: mage-

Mage: look at what were in. We are sure to sneak into his fortress with this. All we need to do is find the importing frontier, hide in plain sight and wait until they let us through.

White elk: this is an awful risk, mage.

Mage: it will work.

White elk, speechless, sits back into the co-pilots seat.



Aster and his alliance, living in their triumph, reward themselves with a rest, well earnt, as they await the slaves to recover.

Dragonarte: and you believe their people would help you?

Aster: im unsure. The only person here who would have any idea about the katarnans decision, would be my dad-

Homar: The katarnan, they-theyre perspective is limited when dealing with outsiders…

Dragonarte: but the indigos with us right now-

Homar: are friends of mine. They trust me, it has taken many years to earn this… and I have not led them astray yet.

Dragonarte: and mage?

Pause. Silence. Dragonarte fidgets.

Dragonarte: aster, where is mage?

Aster: we… we kind of had a disagreement…

Dragonarte: a what?

Aster: mage wanted to pursue the original plan, but I voted against it-

Dragonarte: you what-

Anna: it was to save you, drake.

Dragonarte relaxes.

Aster: with the support of these people we may have a chance to fight winteriron-

Dragonarte: how?! You have convinced a large number of people to fight with you aster, ill give you that. But this is not nearly enough to fight winteriron. And what about the other zealots?

Aster: mage made his decision. As did white elk and merlin. Theres nothing I can do about that anymore. Except… hope that theyre okay wherever they are.

Dragonarte: we have to go find them-

Aster: we cant anymore. Where would we start?


anna: drake… trust your friend-

dragonarte: you’ve been walking in circles, aster-

anna: hey! Hes gotten this far, saved you, saved all these people and has even encouraged them all to fight winteriron! He has not let us down yet, do not doubt him.

Dragonarte looks upon aster sternly. Homar retaliates.

Dragonarte: whats this all about, aster, the idyll still?

Aster nods.

Dragonarte looks amongst the mixed indigos and former slaves.

Dragonarte: do they know what you really fight for? To end the south lands after this war?

Aster: no.

Pause. Everyone looks amongst each other, awkwardly.

Wilde: but in time… they will.

Dragonarte: what makes you so sure, wilde? Youre one of the south landers that didn’t want this?

Wilde: exactly…

Dragonarte falls silent.

An indigo leans into the ear of homar discussing the whereabouts of wing of dove and his search party.

Dragonarte sighs.

Dragonarte: this is still not enough to fight winteriron, what will we do?

Wilde: yeah, we have warriors… nothing close to an army-

Aster: some of us will need to travel and tell other outposts and towns of our mission. If we are to expand, we need exposure. Once our messengers have warned the south lands-

Badger: tek-homar, there is a disturbance in the distance.

Homar, confused, follows badger outside the base. the zealots nervously await his return.

Aster stands ready to address the people.

Homar returns.

Homar: winteriron soldiers. They come from the west.

Aster: I will notify the people. Prepare the katarnan.

Wilde: aster, what about the messengers?

Aster: izotol. Find those who are not fit for battle. Tell them that their uses are needed elsewhere. That they must carry our name to the south lands.

She nods and does so.

Aster: everyone else, come with me.

The zealots follow aster to the second floor to address the people.

Aster: everyone! everyone, you must listen! Winterirons forces are on their way right now! we need to stand together and we need to stand strong-

gallax: we have no weapons! How can we possibly fight winteriron soldiers?!

The base erupts in fear and doubt. Wilde looks out a base window to the incoming winteriron vehicles.

Aster: the katarnan are outside, they will fight with us-

Kora: its not enough! We are doomed!

Phys: what if we escape, right now-

Dragonarte: enough! regardless of what you feel, this is only a time to act.

gallax: but the weapons?!

Wilde: hey… guys… there are only two ships…

Dragonarte: what?

Wilde: it seems he wasn’t expecting much-

Aster: hes underestimated us…

Anna: we have a chance…

Dragonarte looks at anna.

Dragonarte: you truly believe in this… in them…

She nods, a slight grin appears across her cheeks.

dragonarte turns his attention to the people. He clears his throat.

Dragonarte: what we lack in weaponry, we make up for in numbers. Where they are abundant in overconfidence… we will be the example of fortitude. You are stronger than winteriron. Believe in yourselves.

Aster: believe in each other.

The base falls silent again.

Izotol returns to the zealots.

Izotol: the groups have set out.

Aster nods.

Wilde: theyre here…

aster: are the katarnan ready-

wilde: theyre not stopping. Hold on… oh my god!-

Dragonarte: brace yourselves!  Aster: dad-

The ships blast rockets into the roof of the base. the zealots and the people attempt desperately to protect themselves from the falling debris as some of the indigos outside are swept off balance in a fiery explosion.

When the rubble settles, the rain enters the base. homar looks on in agony trying to find his son.

The ships finish a circle around the base and finally land beside the indigos.

Fang: Sien’let!

The indigos position themselves into a battle stance, each drawing closer to the indigo beside them creating a human fortress as they arm themselves with their weapons.

Homar: aster…

Homar, still focused on the bases devastation, pays no mind to the winteriron ships.

The indigos await the ships to open as they creep closer to them. The constant pitter patter of the rain on their skins, irritating them. The sound of the ships engines cutting off resembling a gentle roar from a still beast.

Fang: coven!

The indigos stop.

One of the indigos notice homar.

Tigra: homar… quickly you must-

Suddenly, the winteriron ships blast open and in a puff of smoke stretches out the soldiers gun fire. As their bullets rain from within the ships, hidden from the indigos, fang and many of the indigos are cut down immediately, helpless to defend themselves; the havoc happening too fast.  

Hummingbird: advance!

The indigos, as outmatched as they are, press on to the oncoming fire, disregarding their fear facing death down the barrel.

Homar finally comes to his sense, snapping out of his cynical daydream noticing the dead body of tigra, dead bodies of many of his indigo companions, and the destruction around him.

Homar: no… no…

Hummingbird: ma-sé, forebearers!

Hummingbird attempts to flank the ships and enter one of the boarding entrances. But he is quickly met by a winteriron soldier who launches the end of his gun into hummingbirds head denying his entrance. The soldier is then impaled by a flying axe, sacrificing himself for his soldiers.



General marix: hold fire.



The gunfire ceases allowing the indigos to set themselves back into a formation. Homar joins whats left of the indigos ready to face winteriron.



General marix: deploy the soldiers.



In the calm of battle, the sound of the rain is broken by staggering debris from the base, Aster and the zealots dig themselves from underneath the wreckage. But to their misfortune, much of the former slaves have been killed upon impact.

Suddenly, winterirons soldiers advance from within the ships and collide in battle with the indigos. as axes, knives, arrowheads and spears are met with the thick exterior of rifles, the soldiers and indigos are matched.

Izotol: the base… the people…

Aster: izotol, you need to focus, we need to help them…

Izotol: how! How do we help them?!-

Aster: dragonarte, you will come with me. The rest of you, look for survivors.

dragonarte: aster-

aster: just do it!

aster races through the debris towards his father and the indigos. the zealots look amongst each other.

Wilde: well… you heard him!

Aster races through the battlefield launching bullets from his wrist unto the winteriron soldiers, dropping them to the ground as their attention is turned to an indigo.

Homar rallies a group of indigos and slowly creeps onto general marix’s ship.

The zealots pull people out from the wreckage as dragonarte finally enters the battle aside aster.

Dragonarte: just like the isle, ay aster?

Aster: you and I remember the isle very differently-



Pilot: sir, our forces are taking huge losses…

General marix: prepare our leaving, notify masc.

Suddenly, homar barges into the cockpit taking the general by the throat. His indigos remove the pilots from their position. A single indigo looks out the cockpit window and gestures to the opposing group of indigos in the other ship, that their ship is secured.

Black rhino: the ship is secured, tek-homar.

Homar grins.



Veraclaw: their forces are almost spent!

The indigos chant as the battle wages on until… the winteriron soldiers are defeated.

The rain transforms into snow.

Homar exits the gunship and approaches aster and dragonarte. A tortured look on his face with a sense of being pleased present.

Aster: dad, the katarnan, many have been killed…

Homar: it is a pity that our friends have passed on to the next life… but all have passed with honour. None would alter their death.

Dragonarte: but the people have been lost… all your efforts…

Aster: not all. Izotol sent groups of people, south land people, to tell others like them what has happened here today. There is still a chance for the south lands to stand!

Although a shed of hope may still yet flourish for the zealots, their grip on its faith is falling away.

Pause. he looks over to wilde, anna and izotol treating the remaining people.



Mage: ah, there! The honey ranges… I know where we are.

Suddenly, two ships appear behind the lab cruiser.

Mage: oh… shit- we got company…

White elk looks out the port.

White elk: we should be fine, yes? We are in a winterir-

The cruiser is shot at shaking the hull.

White elk: maybe not-

Mage: theyre the guards from the laboratory. Hold on.

Mage pushes a lever forward, blasting the cruiser rapidly through the sky.

White elk stumbles back.

White elk: do you know what you are doing?

Mage: just hold on!

White elk: mage…

As the cruiser races through the air, the two gunships follow, manoeuvring between each other and around the lab cruiser, which is far too slow to break away from the gunships.

The gunships fire into the cruiser, missing narrowly.

White elk: mage!

Mage: just relax, indigo!

The cruiser pulls up, as mage tries to catch the gunships off guard and fly in the opposing direction. but the skill of the pilots has them on the back foot and chasing with ease.

The gunships fire again, this time hitting their mark once more.

A warning sound in the cockpit of the cruiser repeats in the ear drums of the zealots.

Mage: do you trust me?

White elk: im finding it very difficult, tek.


The cruiser cuts its path short opening all flaps, bringing the ship to a jarring halt. The two gunships speed past.

Mage manoeuvres the cruiser over one of the gunships and to its side, drawing the gunship to follow leaving the other to circle back around.

White elk: are you sure you know what you are doing?

Mage: no.


Mage: but it’s the only way, elk.

The lone gunship, tailing the cruiser and blinded by the fog and snow, fires repetitively.

White elk: move! You are in his sight!

Mage: wait.

White elk: mage-

Mage: wait.

The gunship continues to lay unforgiving fire onto the cruiser as the ship becomes directly in line with the cruiser.

White elk: mage, move!

Mage pushes the helm down causing the ship to dive towards the soil of agreuis. then suddenly, the gunship, blinded and travelling at an enormous velocity, crashes into the other, unsuspecting gunship rushing back to them, in a ferocious explosion.

The cruiser whistles passed and away from the aerial devastation.

White elk: oh.



Masc: take me to general marix’s last position.

The pilot nods.

The ships commuter begins to ring.

Pilot: sir, there is a request for you from the excellence…

Masc thinks.

Pilot: sir, the excellence has requested a second time…

Masc thinks… he staggers back.

Pilot: sir…

The ringing stops abruptly.

Pilot: …never mind.

Masc sits, taking a breath.

Masc: get me there as fast as you can! Get my men on it!

Pilot: y-yes, enforcer.



Winteriron paces his quarter floors...

Winteriron: where is that putrid filth slop eating dog… guards! Get me the committee member!

After sometime, the guards enter the excellences quarters with telos, barely having the energy to stand. When the guards abandon his side, he drops to the floor, to his knees, in front of winteriron.

Winteriron: oh.

Winteriron looks upon telos’ withering body.

Winteriron: oh where ARE my manners… ah, im sorry. I cant believe- I forgot, I didn’t bring you welcoming gifts.

Winteriron clicks his fingers. Telos blinks.

Winteriron: if I had known you were coming, I would’ve brought a gun.

Telos: what about your blade?


Winteriron: I never really cared much about you… I didn’t want to make it too personal… shot to the head… you know…

Winteriron curls his beard.

Pause. Telos breathes in deeply.

Telos: what do you want?


Winteriron: it seems you haven’t disclosed all of your information to me… have you? Now I, I had the audacity to think to trust you and let you live unlike the others because you would be so generous to tell me everything.

Winteriron smiles.

Telos: what are you gonna do? Huh? End my life? You will try. We both know that you need me, though don’t we? That’s why im here and not rotting away in some heavenly forsaken city prison like I was last night.

Winteriron scowls.

Telos: now I am invincible. I have the stage… and the grandest one of them all. Do you know what I thought of in that cell? I remembered that godawful speech you said to me and the COURT of agreuis before you murdered a committee under your leadership, right before my eyes. And you know, the only part I can recall right now is when you thoroughly, with your heart, believed our rule would never succeed… but it would… it has… we have ran your regimes ever since you put us on your committee… we have been running winteriron megacity… this whole time…

Winteriron: then what does that make me, telos?

Telos: I know you still believe you are the heroic general of old earth who once stood the mightiest amongst his kind… but now, winteriron, you rule these people as a pharaoh on agreuis.

Winteriron: a pharaoh? I like that. If you are done, I would like to commend you for being the most courageous of all of my acolytes. None of these spineless idiots would ever have the ball to stand up to me like you just did. But I guess it is because you believed you had a free pass to torment me… telos. I want to put this bluntly to you.


Winteriron: I will hunt down and murder your family.


Telos: they call themselves: the zealots of the idyll. Merlin, aster, white elk an indigo, drake, wilde of nebula valley and mage… of the iron collective…

Winteriron: mage? this is a name I do not recall.

Telos smirks ever so slightly.

Telos: they have become a band of… misfits… outlaws amongst outlaws and they are somehow…

Winteriron and telos make swift eye contact, then fall away…

Telos: staying… alive…

Winteriron: thank you, telos, for finally being of some use to me…

Telos chuckles, sarcastically.

Telos: will you stand by your word and let my family live?


Winteriron: for you? I will.

Winteriron impales telos.

Winteriron: this… has become much more personal, telos…

Telos dies in the grip of winterirons blue plasma blade.



Mage and white elk, now in safe air, refocus their travel and finally fly to winteriron.

Mage: not too long now…

White elk: this is finally it.

Mage: hey why don’t you go check this cruiser out, see if theres any winteriron uniforms around there…

White elk does so.

Mage: you think hes tall?

White elk: I have no idea what this tyrant looks like.

Mage: well… do you… have an… idea?

White elk: I would imagine red. Tall, bearded with black eyes. Horns from the top of his head, claws for hands-

Mage: okay, enough… don’t get too carried away…


white elk returns to the cockpit.

White elk: mage, I, I have only told aster, about the honour this clan has brought me, and I was hoping, the time I felt It was the right moment to thank you would be, when we are all together. But, the journey is what the journey makes of it, not us.

Mage: thank you, white elk, thank you for everything you have done. you were right, without you, we would never have been able to make it this far… except…

White elk: ba’ba’goo’lo

White elk makes a small katarnan gesture with his hands.

White elk: my name… my name is aquila…

Mage: so… you use another name …

White elk: tribal names… yes…


Mage: thank you, aquila… but im gonna still call you white elk…im used to it, im sticking with it…

Mage turns his attention back to helming the cruiser. White elk giggles.




Outside what once was a slave base in operation for the court of agreuis, aster, the zealots and what is left of both the katarnan and the people, have summoned their last bit of might to press on.

Wilde: where will we go now?

Aster: to winteriron. this- what we have- who we have, around us- is bigger than we what we started with. And with our word spreading, we have more than a chance, but only if we continue our mission, only If we end it, complete it. to prove our strength…

Dragonarte: …to winteriron, finally.

Homar: what is it you are calling the…

Aster: the idyll-

Homar: we will stand for THE IDYLL!

Wilde awkwardly cheers and fizzles when he realises nobody else is…

Anna: where do we start?

Dragonarte: anna, no… you cant… I cant have you hurt-

Anna: I saved you remember…

Dragonarte smirks.

Aster: well, as mage would say, we head north.

One of the south land people rush up to the zealots.

Hanny: what is that?! Winteriron? Again?!

The zealots look into the distance and see two flying lights.

Anna: oh, no…

Dragonarte: theyre bringing reinforcements for sure. We need to run. I don’t care how much courage any of you have, if we fight here, we die. No legacy. No nothing. We move, now!


Homar: hes right, lets go!

Wilde: but where?

anna: theres a ridge over there. A sand mound. We can hide behind that.

Everyone looks over to the huge sand dune.

Wilde: good enough for me!

Wilde charges for the dune. Everyone follows.

But as the powership speeds into the base, the zealots realise not everyone can escape.

Homar: go with the people, son.

Aster: dad, what, no-

Homar: they need a leader. They need you-

Aster: what about mum? Dad, no…

Pause. Homar thinks back to even the beginnings of this journey to find his wife.

Homar: It was not my destiny to find her here… but maybe, in the afterlife. She will come find me…. When shes ready. Go.

masc exits his ship, followed by five men from the drop pod. The foremost soldiers of masc fire repeatedly into the survivors and the katarnan escaping over the dune, wilde, dragonarte, anna and bullfrog escape.

Aster: dad…

Izotol looks on.

Veraclaw: I will stand with you, tek.

White lio: I will too.

The remaining four indigos that did not protect the people up the dune stand their ground with homar.

Homar looks to the zealots.

Homar: go!

Aster and izotol stay.

Aster: dad- if we leave right now we can still make it! Dad, dad, oh come on! Please, we still have a chance!

Aster breaks to an agonising cry.

Masc draws closer. Homar turns his attention to him.

Homar: sien’let!

The indigos surrounding homar form up beside him ready for battle, once more.

The clan step forward.

Aster: DAD! No!

Izotol grabs asters shirt trying to hold him to her.

Masc and his men meet homar and his clan, face to face.

Masc looks over to the base.

Masc: sorry to ruin your rescue mission, heroes, there was a few mix ups at winteriron, im sure you understand?

Pause. Masc now looks over homars shoulder, at aster, then back to homar.

Masc: the boy… he is your son?


Masc: he is in a lot of trouble.


Masc: im afraid, youre going to have to turn him in, to me.

Pause. Masc steps forward.

Homar steps back to protect aster.

Izotol: aster.

Aster turns to izotol, frightened.

Izotol: we need to go. I know its hard, I know what youre feeling… you need to let go-

Masc: you will remain here! Apprehend them, I have no time for this.

Mascs soldiers step forward to grab aster but are quickly met by his guardians, the indigos.

masc unveils two curved knives.

Masc: get out of my way, old man!

As the indigos and mascs soldiers engage in a small battle in front of aster and izotol, masc rushes homar, but he is met with homars hidden battle axe. They begin to fight.

Izotol: aster!

Aster slowly and reluctantly, pulls himself away from the battle, from his father.

Aster and izotol escape.

Homar looks over his shoulder, noticing his son has left, he sighs happily.



Aster and izotol scale the sand dune eventually meeting with the other zealots, indigos and people.

Wilde: aster, are you okay?

Dragonarte: he stayed.

Aster nods. Anna hugs him.

Dragonarte: brave man.

Aster looks at izotol. She looks back. Nothing is said.

Bullfrog: we must move, quickly, if we are to survive.

Pause. The zealots look amongst each other

aster: what do we do? Where do we go?

Bullfrog: to the sacrosanct.




Masc and homar clash weapons, evenly matched; but the soldiers out-gun the indigos, sending their souls into a fiery pit of burning bullets.

Homar watches veraclaw be cut down, mercilessly.

Homar, with his last ounce of hope, throws down his axe and grabs mascs throat. He squeezes and squeezes. Mascs face turns red and he begins to buckle under the pressure. Masc quickly stabs homar in the stomach.

Homar holds and holds.

Masc crumbles to one knee still holding his back straight as his eyes begin to burst out of head.

As the last indigos have fallen, taking most of mascs men with them, masc lays his final knife into the chest of homar. Homar squeals.

Homar crushes mascs neck but eventually… lets go… losing life…

His eyes, closing. Masc, smiling.

Masc pushes homars carcass off of his knife and onto the agreean soil, amongst the other dead indigos.

Masc looks up at the sand dune.



The zealots and their army run back to the direction of the sacrosanct.

When mascs powership finally flies over the sand dune, it follows the direction the zealots were originally going, away from the sacrosanct.

The zealots watch the ship fly away from them.

Wilde: its gone, the ship is gone!

Aster stops.

Izotol: don’t go back. It will only hurt more.



Winteriron is looking out his window.

Minister zed enters.

Minister zed: your excellence, you requested my service?

Winteriron: I wish to know if the army is ready.

Minister zed: your army is in a prime element. Optimal by the highest respects.

Winteriron: then I will use it to destroy the south lands once and for all.

Winteriron turns to zed.

Winteriron: now, minister.

Minister zed: your excellence, do you think your people would think that to be wise?

Winteriron: my people applauded my triumph with earth?

Minister zed: but the south lands have not disturbed the peace since the iron collective something years ago-

Winteriron: the people of winteriron take pride in all of their leaders choices. This will be no exception. It is finally time to END the south lands…

Zed reluctantly nods.

Minister zed: of course, your excellence…

Zed exits.

Winteriron: …and it is time for agreuis and I to become, one.

Winteriron laughs.



Mage and white elk look out their cockpit window and finally see the winteriron fortress walls close by.

Mage: now, wheres that frontier…

Suddenly, the zealots hear a rumble, and as they circle the perimeter of winteriron megacity, they watch as the large walls shift.



Aster and the zealots are stopped by the movement of the ground around them as It shakes ferociously.

Dragonarte: what the hell is that?



mage pulls the cruiser away from the walls to better survey the megacity.

Mage: oh my god… It’s a gate…

When the walls open, winterirons army emerges.

Thousands upon thousands of soldiers, hundreds of gunships and tactical transportation, slowly flooding the south lands; the south lands, knowing not of their impending doom.



Bullfrog: we must keep going.

Aster stops.

Aster: no. we cant. When they realise were not there… they will come back… and find us. We need somewhere to hide. The sacrosanct can come later.

Wilde: the base! the base!

Everyone turns to the base, they hear the powerships roar.

Wilde: go, go! go, now!

The zealots hurry to the burned base.



Pilot: the scanners are picking up no lifeforms, sir…

Pause. Masc scowls.

Masc: circle around.

Pilot: yes, enforcer.



The zealots and the people scurry into the base watching mascs powership return, patrolling the area. After some inspection, the powership leaves.

The zealots smile In the cold of snow.

Dragonarte: lets get out of this godforsaken place.

The zealots, followed by the people, make way for the sacrosanct.



Masc sits quietly at the rear end of his ship, alone.

Pilot: sir, there is a request for you from the excellence…

The pilot awaits masc.

Pilot: sir, there is a second request-

Masc: tell him I will visit him at once.

Pilot: yes, sir.

Masc scowls once more.



White elk: you are going back towards the army?!

Mage: around!... I told you, were in one of their ships… were fine.

White elk: mage…

Suddenly, dozens of winteriron gunships fly into and past the cruiser. The cruiser is eventually, shot down.

The zealots come to a fiery crash onto agreuis.





Once again, winteriron stands tall, proud, in the safety of his quarters, looking down, out his enormous window, to another sin upon agreuis. but to the infamous tyrant, this victory, as tenaciously graced as it had beckoned, will live forever more as the foreground of new agreuis.

The tyrant sips his spirit.

But to his surprise, and discontinuing his sense of comfort, masc enters abruptly.

Masc: your excellence…

Winteriron: masc…

Masc: they’ve escaped…

Pause. Winterirons expression breaks. His attention then turns back to his soldiers, his glory, pouring out onto the south lands like a disease… he smirks shutting his eyes.

Winteriron: leave.

Pause. Masc gulps and eventually races out the room, a single bead of sweat dropping to winterirons floor.

A winteriron fist guard enters quickly after masc.

Guard: your excellence, master ziro…

Ziro enters, limping into the excellences quarters, still feeling the effects of the contents of the syringe.

Ziro: your excellence… if I may begin…

Winteriron: speak.



At a homestead of people who follow the once great iron collective, moro and sol enter, desperate to find nourishment but also… something more.

Upon quenching their necessities, the two men begin scaling the homestead until they find what they were looking for… Samson and lucas, two acolytes of the iron collective.

They begin telling the story of the zealots of the idyll.



The many groups given the task of recounting what had transpired back at the hidden slave base, travel to their old homes, and announce the motives of the new alliance: the zealots of the idyll.



Nagenissi, frightened for his life, watches winteriron descend onto the south lands. He scurries, hiding, away from the world…



Master ziro: …you see? there was nothing I could have done. my men… they were so close-

Winteriron: and now, they can be anywhere.

Winteriron turns sharply to ziro.

Winteriron: the south landers are emerging to be a great enemy… and you have let them go-

Master ziro: but your excellence, their bounty hunter…

Winteriron slithers to his throne.


Winteriron: you live all your day within the great peaks… I have given you wealth beyond your imagination… the ability to conduct whatever… gruesome experiment, you so please… and my reward is but one of the three south landers that entered a fully armed and prepared, military laboratory.


Master ziro: and what will you do?

Winteriron smirks. Ziro throws his head aggressively.

Master ziro: curse your life so long lived! And curse the vile I bestowed you with to prolong your rule! you should be thanking the immortal man who provided you with the greatest gift from god!

Pause. Winteriron and ziro lock eyes.

Master ziro: what will you do? Kill me? The vile has blessed us with ever-life, winteriron… but do you seek the knowledge that your life can be taken by another…

Pause. Winteriron thinks… cornered.

Winteriron, disheartened by the humanising feeling eventual loss, fears the outcome and ziros threat. He gestures for the scientist to leave.

Ziro smirks then exits.

Winteriron is left lost in his own mind…



Aster, the zealots, mekka and his people, are fleeing the lands of the sacrosanct. In burning desolation, winterirons soldiers have destroyed what is sacred to the indigos…




© Copyright 2020 billy gonzalez. All rights reserved.

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