the arbiter: a star wars story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
this screenplay happens a little after episode 3 and is about the fall of the imperial army's': clone troopers and the consequences involved. the screenplay was initially meant to be a solo operation but, in respect to star wars, has now been turned into a trilogy (the other two are a work in progress). please feel free to give me any feedback, thank you.
also: i do not own the copyright to anything that has been and will be a part of star wars. this all belongs to disney and lucasfilm. i own the copyrights to any characters and settings i have created for the purpose of the story.

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016





opening crawl:

A few years subsequent to the end of the clone wars and the once great Jedi, darth vader holds the galaxy under an aggressively firm grip as his master, darth sidious, has formed a monstrous empire from the ashes of the republic.


But as the empire has begun its descent onto star systems, its grand army of clones have begun offlining as their years of duty are expiring. The empire remains unknowing to their downfall as the final remnants of the republic and justice rally a counter measure to oppose the empire as a last hope…




sequence 1: the republic

roman azkowa

Bail organa


senator #1


senator anty


as the crawl disappears displaying hundreds of stars, the shot tracks slowly towards the left until an extravagantly coloured planet (of colours representing whole cities surrounded by thick greenery) covering the bottom left corner crosses into the left-middle panel.

Suddenly, a small spacecraft rapidly whistles onto the screen from the middle-right panel towards the centre of the planet. (The craft dons three silver flashing lights representing its intention to land and two thin wings spearing out from each side of the vessel.)

The music works into an intense and deep tone after the screech from the craft cuts the intro sound.


The scene transitions into a landscape panel of an ill-kept population centre built in classical aesthetic fashion. Many vehicles hover over the top of the panel as the salience is an important looking large building containing many tiny facilities around it.

Roman: There is no sign of resistance in the core.

the scene cuts to a standing roman azkowa (a large framed alien- human hybrid sporting a scowl centre stage fiddling with digits on a computer for a moment to take the next few scenes monologuing)

Scavengers, smugglers and colonial individuals are taking and slithering under the rocks of any baron wasteland they can find; and waves of employed men and women are ravaging their old homes for this dictatorship. Thousands of innocent lives are being lost… families are being torn… this Empire is rising from the ashes of the republic…

the screen cuts to a profile of roman

Roman: all… under our noses.

scene cuts back to a head shot close up of romans crinkled and betrayed expression

Roman: and as the only seekers of diplomacy that is left in the galactic senate…

camera cut to a scale shot of each individual surrounding him

Roman: what can be done? the galaxy is applauding their demonic leader; our brethren have fallen heroic but unnecessary deaths. I decree: we move but one option.

Bail: What say you, senator Azkowa?

showing a close up in his concern

Roman: (pause) we simply agree to the terms of the Empire.

gasps are heard and small talk is made way in the background.

Obi-wan: a muttled expression is shown on obi-wans face. What to be slaughtered like the others before us?

Roman: You believe our deaths would come of such an agreement?

Bail: Be reasonable, senator. This is the Empire we speak of.

a grossly understood pause is taken.

Senator #1: Senator Azkowa stands to reason: an empire that remains in its birthing stages… in its weakest state hands us an agreement to peace-

Obi-wan: ‘peace’ in their subjective input, senator.

Senator #1: being dysfunctional or fully operational, their forces gather from all over the galaxy… and as you’ve said, Senator Azkowa… this is all happening in conspiracy.

Roman stands and stumbles to senator #1 in an agreement of side picking.

Obi-wan: so you both agree we just give in after everything… after all we’ve lost?

obi-wan stands slamming the table and finally pausing aware of his actions.

senator #1: we have nothing left, we must preserve our resources.

Obi-wan: or hand them to the empire—

Senator anty: the senate’s decisions will be based on the majority vote. Although I myself do not agree with the empire’s offer, rallying strength from their forces is a concept I hope to achieve for all of us the senator gives a discerning look to obi-wan even if our own conspiracy should be a cause from this.

obi-wan weeps a hint of breath and sits down.

obi-wan: this concept could not be hoped to be achieved if we do not remain valiant, senators.

the sound of a ship is heard outside, the one from the opening sequence.

not a word is said but every eye is glued to the door. the camera pans to each characters worried face until it sits centre with the door and the opposing characters at each side of the panel. the camera zooms in as only the echo of their room is heard. pause.

the door opens. a young but brooding male walks through, scarred on his ride cheek side carrying a small backpack dressed in all black armour emerges from the darkness as the camera swiftly zooms into his face. a pause is felt as the audience absorbs the characters frame.

anty: and who might you be?

the scene cuts to the senators face before panning to a standing organa facing the individual.

Bail: gentlemen, I would like to introduce the republics equal to protection.

every face sits examining the individual

obi-wan: protection? he studies.

Bail: (snickers) since the devised plan of the empire is to corner every beacon of hope that surrounds the republic, I have acquitted us with an individual, an extremist…


Bail: if you will…

roman: an extremist?

Bail: the empire corners populations and rallies functionality of their own for their own. The empire is ever growing… and we are a senate about to go into hiding within the shadows of this dictatorship… you all know we are desperate for an answer, a last hope, and here he is! pointing to the figure.

bail begins pacing on his side of the main table.

bail: I believe sending a mercenary in to relay information, useful information, will not just slow down this beast… but will nourish our republic.

obi-wan: and how far exactly are the empire ahead of us, senator?

bail: I am uncertain. But it’s safe to assume that after a number of years they’ve devised or are applying a plan of epic proportions. They have already caused the galaxy to surrender its fate willingly. He drops his head.

figure: I will do my best at stopping any efforts the empire have in their endeavour. I will not relent to this dictatorship. the camera pans to a low shot.

obi-wan: easy young one, I sense something in you, it flows beyond rage.

the mysterious figure smirks then scowls at obi-wan

bail: obi-wan please, as useful and powerful as your Jedi ways are, I don’t believe now is the best time for that path-

obi-wan: but it is senator… the dark side rules the empire and the empire rules over… their dark shadow is now a parasite feeding off the fear of every person. The force is all around you but the strength of the dark side blinds us.

obi-wan grasps what he just said.

bail: we need a strategic-

obi-wan: the sith lords control our galaxy like puppeteers… taking snake-like steps to precisely wound the republic and the Jedi all at once. you think this is the work of treason but you all miss the bigger picture… we need the force to guide us.

roman: what is it you suppose we do, general.

obi-wan: (pauses remembering the last conversation he had with yoda) we hide, we wait, this battle has overreached us now… we’ve lost.

another large pause is taken and the camera zooms into his eyes

obi-wan: can’t you all see that we’ve lost too much. Post-production would reveal fire burning in his eyes before he closes them.

senator #1: I will not run and hide like scruffy scavengers!

roman: here, here!

obi-wan: but you will gladly survive off of it!?

roman: pause with an undershot of his nonchalant expression. unfortunately, I will deny you there, Kenobi… to surrender the senate to the empire is a move I would gladly make over your cowardly prepostery.

figure: but is giving in not as cowardly!

the camera zooms to his turning and disgusted face.

Figure: do not misjudge the will of the empire my friend, at best, do not mistake the sith as help… think of them as deceivers. they will take your senate from you all, in fact, you will not know your own self when they are done with you.

the camera cuts to a wider view of each individual centering the figure at the top signaling leadership as his voice echoes through the walls

figure: then they will cut you down voicing over your dying carcass feeding you the same lies you now know should have never been considered.

the camera cuts and closes in on his face slightly and slowly.

Figure: but its already too late.

obi-wan: how might you know of the sith, young one?

figure: looking to obi-wan menacingly slow, I know evil. the scene cuts to a concerned but relaxed obi-wan.

all of the senators, in shock.

roman: you leave us with nothing then.

figure: I leave you with the only desperate solution… send me in, send me where their fear prospers… where it may be defeated.

the figure moves closer to the table placed at the top and in the middle representing the sides coming together.

exchanges of nods are seen in a small montage of characters and the music surges louder in a hopeful tone.

roman: how do we know we can trust you?

a close up of bail organas face in shock.

bail: I beg your pardon, senator, he was my id-

roman: and I beg you to stay quiet, royal bail organa.

close up of a stalking roman who breaks the circle.

Roman: you know much of political talk but none of danger and war. sending in a representative for the senate- for whats left of the republic

roman gestures to the senate

roman: at such short notice and someone… exchange between the figure and roman … unknown to some… is a risky ordeal I’d rather not be a part of. I agree: surrendering isn’t much more effective but it won’t be as aggravating if we weren’t to succeed. he clenches his fist in self torment.

obi-wan: there remains too much dispute within this senate to come to any solidified plan, I sense drifts in mental tangents.

figure: you all wallow in fear and self-doubt. each move you make is second to the next.

hysteric music is cued to his ridiculous movement in frustration

figure: risking valuable time is unwanted, that’s something I can sense coming from all of you in this room, looks towards obi-wan, and I didn’t need the force for that. but wasting time is something I’m sure none of you want more.

a respected silence falls for the figure.

Figure: each minute you watch leave turns to days then months making a menacing force stronger and more cunning. take my plea… I will stop what I can. final close up of his character

each senator relays into a state of thought

bail: how will your plan begin?

the figure fidgets eagerly to invoke his plan

senator #1: I’m sorry senators, desperate or not, diplomacy is a fragile business and having the public watch our first political move since the republics collapse as being conflict is absurd. I move a further hearing on this case.

the figures eyes widen in disbelief

figure: (this is absurd)

roman: until then, senators. we will push this meeting back a week.

senator #1: I will remain here on Naboo awaiting any exiled senators or jedi in this hall. general, if you could relay another message to the further stretches of the galaxy…

obi-wan: I will, senator.

bail: senator azkowa, you hold contact with the emperor, romans face tightens, and interpret his every move. move nothing for our senate anymore, keeping a connection to the falling republic will only place a larger circle on our head. being slaughtered by the emperors private bounty hunters is not your role in our cause.

roman: what will I do? continue my journey into being this false rulers puppet? what about time?

bail: raising his voice youve moved our hearing a week, time is at a stand still. if we remain still and out of sight until our judgement is made, we can possibly live long enough to see a spark against the empire. I care not for your ideals in our conflicted civilisation, the freedom and safety of millions of planets hangs in our coiled hands… hands of men that can’t stand in the rays of any sun long enough not to be shot down or imprisoned for torture

he moves to and leans into roman

bail: and you coware at socialisation?

roman: when you’re forced to look the emperor in the face with the stench and memory of one of these meetings… I’ll let you know.

theirs eyes look with a profile shot of both characters having bail slightly elevated.


anty: what becomes of myself and general kenobi?

bail: hmmm…. perhaps continuing the penetration of the emperors communications system would be of great importance to keeping steps ahead of the empires galactic movements-

obi-wan: unfortunately, senators, I cannot partake in this task at this moment.

anty: why not? our skills fair in this mission…

the camera cuts to obi-wan profile shot scanning across into his face covered in a half shadow

obi-wan: I have a mission of my own.

still in scene, he turns away from the camera refocusing onto a standing and understanding bail.

anty: what now then, with our communications sending without an incoming transmission we will only hear static, we’ll be in the dark up until and into our plan, considering there is one.

bail: then so be it, gentlemen.

anty: (sighs) I will also remain here, awaiting any of your comm links.

the scene cuts to the group saying farewells at the station door, the two senators have retreated to their duties and only roman, bail, obi-wan and the figure remain.

roman: (speaking into a transmitter) ready my ship, I will be on the third landing sector shortly.

roman turns back to the remaining men in the pathway of an open door to say his final farewell. the camera moves between faces but is commonly placed behind each character with only roman facing towards it.

bail: good luck senator-

obi-wan: -and may the force be with you.

a white imperial landing ship falls behind roman barely visible.

roman: (sighs) thank you, gentlemen, and may your endeavours help our cause.

bail: and so yours’ senator, we just hope all that we do is worth the fight.

a worried expression creeps onto romans face

roman: as general kenobi said, this isn’t our fight anymore.

obi-wan looks away

bail: if only that were really true. he smiles reassuringly

roman nods and turns after gesturing to each person, he retreats to his ship. the men watch it fly away.

bail: should I be notified of your succeeding voyage?

obi-wan: (turning to bail) business in the force, senator. nothing the senate should be noted of… or would find interest in. (he chuckles)

bail: but would I, master jedi?

obi-wan: in time, senator. another silence is appropriated. obi-wan turns away flipping his hood on as he leaves through the doors. bail calls him, he turns back slowly and dramatically

bail: do you really believe this isn’t our fight?

obi-wan: (short sigh) in the time before the force showed us this future, we accepted and prepared for hiding. I don’t believe these practices help our survival… but they do further our cause… our mission. he thinks, you may need more than politics for this one, senator. he turns away from the camera and continues walking.

the scene cuts to the same landscape shot from the beginning of this sequence to find obi-wan walking out from an extremely small building in the far right corner rather than the salience building; portraying desperation.

figure: senator organa, what do you propose we do? coming from the shadows behind bail

both men now stand in front of the door way with light only shining in naturally from the door way, otherwise they remain silhouette.

bail: let the others go about their business, but waiting another week is too much of a delay on our decision making, and unfortunately, places the emperor in the most strategic political seat of the entire galaxy.

bail steps inwards causing the camera to bounce back slightly showing him sitting in the foreground of the shot and the figure standing in the background.

figure: I can understand where you’re going with this but the senate has already undermined my use…

bail: as azkowa stalls his campaign and the newly elected senate to keep us disguised, the emperors plans will only grow and quicken… we haven’t much options.

Sequence ends.



sequence 2: the empire

darth vader

admiral moff tarkin

armoury overseer

supreme commander praeter


the sequence opens immediately after the first, inside an echoing dark room with lights and panels covering each side whole. the camera zooms in through the walkway stalkingly with the sound of orchestral humming in the background dimming. as the camera reaches the end of the walk way, it becomes apparent we are aboard a stardestroyer and are invading an important meeting.

overseer: all remains in schedule, lord vader, there is nothing that can stop us now.

the room becomes lit with individuals facing the dark figure himself, vader. as his presence is felt, the music becomes daunting and dark.

praeter: his status seems to lay in check, my lord. he checks the pad in his hands the empire is entering a stage of confidence… soon we will be the largest force to reckon with in the galaxy!

a close up of his face is portrayed to show his extreme love of this event.

a slow pause is taken with only his mask heard.

Vader: are enemy threats taken care of?

praeter: of course, sir. the last republic senator was imprisoned almost recently-

vader: my attention is not set on senator’s, general, the Jedi are our most critical weak point.

his newly placed mask scowls at his new imperial faculty. and although his fear generates and surrounds the room, he fidgets and moves edgy as this is his first meeting.

 praeter: sir, with all due respect the senators’ tongues can cut the empire’s formation before it begins faster than any lightsaber.

he turns to vader but vader is standing over with an ominous white noise in the background growing.

Praeter: be reasonable, he gulps, the Jedi won’t come out of hiding now… there are thousands if not millions of clone troopers who patrol each sect of the inner rim and soon, the entirety of this galaxy. we are buried in weapon protection. we’ve won.

vader: you must first understand that although we take the galaxy by brute force alone we are still not a fully-fledged empire as of yet…

he turns away after holding a strong stare to speak to the other imperials.

Vader: the emperor is still convincing what remains of diplomacy to give in to our dominant hand.

praeter exclaims disapprovingly and throws his head

vader turns to him and unhilts his lightsaber

vader: are you afraid, commander? does my weapon cause fear to flow through your very veins?

praeter gulps.

praeter: y-yes, sir- vader: -good.

vader straightens his back and forces his strength into the activation of his lightsaber which shows a brooding and uncontrolled red light that now points towards praeter

vader: are the senators’ still your fear, commander?

Tarkin enters

tarkin: drop your saber, vader, his serves no use dead…

he turns to praeter and the camera cuts to profile of the two. praeter gasps

tarkin: hes not worth your time. placing his arms behind his back

vader: as you wish. he deactivates his lightsaber but does not hilt it.

tarkin: vader may follow different guidelines to you all but what he says mustn’t go unnoticed…

all the men in the room stare at tarkin

tarkin: the jedi are a frightful force and because there are more of them than just him, pointing to vader, out there… we must be cautious. their whereabouts remain unknown and worse… who knows how many sit on the republic senate. Many may even be infiltrating our very bases right now… highly unlikely but it stands to reason.

his eyes dart from person to person sizing them all.

overseer: what do you propose we do, admiral, what you say only gives me reason to angst.

tarkin: (smirks) oh dont worry, only two of the remaining Jedi have been reported as any real threat.

praeter looks to vader inching his eyes over knowing his calculations were wrong.

he finds vader already staring.

Tarkin: what remains of padawan learners or even beings of the force are captured or killed immediately… unless of course he chuckles they simply coware.

close up of vader

praeter: and who are these Jedi, admiral?

tarkin: masters, yoda and Kenobi.

another close up of vader

tarkin: nonetheless, master yoda has retreated since his confrontation with the emperor. he was quoted renouncing his Jedi ways and dropping to his doom somewhere in corrussant.

praeter: this is quoted by who?

tarkin: close up. by the emperor himself, of course. smirks

praeter: and of master Kenobi?

tarkin: his whereabouts remain uncertain at this present time, he looks to vader, but he will be found shortly. turns back to praeter, and how is my empire doing?

praeter: (confused) everything is operational and running smoothly, the overseers’ factions are finalising construction; besides weaponry and battle vehicles… worker competence is beyond steady… we are almost unstoppable-

tarkin: almost doesn’t seem so flattering.

praeter: sir, you’ve given my men an ending date that does not finish until this time next year, considering all of the variables, we are completely on time.

tarkin: commander, the Jedi no longer stand a match against our fleets.

another close up of vader

tarkin: and the republic senate risk execution…you should have no reason to bring me an unstoppable empire now.

praeter: I fear parts of the galaxy defying ours… your… wishes.

tarkin: (chuckles) what are you saying, commander?

Praeter: I believe the galaxy will rebel. no sect would work to this unfathomable rate-

Tarkin: if anyone does not obey the rule of this empire, they will be destroyed. no sect would risk the lives of millions for a new order. this is the new order.

the ominous imperial music begins as a pause is made. praeter looks to tarkin, gulps but says nothing, risking an argument may make him the first example of the new order.  

tarkin: overseer, you’re dismissed and are wanted back at your stations.

overseer: yes, sir.

he exits

supreme commander praeter looks to him wide eyed.

Tarkin: you’re dismissed. praeter exits

alone in a room, beaming a hollow sound, vader and tarkin are left aside each other before the camera profiles both men giving emphasis to vaders size.

pause with only the sound of the respirator is heard.

vader: you underestimate the Jedi.

tarkin: save your foolish religion for another believer, vader. time is no longer for the Jedi, it is now for the empire and its galactic grip.

vader: dont be foolish, admiral…

tarkin: and you hold your tongue, vader! you may be in the good graces of our emperor but I oversee each project and obligation of this empire…you will fall in line.

a long pause is taken with only shots of vader from different angles. only his mask and sounds of the force are heard around him as his anger fuels.

vader: yes… admiral. he exits

tarkin is left alone in the meeting office as the last camera cut is of his face.

Sequence ends.




sequence 3: vaders walk

vader retreats to another holding room approximately five doors down from the meeting room, we follow him from behind as the music picks up to an auspicious deep humming, each officer he passes slowly gazes slightly at him to only stray away wearily. his breathing, slower than usual, breaks through the ships silence, this scene last roughly half a minute as he makes his way down a dimly lit starcruiser passage before entering a dark room.




sequence 4: the emperors intentions

darth vader

the emperor


as vader enters the dark room, nothing is seen for a second as the music slows to a sad but slightly aggravating tone picking up slow. as the last breath of his mask is heard, a bright light dons on the screen using a moving shot to come up the beam off the floor to a front shot of the emperor, the music hums once more, only in the background for a short second.


vader: my master…

he stands before the beacon of the emperor shining brightly in a blue light over vader who is now coloured in it. the room is dark.

emperor: I sense… hope, in the light…

his snicker looking down on vader in a sign of disgust.

vader: the Jedi are no more…?

he looks up slightly still not eye to eye with the emperor

emperor: and still… he breathes, be cautious, young vader, the light side is never fully defeated.

vader: your order was met by the imperial army-

emperor: the force is strong with you, young vader, but the light side of the force clouds your judgment still.

vader looks to him as the words fall out of the emperors mouth, the music hightens.

emperor: I sense oppression in you, vader, do not let your feelings mistake you…


emperor: … you know what you must do.

vader looks back at the ground, he falls to one knee, in respect and sadness

vader: I know what is needed of me, I don’t know if I can.

emperor: is it because of your closeness to your former master?

vader nudges

emperor: … or is it your fear of him?

vader looks up, he is intrigued. the emperor smiles.

emperor: Kenobi is a problem to our new empire, vader…

the music halts at the sound of his name, the camera zooms in to a distressed vader and then back to the emperor.

Emperor: and to you. Every breath he takes only clouds your mind of the power of the dark side. do not forget what I have taught you.

vader thinks for a second, rethinking his lies, tones of a lady crying is heard in the background for a second.

vader: yes, my master.

vader rises and begins to head out the door, as the camera looks over the holographic emperor’s shoulder down onto a lit vader, the emperor yells for his halt

emperor: vader!

vader stops and slightly looks over his shoulder nonchalantly

emperor: anakin skywalker is no more… you know what you must do…

vaders mask breaths in response as he leaves and the door closes.

Sequence ends.


sequence 5: landing




The scene begins with the figures ship cruising above a desert planet, the music is more uplifting hinting at the classic finale star wars theme. the camera quickly cuts to an overhead shot slowly panning over the figure behind him as he sits in the hull.  a little droid flies over near his right shoulder.


s.a.m bleeps

figure: … yea, yea… you’ve told me that about a hundred times since we orbited the planet…

s.a.m bleeps

figure: we need to load up, our fuel supply is low, there’s no protection aboard and we have no armour coverings on any panels of this ship. we’re a flying target.

s.a.m bleeps

figure: yes i said ‘protection’…

s.a.m bleeps

figure: none of your business thats what…

s.a.m bleeps

figure: what do you mean theres others i have to worry about on the ship?… it’s me and you, whats the problem?

s.a.m bleeps and her lights flicker

figure: you’re afraid I’m going to hurt you…

s.a.m bleeps

figure: (sighs) fine, if you must know… (sighs again) I meant weaponry.

s.a.m bleeps excessively

figure: ok, ok, calm down… like I said it’s for protection…

s.a.m remains silent and close up of s.a.m is displayed before the camera cuts to their conversation again

figure: (sighs) look sam …

he flicks his wrist at s.a.m to take auto pilot, he then looks to his droid, the camera draws into the characters.

Figure: I’ve taken up a job recently that’s gonna earn me an opportunity.

he pauses, the camera closes up on him

figure: revenge against the empire.

he lifts his head as the camera tilts and pushes back

s.a.m bleeps

figure: (giggles) yea, it is something I have to do…

s.a.m bleeps

figure: what? who cares if it’s a back-water planet…

s.a.m bleeps, the figure takes control again

figure: jakku may be smug but it’s no tatooine…

s.a.m bleeps, the figure now pushes the wheel forward as the camera cuts to the ship floating into the atmosphere of jakku, then back to the hull.

figure: we’re only here to get the supplies and then we’re out, ok?

s.a.m bleeps

figure: because, i’ve got some people there who can loan me some weapons and some pretty nasty stuff (giggles)

s.a.m bleeps

figure: I’m gonna need it Sam, I am facing the empire…

the camera cuts again to the outside of the ship as it begins its landing.

s.a.m bleeps

figure: look… you can stay here, I don’t want you getting in trouble… or stolen. head tilts back.

Figure: I’ll be back shortly…

the figure leaves the hull and exits the ship from the external bridge. he walks into an orange sandstorm. the figure squints his eyes as the camera pans close to his expression, before the scene blacks out he is shown walking towards the right of the screen in a half second shot.

Sequence ends.




sequence 6: home, sweet home


scavenger #1

leader arb taro

figure #2

N’xteev soldier



The scene picks up from a distant shot following the figure hunched over as the sand storm pushes him. This scene continues from different angles showing his struggle through it where he can see couplets of huts.

figure: (sighing and gasping) …almost there…

he trudges on until the sandstorm suddenly stops, he looks to his right as the camera faces the direction he looks to find he is inside a clear barrier that sits just beyond the huts he stands in line with.

figure: what the-? his face confused

he looks around to see groups of people living their cultural lifestyle

figure: hm, least the scum level here hasn’t changed …

he giggles and begins to walk into the middle of what looks like a street corner in the black market

figure: but whats with the-

he turns back but is quickly nudged by a scavenger begging for his attention

scavenger #1: hello, hello! welcome to n’xteev, where the empire drools and the poor become scum!

figure: ahhh… distancing himself. hello. and thank you. but I know this place quite well, I don’t need your travel assistance. he continues walking.

scavenger #1: no, no! I am not here to ask for your help… in exchange for some few quils…

the figure turns back with a close up on his disgusted face. the scavenger shrugs his shoulders and begins following the figure

figure: look, I don’t care what you need, I’m here on my own mission.

scavenger #1: oh, do tell, do tell…

the figure stops for a second to look around the street to find a dark hut, he knows this isn’t a coincidence, he heads towards it.

figure: my life does not concern one scavenger… he hisses at the scum, and he doesn’t concern himself with my life.

scavenger #1: why do you say so?

The figure turns back to him stopping the scavenger in his tracks.

Figure: because I don’t steal.

scavenger #1: chuckles and gulps

the figure turns back around slowly and confidently before being halted by the scavengers yelp

scavenger #1: they’ll come back and slaughter you.

figure: what?

the figure turns to the scavenger a few feet away, the camera cuts to a profile shot of each man either side of the panel in a standoff position.

scavenger #1: you’ve lost so much here, mercenary. go home, forget about it.

The figure steps closer extremely intrigued and angered.

Figure: what?! what do you know lonely scavenger? I don’t know yo-

scavenger #1: a broken boy from the black market of the outer rim, we all knew the empire would attack one day… we had great weapon resources.

figure: wh-who are you?

scavenger #1: a mercenary, kid…or was. shrugging

figure: and what? you assume I’m a mercenary too? You obviously don’t know me.

scavenger #1: close up of sarcastic expression

scavenger #1: what else would you be hmm? the republic? he-heh!

figure: drops his head slightly, the camera cuts to his broken face no, of course not.

scavenger #1: then do yourself a favour, boy… don’t try the empire.

the camera cuts back of the figures head raised again.

Figure: if you know anything about my past you know why I’m doing this. why I’m here. whether I come back or not, my mission is to make a dent in the empires fortress.

the scavenger tries to speak but is cut off quickly.

Figure: and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from trying.

scavenger #1: pauses and locks sight with the figure.

the camera cuts to another scavenger bumping into the figure.

Soldier: I recognised your armour, dear sir. ‘do banthas walk on all fours?’

the figure turns to him slowly, angered by the nudge, but as the question is uttered he smirks slightly.

figure: ‘with two horns to charge through sand’.

the soldier smiles then turns to scavenger #1

soldier: what of this scavenger?

The figure looks to the scavenger.

Figure: in my way…

the soldier giggles before he unravels a blaster from his long black robe and points it directly at the scavengers left eyeball. he then leans over slowly to face the camera head on scowling.

soldier: 3…2…

the scavenger stares into the figure then steps away.

He exits.

soldier: ahh, much better. smiles

the figure looks to the soldier strangely.

figure: where’s taro?

soldier: inside the black hut of course. He speaks regularly of you.

figure: well… that’s expected after what happened here. But I’m here on business.

the two begin walking to the black hut.

They enter.

the hut is empty except for a man in shadow sitting on a throne-like chair at the very back.

The soldier gestures the figures entrance and disappears into the darkness of the hut.

the figure steps into the middle.

figure: taro! You have something I need!

taro: thats leader taro to you, have you not forgotten?

a deep, thrilling voice is heard from the person on the throne. He dismounts and heads to the side of the hut pulling a lever to open two small hatches in the roof to let natural light in.

taro: and what might that be?

he approaches slowly like circling his prey.

figure: weapons. Ones you stole off the imperial army out here.

taro: (giggles) ahhh, the imperial army. It’s been a while since I’ve heard of them. Smirks.

Figure: don’t flatter yourself, taro.

Taro: bring war and the war will retaliate. if you come into my village you should know who you’re coming up against.

figure: you speak of war as if it is a means of retribution.

taro: we live in a different time.


Taro: what I did was not a means of retribution; but vindication…order…

figure: to what cost, taro?! you lost your people, your friends… families

the camera cuts between the charactersfaces.

taro: the empire must fall.

figure: you didn’t give a damn about any of us.

Taro: the empire had no business here, boy. I banished them the only way I knew how.

figure: w-what? You’re not sorry… you don’t care?-

taro: the empire has not stepped a boundary in so long. We haven’t seen a single trooper here for years…

the figure steps into a ray of light.

figure: because of your constant sandstorms, because of your inability to stay controlled around them… taro, he turns back, the empire left this village because it was unsafe to their troopers, their unimaginable number of clones that they feel would be better used outside a little village on jakku...

close up of their expressions.

figure: you forced their hand, taro-

taro: did the empire not take enough from you?

Taro walks back to his seat, shocked at his own words.

the panels shut on the roof and soon the room is completely dark just as taro sits.


figure: I need something you have.

silence is heard except for shifts in the corners of the hut, a soldiers silhouette scurries to the figure and drops something large.

figure: thank you.

The figure lifts the box, turns around and heads out the doorway.

taro: wait!


Taro: blame me. For I am responsible for this…

the figure turns back to taro lit by the rays coming through the door.

figure: let it go, taro. teach them what is just. guide others to a better living. show your village what it means to have respect and what our children should be brought up into.

taro: why are you leaving with those weapons?

a long pause.

figure: just because one of your men in here doesn’t have a weapon to his hand does not mean you question my intentions with this weaponry-

Taro: no. no.

taro moves slowly but intently towards the figure.

Taro: what might your intentions be?

the camera shifts to a low shot on an angle of the figure, zooming in very slowly.

Figure: I intend to fight the empire.

An echoed gasp from some of the soldiers is heard in a hovering shot.

taro: you frown on me yet you plan to attack the empire yourself?!

figure: slow pause yes.

taro: you’ve been taught much here, young one, but not nearly as much as you think.

figure: I know enough.

taro: boy… he giggles do you really believe you… alone… can set things right?

the camera zooms on a profile of taro looking upwards through the cracks of his huts roof panels shining a line of light on his face.

figure: taro, you once told me, “the pupil can never surpass their master.”

cuts to taro silent with a look of regret and pain.

Figure: I believe today; the pupil has surpassed his master… he exits the hut

Taro: (he yells from the background) I know the end before the means!

Sequence ends.




sequence 7: crossing paths on jakku

mysterious figure

figure #2

commander cody



The scene is an immediate continuation of sequence 6 and begins with the camera on a frontal shot of the black huts door where the figure is emerging out from. The figure walks into the centre frame of the camera, pauses (showing expressions of hope to his newly found attitude); eventually passing beyond the lens.

The camera is placed on sand portraying an extreme low shot portraying the entrance to the figures ship in the entire left panel. the figure slowly trudges through the light sandstorm from the right panel into the hull of his ship.


figure: Sam! I’m back!

the camera moves in a single shot following him to the front of the ship where the controls are. S.a.m is nowhere to be seen. The figure slowly taps the initiating controls to his ship before returning to the outside and grabbing the large box of weaponry, finally closing the ship doors. still in a single frame, the camera turns around hastily for the audience to find commander cody, point blank. the figure drops the box, slowly lifting his arms surrendering.

a silence falls upon the room.

The camera switching from the figure to cody, who remains dead still.

figure: well…?

another pause.

the commander takes a small step forward.

the camera turns to the figure who also remains still.  his eyes wander up and slowly down.

cody takes another step this time reaching down to the weapons box and dragging it away from the figures feet.

the figure sneers.

figure: a mindless body. always taking orders. stupid clone.

suddenly another figure steps into frame behind cody swiftly.

figure #2: and you never will… his face sits like cement.


figure: no thanks. looks at the clone, not for the empire.

figure #2: that’s exactly why you’re still nobody on this nothing planet.

figure: how are you a somebody in a dictatorship?

figure #2: I have power, fool, to you I am somebody…

figure: you are nothing to me…

figure #2 crunches his face.


Figure #2: I am somebody who can bring a lot of pain to you.

They both exchange looks.

figure: where is my droid?

figure #2: powered down.

the figure flinches

figure #2: d-dont worry! it will be fine.

Figure #2 moves over to the figure, past cody, who keeps the gun pointed at the figure.

figure #2: whats in the box, Bet?

bet: nothing that concerns you.

figure #2: closes in on bet, I'm not gonna ask again, bet.

bet looks away from the figure.

Bet: weapons.

the figure sneers. He then quickly pulls a blaster from his holster as commander cody suddenly and simultaneously begins collapsing to the floor pulling his weapons trigger in the process. the figure has the gun pointed under bets chin whilst forcing him into a locked hold.

the two struggle as cody finally drops to the floor.

the camera lingers on the physical struggle.

the figure notices the sudden death of commander cody.

bet: w-what are you doing?!-

figure #2: quiet! what are you planning against the empire?!

bet: what the empire is deserving of!

figure #2: Laughs mockingly, what makes you think you have a chance?

bet: struggling, I don’t.

the figure loosens his grip on bet pointing the blaster under his chin.

Figure #2: now you don’t.

bet knees the figure off of him. the two begin a display of physical combat almost resembling each other before the figure gains the advantage over bet and pins him against the shuttles control panel. he wipes small bits of blood off of his cheeks as the camera pans to an emotional and exasperated profile shot.

figure #2: if you will not accept the ferocity of the newly formed galactic empire… you will accept mine.

bet: try me.

Figure #2 tilts his head mockingly then pulls away from bet mischievously.

Figure #2: n’xteev, bet?

bet remains silent.

Figure #2 smirks and slowly removes a small device from the pocket under his rank symbol.

figure #2: my patience wears thin, bet. I will not beg you for answers.

he holds the device up high.

Figure #2: with this… I hold your past.

with an angered but frustrated expression cemented on his face, the figure stands and waits for bets reaction.

bet: (sigh) it…it was my home. drops his head.

figure #2: there, taking orders is something you can do.


Figure #2: Now… who are you working for?

bet: myself.

figure #2: chuckles if you think I'm going to believe this would be a solo operation you doubt the seriousness of my rank, bet… or should I say: my desired rank.

bet: I don’t know what to say… I’m telling the truth.

Figure #2 sighs then comes face to face with bet once more, the camera profiling them. The camera then portrays a close up of the figure.

Figure #2: so be it.

the camera in a single shot shifts to the right as the figure clicks the device.


bet soon hears humming sounds of imperial ships descending around him.

sequence ends.


sequence 8: jakku in chaos

figure #2




this is a continuation of sequence 7, the camera pans slightly to the cockpit window showing the orange dust of jakku dissipate into the air and onto the window causing a slight high pitched sound. the camera immediately changes the scene to the outside of the ship where 2 large gun-ships are seen landing slowly beside bets ship, the music rallies up until the ships come to a complete stop and the music follows the sound of cutting engines surrounded by loosening sand clouds.


bet: w-what is going on out there!? what are you doing?!

the scene enters bets ship again and follows the premise of sequence 7.

figure #2: my duty, bet.

figure #2 retracts the device quickly and turns away from bet, confidently.

bet: those ships… he looks outside, they’re the republics ordnance crafts! yo-

figure #2: they are the empires battle ships and they are here to teach your kind a lesson!

bet: what? what lesson?!

bet looks away and steps towards the figure

figure #2 turns to bet

figure #2: a lesson in control… as in, who is in control.

Figure #2 turns back around to bet and notices his move, the figure looks down to the clones weapon which lies only so far from bets leg. he bends slowly and removes it from bets vicinity.

Figure #2: a back-water and quite… pathetic, bet flinches, planetary village like this one here on jakku resents the infliction of the empires rule and have become… unconcerned… with us.

figure smirks and places the weapon upon the nearest flat surface.

bet: they are a peaceful people, you… you only bring conflict to them and to yourselves!

figure #2: peaceful? Peaceful enough to feel the necessity to fight against the order of the galaxy?

bet: you will never oppress what is just.

figure #2: I care not for their insolence, their… illogical way of thinking that we will back down. The galaxy must learn that it is them who will bow down…

bet: you're here to make them an example? close up of bets struck expression


figure #2: precisely.

the camera cuts back and forth between the characters’ expressions and the rallied gunships outside.

bet: then let them out.

figure #2: what?-

bet: let your men out those ships… destroy this village, destroy my village! the control you seek will not come from the death of innocent lives… you will lose…everything… and you are the one to blame; the empire. no one else.

figure #2: chuckles you believe too much in people. I hope this is a message someone like you would understand.

an explosion is heard, seen and felt throughout the entire scene. Figure #2 doesn't move a muscle.

under the sound of blown eardrums, the camera runs over bets frightened and shocked face until it lands on him.

figure #2: message sent… right, bet? laughs

bet: (under breath) right.

the camera transitions to the outside of the ship, a silence is forced. the gun ship doors open and many clone troopers flush out and begin advancing on the fiery shell of the village.

bet gets up slowly as the camera transitions back to him coughing, he looks out the window and from his perspective the troopers flood into the wall of fire.

the camera turns in the opposite direction and now looks at bets reaction to the event with the figure blurred standing in the background confidently.

bet: you planned this! bet turns to the figure, now unblurred.

Figure #2 opens his arms mockingly

figure #2: well of course, who else, bet? the systems need to be controlled-

bet: you're a coward. Angered.

figure #2: those “innocent” lives out there were no more than scum… scavengers… dangerous mercenaries…

the camera zooms into bets face then back out to the figure closing in on bet slowly

figure #2: all believing that their way of life is so purposeful, but it’s not… they're just criminals living freely-

bet: not all-


Figure #2: you might've known some of that scum?

bet focuses

figure #2: for that, I'm sorry.

bet rallies his anger and attacks the figure, they fight physically with bet finally having the upper hand. before the figure can reach for the rested rifle, bet grabs it and shoots the holstered blaster off the figures hip in a small explosion. the scene falls silent with bet holding the weapon to the figures head, the two stand still. the camera pans to the figures hand behind his back pressing yet another device.  

bet: you can join those scum! Bets face curls.

Suddenly, a team of clone troopers shoot a small blast through the hull opening.

The gunfire causes them to jump in fright and in a sudden head turn, bet finds a short-circuited s.a.m behind the large hyperdrive canister. he immediately falls behind it as the figure smirks in false dominance, the figure walks backwards towards the opening hull door.

Bet switches s.a.m on.

bet: sam! Get this hunk of junk going!

s.a.m flies towards the control panel as bet lifts his weapon over his cover to the figure escaping but he is now protected by the entering squad of clone troopers.

s.a.m bleeps and the ship begins its take off, the ground around the characters’ shakes forcing the troopers off balance. Bet fires at the vulnerable troopers as the figure has already disappeared. a long shot of the ship taking off and finally flying away is portrayed as clone troopers are sucked out of the open hull door.

s.a.m bleeps loudly

bet: I know, I know!

the camera pans to a hasty bet stumbling his way towards the hull door. He presses the closing switch but has to cover the hole created by the troopers.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: ill need your welder!

sam flies over to the hole as bet struggles to place a random metal sheet over the hole, s.a.m welds the sheet onto the door and the problem is suddenly solved. bet sighs in relief.

s.a.m bleeps- close up

bet: I knew they'd be tough, sam.

strong pause.

Bet: I just…

s.a.m bleeps

bet: yeah chuckles,


Bet: don’t worry.

bet stands and takes control of the ship.

sequence ends.


sequence 9: moneera ambi-vaylen


officer #1

officer #2

captain celkan

trooper #1

trooper pilot


The sequence immediately wipes to a grey coloured planet with mini transport transits coming off of the world in the far distance as well as eight regular moons and four miniature moons hurdled around it.

The scene wipes to a local town centre, ridged and overpopulated. as the camera slowly drops from a small building to portrayblack marketwritten on a sign. The shot is quickly interrupted by two people dragging a girl through the street kicking and groaning.


mon: glad of you to make this a subtle operation, gentlemen.

officer #1: your arrest is our only concern young lady, where and how it is conducted has no significance to us.

the officer looks down on mons face, almost concerning and for a short pause.

mon: last time they showed a little class, she giggles, where we headed?

Officer #1: to a holding cell, but you already know that don’t you…

Mon: you're gonna write me for one of my bounties, I'm gonna escape before I even get to the hunter and you’re gonna be left scratching your head… so yeah, I guess you can say that. Grins.

the officers pay her no attention as one points to the station ahead.

officer #1: here we are.

mon: oh, here we are.

officer #1 nods to the corresponding officer and grabs her by the shoulders, pinning her against the station building wall aside the front entrance, the shot now profiling the two mid close up

officer #1: your pitiful ego is not going to survive in there. escaping your bounties was never going to last you a lifetime… someone would’ve found you- killed you. she calms down.

Officer #1: yes…. you see we've been tracking you for a long time Moneera and I hoped for your voyage off my city in the upmost way.

mon: dragging me through a populated street?-

officer #1: showing the city we don't take rogues out here, ms.

pause as the officer leans away

office#1: and they always comply.

mon shrugs the officer off and turns to the door, back faced to the camera.

mon: why you doing this man?

officer #1: because it’s my job, ms.

she turns to him as the camera holds. she then walks into the station. upon her arrival she is greeted by an imperial captain and two clone troopers either side of him.

captain: greetings, moneera ambi-vaylen, by order of Foscor city, fifteen other terrestrial cities pause, the captains eyes wander

captain: and the empire… you are under arrest for desertion, treason, multiple person of military status assault accounts-

mon: yeah, yeah, I know what I’ve done. where am I going really?

captain: I beg your pardon—

mon: you know, the whole under arrest garbage, interesting reasons by the way, that’s the first time I've heard those come up for my head. Who’s the bounty for now? Bossk?

captain: no—

mon: greedo? jabba? … maleketh?—

captain: no! you are under arrest for your past crimes and are being transferred to a holding facility under the jurisdiction of the empire.

mon: the empire? to hell with this empire! What business do they have with me?

officer #1: well—

the scene cuts to a background shot behind mon where the officer walks through the door slowly creeping up behind her then between both mon and the captain.

officer #1: since Foscor city is now working negotiations for a better security system

he gestures to the captain and briefly to the clones

officer #1: we have surrendered power to situations that involves imperial dispute and since you happen to fit that description… almost perfectly chuckles, you're all theirs.

mon: oh don’t flatter yourself, chief, you loved watching me get away, that’s why you didn't bring me in sooner. smirks calculatingly.

the camera follows the officer making embarrassing expressions for a brief moment.

captain: nevertheless, this gentleman has surrendered your custody over to me and so you will be escorted by my two guards to the waiting ship in the cargo area. turns to his troopers.

they leave with mon staring into the officers face for the last time.

the three exit.

officer #1: and what of her, captain?

the captain turns to face him slowly with a sadistic smirk on his face

captain: her?

looks away from the camera to where mon has exited

captain: placed in a holding cell until her punishment is chosen. And believe me a punishment will be inflicted.

looks back to the officer

captain: whys that? smirks

officer #1: well… she is youn—

captain: raises hand crimes against pathetic cities and back water planets may be taken lightly or can go unnoticed at times, officer. but against the empire, no. the punishment will follow through.

officer #1: I understand.

the officer turns away after a short pause between them and begins heading out the station door.

captain: oh and before you go, officer. I have been told to bring news to the high form of justice’s power of this city—

officer #1: from who?

captain: are you of a rank I should be sharing my time with?—

officer #1: I am the chief of security in Foscor city, yes. who is it?

captain: the emperor.


Captain: he invites you to govern under the lawful tactics of the empire from now on.

officer #1: lawful tactics? what lawful tactics? why??

captain: harsher punishments, stricter regimes and I do believe he’s asked for a conscription of this sect.

the officers eyes widen

officer #1: the city works to the best of its abilities, nowhere is perfect. and you are not setting up a conscription here, the ministers have pleaded with your higher powers, so—

captain: this isn’t a hearing, officer.

the officer bellows in frustration


captain: or… the emperor invites you to resign as you, and all of your men for that matter, will serve us no purpose fulfilling our objective.

a second passes as the camera watches the officer breath heavily then stand straight coming to terms with his instructions.

the scene transitions to mon in cuffs seated in a darkened hull awaiting her transport to leave to her holding cell. suddenly, the entire craft shifts and begins take off. the camera watches her ship take off cutting from shots of the flying ship to the cockpit where the troopers are piloting.

trooper #1: static …yes, one-one dash four-fifteen you may begin your approach…

trooper pilot: code green is received, one prisoner in cargo hold for SD seventeen holding cell.

trooper #1: static …confirming prisoner details… pause … mandalorian. deserter. prisoner will instead be transported to third holding cell, report recognised?…

trooper pilot: recognised.

the last camera shot of the ship is a long shot of it flying away.

the scene transitions back to the station as the captain is now leaving gesturing for his return ship and the officer is seen walking out on the streets of Foscor city.

officer #2: you realise we have a lot of ‘cleaning’ up to do right?

officer #1: sighs we really have to do this don't we?

officer #2: I don't think they ever gave us a choice.

the captains ship is seen taking off in the distance and eventually flying away following mons ship.

officer #1: zooms in on his face its only gonna get worse.

sequence ends.


sequence 10: mon and the star destroyer


trooper (silent)

clone commander

ensemble of troopers (four)


imperial officer

imperial major




The sequence immediately follows sequence 9, in space. the ship mon is imprisoned in is tracked by a panning camera followed, in the background, by the captain’s ship.

The scene then transitions into the chamber where mon is seated slumped.

The sound of a roaring engine circles her as the camera focuses between her inquisitive face and a mid shot behind the pilots’ in the cockpit.

Eventually, outside the cockpit window, the gigantic side of a stardestroyer is witnessed moving across the screen.

The music ramps up slightly into an establishing shot of the slowly moving stardestroyer becoming the salience where both, the prisoner and the captains ship land inside a terminal.


In the still darkness, the prison ships’ chamber door opens to an artificial light and two rank coloured troopers. Mon is collected, transferred and detained in a holding cell within the stardestroyers prison deck. A one motion tracking shot of the three portrays Mon being enthralled by the enormity the ship and workers attending their duties until they reach her cell.

She is thrown into the cell.

The sound of the cell door closes as the camera, simultaneously, portrays a close up of her distressed expression.

From the perspective of the further most wall, we see her distress embodied inside as she falls onto the cell bench and darts her vision compulsively as she thinks and searches for an escape method.

The music thickens before the scene fades to blackness.


Suddenly, the sound of a knocking on her cell door is heard with a close up of her wakening. In this scene, mon is more relaxed, indicating she has been in the cell for some time.

The scene then transitions to the opening door where a trooper is bringing mon nourishments.

mon: you guys are very consistent.

she hiccups on her words after waking.

Mon: every day at the same time, huh?

trooper is silent.

mon: …. huh? comically shrugging.

the trooper remains silent. he then places the nourishments on a flat surface resembling a table within the cell, steps out backwards, finally having the doors shut in front of him. the camera transitions to a panning profile shot of mon, her mouth is open slightly in confusion over the trooper. she eventually stands slowly and begins eating.

the scene fades to blackness once more.


The scene fades up once more.

From the perspective of the further most wall, the cell block is now empty.

Suddenly, the cell door opens and the same trooper steps in holding similar nourishments.

The trooper steps in curiously as mon is nowhere to be seen.

He puts the nourishments down slowly and lifts his blaster off of his belt placing it upon his hip.

He begins looking around the shell of the cell before the camera pans slightly to the left giving vision of a hiding mon by the doors opening where light hardly reaches.

She quickly dives into him knocking him into the cell bench and unconscious; she obtains his weapon. she then quickly heads out of the cell door, but not before coming back to the sight of the camera in a comical way and eating the nourishments as quickly as she can, all in one shot.


The music thickens and loudens as mon travels hastily through the repetitive corridors of the star destroyer.

Across an intersection, she spots a squad of troopers attending to their duties and another two troopers protecting a blackened room (resembling the room vader went into in sequence 4).

She quickly darts behind a wall as the camera comes to a halt next to her portraying a mid-shot of her heavily breathing body.

The focus sits on her extreme eye movement as she looks around, before scurrying across the open intersection, she looks back at the troopers.

She darts across and goes unnoticed.

Continuing her escape across the star destroyer, she mutters an escape plan to herself.

She soon stumbles across a giant assembly area much like what she stepped into when she first arrived and peaks in to where she can see an alignment of escape pods across the enormous space craft wall.

She smirks in a close up and begins her mission.


The scene contains three intermediate camera transitions of: imperial builders constructing the final parts of this star destroyer (as they have only recently begun production), increments of clone troopers placed at every guard point surrounding them, and, mon sneaking through the ship operatives. The final scene of these transitions shows two troopers becoming aware of her presence.

The scene transitions to mon scurrying to a window where the camera takes her perspective staring into the planet aside the star destroyer. She then clutches an escape pod in freedom.

A static is heard before a signal is announced: “…all personnel, all personnel, be aware. A prisoner from cell block three has escaped. A prisoner from cell block three has escaped…”

Suddenly, the preceding troopers trail behind her slowly before a company of troopers form up behind them.

Looking around frantically as the signal is heard, mon witnesses the gunmen quickly lift their blasters for attack and quickly evades their red lasers falling into cover.


mon: what do I do?! what do I do?!

She sees a control board on a pillar and desperately begins pressing random buttons until all of the escape pod doors open.

The clone trooper commander raises his arm constituting a halt. The troopers cease fire.

commander: go, now!

The company advance.

In a quick peak to the side of the pillar, the camera and mon witness the troopers closing in on her position. She quickly dives into the nearest pod.

As she fumbles for the pods door control, the foremost trooper fires a single blast into the pod damaging it slightly but not significantly.

She finally pulls a lever, shutting the door.

In a paused moment, she rests; the camera, facing the pod door.


commander: (get that door open!)

mons face lightens up.

commander: well make it work, soldier.

As she fidgets for the pods activation key, the pod door opens, she quickly turns around and begins firing in every direction. Her gunfire connects with most of the clone troopers before a single accidental shot blasts the pods’ door switch automatically forcing the doors in safety lockdown.

The camera portrays a mid-shot of her lowering her weapon as the suspense thins out, she takes a breath.

A single bead of sweat runs down the corner of her head before she turns back around to continue controlling the pod.


The camera cuts outside of the ship as her pod explodes out of the side of the star destroyer.

The shot catches and tracks the pod until the frame is facing the nearby planet.

The troopers facing the pod door lower their weapons in defeat.

mon sits relaxed huffing and puffing as the planet draws near.

mon: all in a day’s work.

the scene follows this calming tone for an intentional extended period.

suddenly, the scene transitions to two officers looking out a window on the star destroyer in the main control room, where in the distance, mons pod floats away.

imperial officer: is that an escape pod?

lieutenant: perhaps. major! report for any unsanctioned pod departures.


imperial major: yes, lieutenant. An escape pod has been activated. Level thirty: detention.

lieutenant: it’s the prisoner, aim fire at that pod!

the camera cuts back to the inside of mons pod where she remains relaxed until the camera suddenly cuts behind the pod where a large beam strikes and immobilizes it.

The pod crashes and hurls towards the planet.


The scene then cuts to bets ship flying out of hyperspace and transitions into his cockpit.

bet: alright, that’s enough for this tank, sigh of relief… sam I'm about to give you the controls… try and preserve the fuel alright?

s.a.m bleeps

bet: giggles, I know you can handl—

suddenly mons pod hits the corner of his ship causing a devastating surprise and impact.

bet: what the?!

s.a.m bleeps

bet: no, were alright… I think, close up of bet fidgeting with the controls.

Bet: see I told you the coverings would help.

s.a.m bleeps as bet looks out the ships after it levels out.

bet: is that a—

he looks from the crashing pod to the massive side of the star destroyer

bet: …a star destroyer he gulps.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: were getting out of here as quick as possible, sam. This ‘destroyers gonna blast us out of space before we’ll even realise it!


bet: although… I wonder what the story of that pod is, huh?

s.a.m bleeps

bet: it’s too risky, sam, we have a job to do… and I'm sure our ship is fine, we have enough fuel to last the trip to the next planet.

s.a.m bleeps

close up of bets concerned face.

Bet: that’s exactly why I want you to pilot now…

s.a.m bleeps

bet: (sigh) alright, ill land. -s.a.m bleeps -bet: near it… not next to it.

bet: pause. nosey droid. cheeky smirk.

the scene cuts from bets cockpit to a tracking shot of his ship flying into the direction of the fallen escape pod.

sequence ends.



sequence 11: an unlikely meeting




shop keeper


officers (silent)



the sequence begins by portraying tracking, wide and long shots of bets ship landing within the atmosphere of Tarsu xii, a relatively economic planet housing four sectors of government and protection as well as Foscor city in the ‘foremost quadrant’.

The camera then transitions from a landing shot of bets ship to an establishing shot between both his ship and the wreckage.

bet exits leaving s.a.m inside.


bet: doesn't look to be anybody there… looking through his binoculars from outside his ship.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: I don’t see anyone surviving that, sam. he looks around, how bout you give me a scan of where we've landed.


s.a.m bleeps

bet then checks the information sent to him by s.a.m on a device, reading: “tertiary quadrant-Tarsu xii

he cuts the signal and drops the device into a pocket on his outfit.

bet: (mumbling to himself) Tarsu, heh, not too bad.

Bet walks back onto his ship.

upon entering, sam bleeps.

bet: no it’ll be alright, if we keep our heads down and stay out of site I'm sure no real danger will come to us. besides, were here now, might as well get this fuel and be on our way.

the two leave in a tracking shot of bets ship taking off and flying slowly through the atmosphere.

inside the hull:

s.a.m bleeps

bet: I didn't think we would land in such territory…

s.a.m bleeps

bet: well I expect bandits and rogues, not to the likes of solo, but…

s.a.m bleeps

bet: yes. that’s it.

the camera pans behind both characters showing a small town beyond the cockpit window.

the camera transitions to the top of a building in the town as bets ship flies over and beyond it.

bet: (sarcastic tone) beautiful, isn't it?

another landing shot.

bet walks out of the ship covered from head to toe, masking his N’xteevian armour, gesturing to s.a.m to remain within the ship once more.

The camera follows his descent into blankets of people, before it stops upon a large stand hosting a waiting server.

bet: what’s fuel go for out here?

the camera turns quickly to the gentleman.

shop keeper: distance travelling?

bet: beyond the outer rim.

suddenly, a trio of the towns officers run behind bet, into the direction he came from, the camera stays on his confused expression before transitioning behind them just before they exit the scene.

both the shop keeper and bet remain in a pause.

shop keeper: …1500 quils.

Bet looks back to the shop keeper.

Bet: alright. but for 1700 throw in an extra reserve tank would ya?

the shop keeper nods as bet places the Quils on his stand. the shop keeper drags the Quils across the stand dropping them in front of himself, he then gestures and speaks in tongue to a group of miniature alien mechanics. they walk through a tiny door beside the stand with large disconnected hoses and one large tank spelling ‘reserve on its side. they form up beside bet.

shop keeper: take them with you and show them where your ship is located, they'll do all the work.

bet nods. they all begin walking back.

the camera transitions mid-scene where the mechanics are in the process of filling both bets ship and the reserve tank with fuel.

Bet stands guard watching the creatures, the safety of the ship and his surroundings.

the camera transitions to a mid-shot of two mechanics gesturing to bet that the reserve tank is full. the two then take off towards the other mechanics still working on the ships fuel. As they rush towards the ship, another group of officers are seen running in the opposite direction in the background for a brief moment before being hidden by small buildings.

Bets expression confused again.

He lifts the reserve tank with all his might and slowly stumbles into his ship to place the tank in a secure position.

bet: what the—

he sees s.a.m shut off on the floor in front of him.

mon: shh! she gestures popping up in the darkness.

Bet raises his weapon quickly

Bet: who are you?!

mon: please, please! … shut. Up.

another group of officers run past the opening of bets ship to be seen briefly.

before bet can turn back to mon and question her, one of the mechanics walks into the door frame and gestures that the ship has been filled completely.

Bet nods and shuts the door. 

bet: what are you doing in my ship? raising his weapon again

mon: hiding from those guards outside— clenching her leg

bet: you have no business being here, scavenger—

mon: I’m no scavenger, mercenary, I—

bet: how do you know about me?


mon: your weapon… your weapons, gesturing to the box from Taro, your armour… and your temper.

bet: what are you?- mon: on the run.

bet: and you expect me to help you?

mon: no, just! … get me off this planet and I’ll be out of your way… groans in pain clenching her leg again.

bet: that sounds an awful lot like ‘help’, scavenger, and no, tha—

mon: I’m not a scavenger! please…

bet lowers his weapon

bet: (sigh) even if I wanted to… I'm on an important mission, and I've already wasted too much of my time. you're just gonna have to go.

Bet steps towards the door and opens it letting sunlight in. mon flinches back to hiding.

mon: no! stop, please… anywhere but here.


bet: what is it you've done?

mon: why should I tell you—

bet: you're hiding in my ship!


mon: (sigh) …I’m wanted everywhere I go…

bet: a criminal? chuckles no thanks!—

bet rushes over to mon, grabs her by the hand and pulls her towards the door

mon: no please! Squirming, the empire will kill me! ahh!—

bet forces her into a lock

bet: the empire?—

mon: (groans) you know you're not the first person to grab me like this today—

bet: what would the empire want with someone like you?

she remains silent

bet: tilting his head in disbelief to her silence, okay then… what is the empire doing here… on this planet?

she shrugs

bet lets her go and turns his back to her.

the camera transitions to a close up of his face in deep thought.

mon: what? the camera refocuses on mon

he turns back

bet: the empire has complete control of the core.

he hastily rushes to the door, shutting it before walking over to s.a.m picking her up and sitting in his seat in the cockpit.

Bet: and now their control is moving into the inner rim and some of the mid rim. if I don't move now—

mon: why do you care about the empire so much?

Bet switches s.a.m on and remains silent.

s.a.m activates and rises into the air, she turns to mon and begins bleeping angrily out of control, mon flinches.

bet: it’s alright, sam, she’s alright.

s.a.m falls silent

bet: are you like us?

Mon: excuse me, like you?

Bet: an enemy of the empire. am I wrong?


mon: no—

bet: then I guess we’re off.

Mon steps towards him as he turns back to face the controls and begins the takeoff precautions

mon: wha—

bet: look, there’s no way I see you getting off my ship and if the empire finds you… and on my ship… (sigh) I’m not risking my mission for someone so… annoying.

pause as mon expresses annoyance.

Bet: you’re going to have to come with me.

the camera transitions to the ship taking off.

in orbit, the ship is seen flying beyond the star destroyer still near Tarsu xii.

bet: ‘thanks’ would be in order…


mon: thanks, but, what are you doing with me?

Bet gestures for s.a.m to take control of the ship. he walks over to her standing behind the cockpit.

Bet: unfortunately, I don't have enough fuel for ‘drop offs’ and since you’ve refused to get off my ship, I guess you’ve landed yourself in quite a situation.

mon: what situation exactly?

bet: it’s a long story.

mon: well it seems like I’ve got time… and I’ll kinda need to know… because I’m sitting in your ship!


Bet: I am on a secret mission to destroy the empire.

Mon: you?

Bet: yes, to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy.

Mon: interesting… no. That sounds devastatingly difficult. What if I don’t want to?

bet: well ill have no use for you so you can just go out the garbage shoot and float in space for all eternity… criminal…


mon: if I was to go, what’s your play?

bet: close up, my mission is to acquire information about the cloning facility of Kamino, a planet hidden from the Jedi eye which was recovered by master obi-wan Kenobi after his encounter with the planet.

mon: Kamino?-

bet: yes, it sits just beyond the outer rim.

mon: what information?

bet: obtaining as much useful intel about these kaminoeans and their cooperation with the empire might give us a chance to intercept the beast.

Bet gestures to s.a.m to remove auto pilot.

Bet: sam, attend to… ahh, what’s your name?

mon: moneera.

s.a.m flies over to mon as she sits into the medic chair. s.a.m works on her injured leg. bet takes controls of the ship and begins flicking switches and activating the hyperdrive.

mon: what’s yours?

She groans as s.a.m heals her.

bet: profile shot, bet wiixx.

Bet pushes a small lever beside him forward slowly

Bet: hold on.

gradual close up to mon.

the camera transitions behind the ship before it takes off into hyperspace.

sequence ends.


sequence 12: the imperial weakness


darth vader

emperor official


the entire sequence has a slow pace and threatening tone and wipes to an establishing shot of corrussant where two star destroyers float aside the planet and a single super republic cruiser with the imperial symbol painted across the side of the main control chamber flies slowly into the scene.


the sequence transitions to what was the galactic senate building but now hosts pillars dedicated to the empire as well as hundreds of clone troopers patrolling the outside.

The sky is misty and grey symbolising the ever-growing devastation.

emperors official: …they’ve accepted conscription, my Lord.


the scene cuts to the emperors back turned facing outside a window to the events happening in the previous scene. the room remains dark and the official has bowed and left the room.

But as he leaves the frame, he quickly jolts laying his eyes on an individual outside of the frame.


An ominous hum circles the emperors presence.

emperor: come forth, my apprentice.

vaders mask is heard creeping into the scene as his dark suit emerges into the light and aside the emperor, facing him.

emperor: have you much to say?

vader nods slightly

the emperor swiftly turns his head to vader with only the corner of his jaw showing.

emperor: the kaminoeans resented our last command for greater clone numbers…

close up of vader as his mask repetitively crackles breath.

emperor: upon our arrival, they refused compliance-

vader: more and more star fleet captains fear the lack of strength our clone troopers are providing…

the emperor statically flinches away from vader

emperor: yes I know.

The emperor walks towards his high chair centred in the middle of the room. an ariel shot of the emperor walking towards it is portrayed until he is seated and facing vader once more.

Emperor: do they know of the descending number of troopers?

Vader: no, my master-

Emperor: good. And it shall remain that way.


vader: what will we do, my master? keeping still

emperor: patience. a solution will be presented to us soon, my young apprentice…

vader: close up how?  

emperor: the will of the force is granting me foresight, my friend.

vader: what shall be done of the star fleets’ concerns—

emperor: you will silence them, vader, I will not have my empire in fear of itself.


vader: and of the kaminoeans treason, my lord?

the camera transitions to a mid-shot of the emperor on his chair with only a hint of a creeping smile being portrayed out of the darkness and his silhouette.

he laughs menacingly as the music thickens ominously.

sequence ends.



sequence 13: kamino




rama mei

prime minister


the sequence wipes to an infinite starry galaxy where suddenly, bets ship flies into the middle of the screen.

A tracking shot faces the aquatic planet of Kamino.

bets ship flies into frame towards the planet.


the scene transitions to the inside of bets ship where mon is now resting and seated in a makeshift seat parallel to bet.

mon: now what?

bet: we’re going to speak with the leader of this forsaken planet.

mon: oh, distracted by hovering, are they expecting?

bet: no.

mon: what?!

under shot of mons expression from between their seats

bet: we’re going in to find out what’s going on with these clone troopers and why they turned on their jedi leaders, destroying every trace of hope left in the galaxy.

mon: shocked, we can’t just walk into a facility that clones’ soldiers! … especially not one controlled by the empire-

bet: my mission is to infiltrate this clone facility. looks at mon


bet turns away.

The scene transitions to the ship flying through heavy rain into a large facility stretching out over the deep, crashing oceans.

the ship lands on a pad in a long shot, the engines turn off slowly giving sound to the thunder around it.

bet: standing up, okay, wait here while I—

mon: wait you're just gonna walk right in there? no second thought, guns blazing?-

bet: the republic has entrusted me to bring hope to our galaxy. I must go in there. It is my duty.

mon: the empire will kill you. and how can you trust the kaminoeans to do anything different?

bet: I don’t care, I’m not here to second guess anything.

bet pushes past mon and attends to his weapons box placed on a makeshift table.

Bet: I don't know where you come from and who you are, but where I'm from: you fight to the last breath to protect what’s yours. 


Bet: I don't know what you believe in, but miss, I'm not a coward.

close up of both characters, mon slightly insulted,

bet: I don't know what’s in that place but I know what’s happening to the galaxy. this empire is spreading; we don't have time to just think… we need to act.


mon: heavily expressed concern … you're crazy, bet. pulling away

bet interjects in disapproval (hmph)

he grabs and wraps two weapons around either shoulder, strapping them in. as well as placing two handguns on the outside of his calves and sliding a knife into the chest holster.

before he leaves mon grab his arm, mid and profile shot.

mon: you don't have to be a hero.

he pulls away, leaving her in frame.

Cut to outside the hull:

the camera follows bet walk through the rain to a door of the facility from an Ariel shot.

he knocks on the steel, suddenly opening, it allows him to enter.

he walks through corridors of pure white with flashing periods of darkness from the distorted lights. glass surrounding working facilities has been broken as well as furniture displaced and in flames.

it becomes apparent destruction has preceded his landing.

walking through slowly followed by a single shot by the camera, bet stumbles across a cowering individual behind a half broken desk.

bet: you, what happened here?

rama mei: the troops… they came… we tried…-

bet: what troops?

rama mei: the clone troopers… the republic-

bet: the empire. where is your leader?

rama mei: I don’t know…

bet: do you think you could find him?

rama mei: …why?


bet: I want to help.

rama mei stands slowly. bet steps back respectfully allowing rama mei to direct him to the security room. along the way, the camera montages the destruction surrounding bet: fallen kaminoeans, few fallen clone soldiers, setting devastation.

bet: how long?

rama mei: (sigh) I am unsure-they came without warning, devastated our facilities… our homes-

bet: I understand… but why?

rama mei stops suddenly as they arrive at the security room hosting hundreds of small cameras. rama mei turns to bet and stares into his eyes.

rama mei: this is something you must speak with our leader with… granted he still breathes.

Rama mei tampers with the mechanics of the facility’s security.

Rama mei: uh huh, in the production hall, just down the walkway. The cameras have located his heat signature.

the two take off once more, with the camera ahead of them, portraying their desperation.

the scene transitions to behind a door which opens suddenly showing bet and rama mei, the two storm into the room revealing an obviously injured by seated Kaminoean staring out to destroyed cloning machinery sparking out of control.

the two enter the frame.

rama mei: prime minister?… bowing, huffing and puffing.

the prime minister turns his chair.

prime minister: rama mei, what brings you?

rama mei: this outsider wishes to speak with you.

bet steps forward

prime minster: oh? and what might you want, outsider? leaning forward, intrigued 

bet: (gritting his teeth) I want to know why you created those clone troopers.

prime minister: (sigh) why have you come here, outsider?

bet: because you traitorous dogs designed the birth of killers.

close up of rama mei stepping back insulted and shocked.

prime minister: we designed obeying clone troopers. it was our one ask from the republic-

bet: then why did they destroy the republic? why did they destroy all this?

prime minster: flinches, w-we were deceived by a Jedi master and his bounty hunter.

close up of bet

prime minister: we were asked to place a certain inhibitor chip into every clone troopers’ membrane. it prevented any surge of aggression in a subject… at least… we thought it did.

bet: who are these jedi and bounty hunter?

prime minister: master sifo dyas and jango fett.

bet: who designed the function of the inhibitor chip?

prime minister: a hooded figure visited this facility to speak with me about the production of more clone troopers. but after discovering the function he had for these clones, I refused. my people agreed.

rama mei nods

prime minister: in an outburst of anger, he and our own clones destroyed this entire facility. Hoping we would finally surrender, he commanded we begin the creation of these death troopers again. But again, I refused. So they destroyed every facility on this planet, every facility. We lost everything. I’ve lost everyone.

close up of bet dropping his head in embarrassment.

prime minister: now I ask you, outsider, turning to bet, you’ve learned the embarrassment of my people; and for what? close up.

bet: I will tell my friends of this information. we will try our best with what we have.

prime minister: you will try this beast?

bet: I have to.


prime minster: empathetic close up, you intrigue me, boy. there is much in you… courage, hm? Pause.

Prime minister: the clones have a designated lifespan.

Bet displays a fascinated expression.

prime minister: after a number of years their artificial neurons and bodily connections shut down, almost as if they're ‘dying’.

bet: how long is it? when will they all give out?!

prime minister: with all our network destroyed, I couldn't possibly give you a precise answer. but I can approximate, although there are so many, there can’t be long to go.

bet: … I must tell the others… thank you, prime minister.

turns to rama mei.

bet: and thank you, rama mei.

rama mei nods

prime minister: wait!

bet stops and turns to the prime minster, already half out the door.

Prime minister: why are you so eager boy? Close up of bet, what is your story?

bet grins then runs out the room, rama mei smiling slightly.


bet storms into the ship as the sound of dripping water is heard on the ship floor.

mon: what?! what happened? stumbling up to him

bet: the empire’s leader deceived us all, he planned the clone troopers’ existence.

mon: well we all know the empires horrible.

s.a.m bleeps

mon: what about the kaminoeans?

bet: they weren't affiliated with the empire. sits in the cockpit, the real information lies in the clone troopers. they have a lifespan that terminates after a certain number of years… the empire will be facing this crisis soon, if not, probably now! I have to bring this information back to the republic!

mon slumps into the makeshift chair, confused.

mon: muttered mockingly, what do you expect to happen?

bet: something! turning to her, you still seem to fail to understand the jeopardy of this mission—

mon: what good will come of this ‘information’?!-

bet: groans angrily, I will not have you endangering my mission, moneera. You stepped onto my ship, you begged me to help you and the empire is after you. How can you not want to defeat the empire? Perhaps if you do not think so highly of yourself… think of others… anyone else for that matter…

mon sits silently, looking down.

Close up of bets face, pause.

the camera transitions to the ships take off.


in orbit:

the scene begins as the frame crawls towards the two characters behind them, facing the starry galaxy outside the cockpit window. 

mon: (sighs), mid shot, my home world was conscripted by the empire. they forced everyone-families. taking anyone they could to help them build the monstrous empire. shot transitions to a wide shot of both characters as bet pilots and is in awe of mons story, when the conscription soldiers reached our doorstep. my father, one of the many mandalorians that would rather die than bow to such a leader, refused conscription.

close up of bet in a cemented expression

mon: he attacked them. they shot him.

bet: … what happened to the rest of your family?

mon: snapping out of a mild trance, oh-I was already half way out the window… I think they were grappling with my mother, I don't know.

bet: you left them-

mon: I had to. it was their idea; we knew the empire was coming. I was a child, bet wiixx, I was weak.  


mon: so don’t patronise me about the empire, they’ve done enough to me. I've survived on my own leeching off each sector in this galaxy, I'm a survivor. They created me, a mandalorian scum bag, yet they see me as a criminal… a rebel.


Mon: it is unfair. they’re just too big to take on. close up

bet: I’m sorry, moneera, I really am. But that’s fear talking. we've gotten this far and learned so much. in fact, we've learned something that will be extremely valuable to the republic. this could be our chance. yes, the empire may be big… scary even. close up, but we have to take this opportunity. for the good of the galaxy. for everyone. even… if we die trying.


Bet: I believe that’s what your father stood for. Freedom.

close up of mon, she sighs dropping her head. When she looks up, a strong expression appears on her face.

mon: then where to?

bet: close up. Naboo.

sequence ends.


sequence 14: a predator and its prey

figure #2

pilot #1

pilot #2 (unnamed, silent)

warrant officer Kree

captain Nidal


the sequence wipes to an early modelled imperial shuttle emerging from a red planet. the camera tracks the shuttles movement through the frame towards a large ship, a now visible super star destroyer.

three republic star fighters whistle past the frame in the upper right corner as well as a single tie fighter in the bottom right corner flying away from the super star destroyer.

the scene transitions to within one of the super star destroyers’ landing bays where the imperial shuttle lands.


within the shuttle:

the scene has an ominous and recurring white noise throughout portraying two imperial pilots dressed in black within the process of shutting the ship down.

pilot #1: reconnaissance shuttle, three-five-sixty-six, landing pre-clearance…

figure #2 emerges from the blackness of the shuttle.

figure #2: return to Ranoma-prime and make communication with the admiral; report the people’s obedience. standing over the pilots.

pilot #1: slight gulp, yes, general.

the figure leaves the hull and paces through the super star destroyer.

the scene cuts back to the two pilots slowly turning to each other before activating the shuttle to take off.




within control room:

the white noise from the shuttle creeps back. the scene opens with a dozen working personnel at their stations and two captains staring out the control room window with their arms crossed behind their backs.

the figure suddenly bursts through the automatic doors and continues walking between the stationed personnel.

personnel whispers are heard watching the figures’ confident movements.

A warrant officer enters the frame in front of the figure.

Warrant officer: why have you abandoned your post, general?

the figure looks at him for a second before pushing past. The warrant officer is forced to follow.

warrant officer: there are thousands of men on that planet awaiting orders… we’ve had to dispense a secondary general down there, for you, on such short notice. what are you doing, general?!

figure #2: still walking, I told my men to report back that everything is running on schedule. I, have done enough conscripting, officer Kree, stops and turns to him, there’s a fugitive out there planning the destruction of the empire, close up, our empire. I will find them and stop them.

warrant officer: we have plenty of men to deal with fugitives-

figure #2 stops and turns to the warrant officer.

figure #2: yet you enforce your men into constant conscription. this empire is built! we have an infinite amount of resources and have struck fear into the very pits of every star system-

captain: gentlemen… walking into the frame and conversation

warrant officer: yes, sir.figure #2: …yes, sir.

captain: what seems to be the problem?

The warrant officer sighs eyeing the figure.

Warrant officer: sir… this general has left his mission-

captain: and why might that be-

figure #2: that mission is insignificant compared to the republic fugitive storming the galaxy. he could destroy us all. looking at the captain in complete confidence.

captain: it is preposterous for you to believe a single fugitive in this forsaken galaxy could even try to compete with the empire. he would stand no match against such a power that weaponises clone soldiers! laughs, eventually joined by the warrant officer.

figure #2: I've been down there, captain. I don't have the luxury of looking into the starry abyss out there, points mockingly, whilst men like myself! are watching an empire in peril. close up

captain: close up, (whispering) keep your voice down, general!—you speak like that— you'll scare these men! I’d advise you to stop. you don’t want to have to speak to vader again, do you?

figure #2: (smirks) perhaps vader will have something to say when this fugitive takes action against us.


the figure turns away slowly towards the communication station in the control room and begins typing in a name and coordinates.

figure #2: all personnel search every communication link from all the star destroyers in every rim we don’t control!-

the captain grabs and wrestles with the figure, both in a lock.

captain: what are you doing?! concerned.

figure #2: what is required of me. smirks mockingly

the figure reaches for his holster and pulls a blaster to the captains stomach firing.


captain: close up, (whisper) you’re mad, clive.

the captain drops to the floor in front of the figure. his face in a cemented expression as the frame stands still.

the room silent.

figure #2: you heard my demands.

an ominous hum bellows in the background.

the figure exits.

the room still silent as the camera pans to every officers face. the warrant officer gulps.

sequence ends.



sequence 15: republic advantage




bail organa



the sequence opens with bets ship bursting out of hyperspace.

inside hull:

bet: what the hell?!

the ship shakes violently

s.a.m bleeps out of control

mon: damn that droid is loud.

s.a.m looks at her, silent.

bet: wait… wait! I got it! close up as the ship calms.

mon: okay so, what just happened? looking around curiously

bet: ahhh! well… sam!

s.a.m rushes over, she bleeps.

bet: (loud whisper) so can we fix… what do you mean we-  mon: …hey! oh yea, thats right, I'm still here!

bet looks at her slowly, shocked.

mon: now… fixes her hair and clothing, someone tell me what’s going on?!

Bet: the hyperdrive—

mon: broke down? close up

bet: no, it ran out of hyper-fluid… I thought I filled it on tatooine? turns to s.a.m

s.a.m bleeps 

bet: that’s right… no, turns back to mon slowly, I only bought the coverings on tatooine.. eh heh.

mon: and on Tarsu?

bet: I got heaps of fuel there… maybe forgot to check the hyperdrive…

mon: (snickers) great… now what happens?

bet: well… we have to fly there without hyper travel… it'll take a little while longer. sam, get me in contact with bail organa.

the two wait as the connection is made.

static is heard and bail organa appears as a small hologram.

bet: royal bail organa…

bail: yes, hello, bet, wonderful to hear from you. I haven't received any word of your progress I wasn't sure where you were or if you were alive.

bet: I’m fine, sir. I have important news on my findings on Kamino. A lot I would like to share with you.

bail: you've made contact with the people of Kamino!-

bet: yes, sir, there isn't much to report but what I have will surely be worth it.

bail: then come as soon as you can!-

bet: that’s the problem, sir, I ran into a little problem and I won’t be able to be there for a while.

bail: oh… how tragic.

bet: no, sir. it’s not.

pause. close up on bet and panning shots of mon and s.a.m.

bet: the clone troopers have an artificial lifespan. many have already begun offlining and I believe this means the end of these troopers’ tyranny, for good.

bail: …this means, the empire has a weakened military, and soon, won’t have one at all. their conscriptions allow them to only recruit workers, employees… not soldiers.


Bail: I will report these findings immediately! thank you, bet! may the force be with you.

bet: anytime, sir. and… yeah. Ha.

bail organas hologram fades away. bet turns to mon as the camera pulls away.

sequence ends.



sequence 16: the interception

officer rios

officer rogers

officer walker

officer devlin


the sequence opens within the super star destroyers control room hosting three officers working at their stations across a giant switch board in one section of the room.

an officer enters.

rios: report? …

rogers: tampering with his headphones, I've intercepted a recent link up just on the edge of this star system.

rios moves closer

rogers: it’s rough and hard to make out but… he handles the headphones as the men wait, its talking about the clone troopers and…and-

rios: what?

rios rushes towards the board and tampers with switches until the link is heard aloud.

they listen as it muddles bets voice and the secret of the troopers.

walker: …nothing should be said of this.

the officers all look at one another.

devlin: we have to report this to the general? looks at walker

rios: nods, what do you think this means?... the general was right…

no one answers as the camera pans over them.

Rios: …right. track that link and follow that target.

the men return to their stations after a brief moment of doubt.

sequence ends.



sequence 17: the will of the force


the emperor

officer #1

officer #2


the sequence slowly wipes to a moving shot through a dark corridor into a large room filled with black tables and chairs, hosting a larger chair in the middle. the window is wide giving vision to imperial war theme. it becomes apparent, as the shot deepens into the room, that this is the emperors lair on corrussant. the music thickens correlating with the blackness of the room.

two officials dressed in grey holding clive walk into frame.

officer #1: my lord…

the emperor suddenly emerges out of the chair and stalks the men, slowly striding closer and closer.

emperor: yes. snarls

officer #1: w-we have the general requested to be trialed, by you.

emperor: I was never told of such a thing.

officer #1: no sir. we have brought this general today on behalf of the imperial alliance as he has committed a crime upon your rule.

close up of emperor as he pulls away in disgust.

officer #1: fratricide, sir.

emperor pauses. he walks to the men.

emperor: I suppose this is serious.

The emperor glances at all of the men individually.

Emperor: why? he bellows looking at clive.

clive: to save the empire, my lord.

emperor walks over to him, studying him.

clive: t-there is … a threat in the galaxy-

emperor: are you afraid, general?-

clive: no. gulps.

the emperor, shocked. he smiles.

officer #2: he has been spoken to by vader many ti—

emperor force pushes the officers eventual corpse smashing the back wall, without a second spared looking.

emperor: that is lord vader to all of you! looking at the men fiercely.

turning back to clive quickly

emperor: what information do you have for me?

Clive looks at the officer for an arrogant second.

Clive: I know this person is highly trained, determined. he's after your head. emperor snickers, he wants the empire destroyed.

emperor: I will have my men look at the situation. growling

clive: theres more.

emperor, intrigued. the officer disgusted.

clive: I have received a transmission from the corner of the mid rim. its him, my lord. I have begun tracking him from the moment of.

emperor: do you know where he is going?

clive: I will shortly.

emperor: you. leave. pointing to the officer

officer #1: tries to hold in his anger, this killer has destroyed one of our men, a good man!-

the emperor, smirks and confidently lifts his arm in a quick hand movement on the officers face and suddenly, the officer is crying and screaming out loud as his eyes widen. he slowly drops to the floor punching the air as if there was something in front of him until he curls into a ball, hissing, groaning, sweating and biting his nails.

clives expression now deep in fear.

the emperor turns back to clive nonchalantly, then turns away walking towards the dark chair.

clive looks at the officers poisoned body, then looks to see if there is anyone else in the room. empty.

clive: my lord…

the emperor halts, his back still turned.

clive: the transmission. it spoke of the descending number of clone troopers.

the emperor flinches showing half his face

clive: I believe I have also witnessed this happen myself, my lord.

the emperor turns fully.

clive: my men received this message-

emperor: men?-

clive: dead, sir.

pause, the emperor shocked.

clive: they learned that this transmission was in fact made on the edge of the mid rim. this ship, my lord, sent the transmission.

the emperor walks towards clive slowly, intimately. he studies him.

emperor: what do you propose, general?


clive: we should attack.

the emperor looks at him deeply.

clive: I will attack. confidently

the emperor smiles.

clive bows.

emperor: report your findings to me.

clive: yes, sir.

the emperor walks to his chair once more.

clive exits.

war drums flare up as they both leave.

Sequence ends.





sequence 18: clive strikes




bail organa


senator #1

senator #2

azkowa (silent)


the sequence is an immediate continuation of sequence 17. the war drums continue as the scene transitions to the large building from Naboo, the republic hideout. the scene immediately transitions inside where bail organa are in the midst of a discussion and the senator anty is busy on the communication link. the main door suddenly swings open.

bet and mon enter.

bail: bet! you’re here! But who is-

bet: this is moneera. she's a … friend of mine.

the two exchange looks of gesture.

senator #1: what is going on?

bail organa shrugs slightly, caught in his plan. bet and mon walk towards the senators.

senator #1: you had no authority to make a move like this!

bet: senator-

senator #1: no, no! you do not get to speak here. what have you done? where have you been? what crimes did you comm-

bet: I've been to Kamino and obtained valuable information, senator.

senator #1: did you use your brute nature to-to hurt any of them? mercenary.

mon: hey you watch your tongue!

bet: hush, mon…

senator #1: I don’t recall meeting, you. scowls at her

bet grabs mon looking in her eyes. she turns back to the senator.

mon: moneera ambi-vaylen… sir.

for a moment, bet looks at her again


bet: senator. the prime minister gladly agreed to speak with me. and it is the empire who use brute force…

pause, the senators doubt dropping.

senator #1: and what would senator azkowa have to say about this! he suddenly bellows

bail: with all due respect, senator. looks at the senator. at least we’re doing something about the empire.

the room falls silent.

anty: ahhh… my communications just shut off.

bet: what?

anty: they’re all shut down. We’re getting nothing in or out … we’re blind, no tracking.

bet: would someone take a look at him.

senator #1: I’ll go. sneers 

mon: I will too.

Senator #1 and bail walk to senator #2 in the background.

bet: sir…

bail organa focuses on him

bail: your information is wonderful news for the republic.

bet: glad to hear it, sir.

bail: unfortunately, we haven’t an army as of yet, bet. I know what you are going to say… but no, no system would dare oppose the empire… the clone troopers. their white death shrouds the galaxy.

bet: soon…soon. soon the clone troopers will be no more.

bail: we just need to believe in the force, young one. smiles

bet flinches.

bet: where is master kenobi? looking around

an engine roar is heard outside. the lights shut out only allowing the sunlight in.

bail: what is it?

anty runs to a computer on the left side of the room and begins typing.

another roar is heard now rumbling the building.

mon: senator…

anty: I’m working on it! I did say they shut the system down!

between bet and bail:

bail: do you think?

bet: the empire. you need to run.

bail: what will you do?

the scene transitions to the communication area:

mon: bet! check what’s going on outside while this sorry excuse for a computer finally gets going!

anty: its rebooting, dammit!

between bet and bail:

bet: apparently, go outside.

bail: be careful.

bet: you need to escape, sir.

bail: (smirks) I’ll be fine, bet. I've got a way out, we all do.

bet turns and begins walking towards the door.

bail: bet…. call me bail. smiles

bet nods and turns and continues.

the scene transitions to the communication area:

anty: …it’s the empire.

mon: what are we going to do?

the two senators look at one another.

senator #1: we need to get out of here.

the two get up as bail organa walks into the frame. he nods at them.

they exit.

mon quickly realising what’s happening, runs after bet who is now opening the main door.


the scene transitions behind bet as the shot follows him outside witnessing a republic ordnance craft and azkowas shuttle, landed.

bet: what the?

the scene remains quiet except for the sound of the engines shutting down and the dust settling.

suddenly, two figures step out of the ordnance ship. its clive holding azkowa hostage.

bet steps forward but keeps his distance.

clive: hello, bet.

azkowa confused.

bet: let him go.

clive: oh but he gave himself to me. he kindly landed right next to me at the same time chuckles.

azkowa squirms

clive: am I ruining a little party?

bet: clive-

clive: am I stumbling across a republic hideout?!

bet: stop-

clive: is this … thing… one of you!

bet flinches. clive notices.

clive: alright then.

mon bursts through the main door behind bet.

clive shoots azkowa.

mons eyes widen as she stops and shudders.

bet: mon! are you okay?


mon: yeah… yeah. I’ll be fine.

clive: bet!

bet turns to clive, then back to mon.

bet: stay here.

he walks to clive as mon watches on intensely.

clive: you might have gotten away last time, bet, but this time you've led me straight to your base, heh, I thought you were better than that.

bet: sorry. what are you trying to prove?

clive snarls. he leans in to bet.

clive: an old promise to an old man. smirks

the main door opens behind mon and the three senators come through with their hands up, held under arrest by a company of clone troopers. they grab mon as a part of their criminals.

clive: I knew they'd go through the back, bet. I can smell senators when they're near. looks down at them.

suddenly, obi-wan enters the scene force pushing the company of clones from the senators and mon.

bet fights clive as more and more clone troopers poor from the ordnance ship.

mon and the senators attempt to hide in the building but the troopers’ rapid lasers shoot and kill senator #1 simultaneously injuring senator anty.

mon and bail assist the senator into the building almost being shot themselves.

obi-wan fights an exhausting battle with the troopers.

clive: I’m onto you, bet. you're trying to ruin my plan.

bet: I am trying to stop the empire, clive. you are the empire!

clive: then stop me, bet …stop me.

bet freezes as clive holds bets blaster under his chin, a soft tinge is heard from the heat of the firing end.

bet: clive why-

clive: you hesitated-

bet: then shoot me.

bet pulls the gun to his own chin as the sound of the gunfire behind them stops. obi-wan focusing on them.

clive: gladly. he pulls the gun closer to himself, aiming at bet.

obi-wan: no, stop!

clive stops and turns to obi-wan, he gulps.

clive: master kenobi.

Clive smiles as the shot focuses on his eyes looking to his still ship.

obi-wan: let go of your hate, young one. the light side can guide your-

the ordnance ship blasts two huge beams into the building.

bet and obi-wan fall to the ground as the rumble forces clive to drop his weapon. Clive stumbles towards his ship.

bet: mon…bail!

Bet turns to the crash after falling heavily to the ground. he then turns back witnessing clives blaster lying next to obi-wans dropped lightsaber.

He picks up clives blaster.

Clive walks over a heavily injured obi-wan slowly and arrogantly, their eyes glued to one another.

bet: clive! stop!

bet stands as clive turns to him before he enters the ordnance ship.

clive: never.

he enters.

bet lifts his blaster slowly, aiming at clive.


Arrogantly, clive exits and his ship flies away.

as the aura of battle thins out, obi-wan limps to bet.

obi-wan: I’m sorry about all of this. tragic to say the least.

bet remains silent.

obi-wan: there isn't much we can do, young one.

bet: w-what about the republic?

obi-wan: nothing lasts forever. it’s time we surrender.

bet: and?

obi-wan: wait. Wait for a new hope, this isn't our fight.

pause, close up of bet.

bet: its mine.

looks at obi-wan

obi-wan: who is that man…?

bet: why?

obi-wan: the force is strong with him. the dark side.00 It-

bet: wait what? the force?

obi-wan: yes.

bet: what does the force want with him?

obi-wan: (giggles) it doesn't want anything from him. it controls him as he controls it. they bond.


obi-wan: but there is something about him. the dark side oddly circles him. almost like… it wants him to use its power.

bet, stunned.

bet begins walking towards his ship.

obi-wan: where are you going?

bet: to continue my mission.

obi-wan: what mission? bail organa is dead. the time for this mission is gone.

bet continues walking.

obi-wan: what are you doing?!

Bet stops and turns

Bet: visiting an old man.

a long shot of them both surrounded by the carnage pans outwards slowly.

bet exits.

sequence ends.


sequence 19: snakes


the emperor

darth vader


the sequence wipes to an establishing shot of the imperial headquarters in corrusant. the scene wipes to the darkened lair of the emperor as an inauspicious hum floods the room.

clive enters abruptly.

clive: my lord, I have successfully touched down on Naboo and dismembered the republic once and for all.

the emperor is heard but not seen.

emperor: good…good…

clive: obi-wan kenobi interrupted, my lord-

vaders mask is heard as he interferes. out of the blackness, a seven foot darkened giant appears behind clive.

clive: he made it hard for me to escape with my life. clutching his throat

emperor: ahh… lord vader. welcome. meet my new supreme commander.

Clives expression, surprised.

clive: sir… really?

emperor: yes, commander.

vaders breathing continues.

vader: did he escape?-

clive: who?

vader: obi-wan.

clive: (sighs) yes, unfortunately.

vader turns to the emperors, in disbelief of clive.

emperor: patience, my friend.

the emperor manifests from a dark corner aside his chair and begins pacing towards the two men.

clive: I will do my best, my lord. speaking to vader

the emperor opens his arms humbly to clive as he reaches them.

emperor: the force has granted us…

close up of vaders breathing mask.

emperor: to clive, you will now have full control of the star fleets, like my friend here. gesturing to vader. above those sheep-like captains who think they enforce the empires rule.

clive: (smirks) thank you, my lord. close up

clive bows and exits.

vader: …my master.

the inauspicious hum returns.

emperor: what remains of the republic has fallen. once more the sith rule the galaxy. the empire has risen.


vader: you trust this, general?

The emperor slithers back to his chair.

emperor: I trust in the dark side, my friend.

vader: what of his good? What of the light-

emperor: I fear not the light; I feel his power. we must use it.

close up of vader as only his breathing is heard.

emperor: I sense… you not trusting the matter at hand…

vader: … my lord. the mask being heard.


The emperor fades into his chair.

Emperor: do not question my decisions, lord vader. Do not question the work of the force.

close up of emperor

emperor: do not fear this man.

Close up of vader.

sequence ends.


sequence 20: an old ally


arb taro


The sequence wipes to an establishing shot of the desert planet, Jakku.

The sequence then transitions to a tracking shot of the endless sand of Jakku, the shot is a moving blanket of orange and red as the music rallies up to an adventurous score.

the piano overshadows for a deep and lengthened tone displaying the vastness of the planet.

The shot rises as the music finishes, becoming flooded with a huge sandstorm entering from the left blurring the focus slightly. The camera hurdles over a small sand mound and falls into a sand cave, the shot turns to the opening and pulls away showing its entirety- the refocus allows the audience to see a glimpse of the cave.

Suddenly, the shot changes to a mid, tracking shot of bet huffing and puffing as the sound of his ship engine cut and diegetic sounds are heard. The shot tracks behind him walking into N’xteev.  

Bet: where do I start? He sighs

Bet stumbles upon memorabilia, burnt weaponry and burnt bodies (some of which he recognizes) all before he tracks the burnt black hut.

Upon entering, the camera tracks and pans around his movements. Bet analyses the entire hut in a small montage.

Bet: Taro! Taro! Damnit!

Bet frustratingly falls into a wall of the hut hearing a thud on the floor aside taros chair. He walks towards it slowly before testing the rigidity of the floor and opening a mysterious panel.

Bet: what the?-

Bet opens the panel as the camera falls into the dark opening with him.

After seconds of interrogation in the blackness, Bet knocks his leg into a table hearing something heavy drop beside him. He kneels down, picks it up and as the camera tries to close in on the device, nothing can be made out except for a few rough edges. The camera transitions to bet exiting the hidden room to find what the device Is exactly.

A lightsaber.

He activates the saber and a solid beam of orange light explodes upwards.

Bet stunned, he vanquishes the light and hilts the saber.

suddenly, bet turns to witness a dark figure in the distance outside a burned hole of the hut looking right at him. The camera focuses from aside Bet.


Bet: w-who are you?! Hey! Hey, you!

Bet charges for the figure who remains still.

As Bet reaches the figure, he keeps a distance and the camera profiles them both in a long shot. Sand floats by the corner of the shot signaling a pause.

Bet: …who are you?

The figure remains silent.

Bet: what are you doing here?... Were you a part of this village before it burned down?

The figure moves slightly towards Bet circling him. Bet reacts accordingly.

Bet: stop moving and answer my questions. I said stop!

The figure halts and extends an open hand towards Bet.

Bet reacts by un-holstering a blaster from behind his black celtic cape.

Bet: move again, I dare you. Now, remove your hood.


The figure suddenly shifts to the right.

bet fires sporadically.

The figure dodges bet’s shot and force pulls the lightsaber to his open hand holding the saber high in truce.

Bet pauses, stunned.

Bet: give me back that lightsaber!

Figure: does it belong to you, mercenary?

 Bet: n-no.

The figure hiccups in a mischievous snicker before removing the hood. Its taro.

Bet: …Taro? You’re a… a Jedi?!

Taro smirks.

Taro: come my friend, there is much for us to discuss.

The shot focuses on the confused face of Bet before it pulls away in a long shot. Bet walking towards Taro.

sequence ends.



Sequence 21: bad blood


Arb taro


The sequence wipes to a landscape shot of a sand hill acting as the horizon before the rising sun. the short movements of the heat in the air blurs the entire shot.

Taro: there is a lot I haven’t told you, bet. But I promise there was going to be a time I did.

Bet: you’re a Jedi, taro? A jedi sitting in the outskirts of the outer rim-

Taro: yes, I know I’m a Jedi, bet. Chuckles. But there is more, and I’m afraid, that what I’m about to tell you won’t exactly make your journey lighter.

The two men’s silhouettes walk into the shot in front of the sun, closing in on the camera.

Bet: what?

Taro: when we get there, I will tell you, my friend.

Bet: where?


The sequence transitions to the familiar sand cave from the preceding sequence as Bet expresses shock walking in behind Taro.

Bet: where are we, Taro?

Taro sighs as he sits deep inside the cave.

Taro: Safer. Safer than being around that destroyed village.

Bet: w-why? What’s been happening at N’xteev? Why was there a room containing a lightsaber under the black hut?

Taro: slow down, bet…

Bet: no! no! that’s twice, Taro! you’ve let down the people of N’xteev and now myself-

Taro: theres nothing I can do about N’xteev, Bet. I tried my very best-

Bet: you didn’t try anything, Taro! I told you all that violence was-

Taro: I tried my best to keep N’xteev to the standards of your father, bet.


bet falls into a seat parallel to Taro.

Bet: …my father?! My father?

Taro: yes, bet. Smirks. Your father was a good man, he cared very much for the galaxy and all the beings within it-

Bet: my father was a Jedi?...

Taro: yes, indeed he was. He was more than that though, bet, he was an agent for the republic.

Bet: and clive?

Taro: force sensitive. Close up.

Bet: why didn’t you tell me sooner?


Taro: before I honoured your father in N’xteev; he visited me here, in this… a planetary hideout for exiled Jedi. After order 66 was executed, a Jedi master and myself relocated to this mostly deserted planet and designed this cave in case of order emergencies. One day, your father-

Bet: what was his name?

Taro: sighs in sadness in a close up. Rosyd. One day, your father, Rosyd, burst through the main doors of this facility with two young boys, yourself and clive, and demanded you both be watched under the extreme responsibility of a Jedi whilst he: attacked the emperor and his new apprentice before any of this could happen.  

Bet: my father fought against the empire?

Taro: his insisted plan was finding weaknesses in Vader’s suit and destroy him once and for all.

Bet: what happened to him?

Taro: … I’m uncertain. Your father kept to himself, he was busy attending to many of his assigned duties once he undertook the practice against the empire… I barely heard or saw of him.

Bet: but how have you applied the wishes of my father upon N’xteev? From what you told me my father was an honest and decent man… and what of clive?

Taro: Your father resented the empire… he resented any idea of a single individual dominating and devastating such a peaceful galaxy. I took it upon my home, and the new home of yours, to become protected and safe against such forces. If I had to do it again, bet, I would.

Pause and close up of both.

Bet: and clive?

Taro: clive. Clive, clive clive. After your father left I took it upon myself to guard you both with my life. To teach you both the just ways of a Jedi and to train you both to be at least half the man your father was. But I learned early on that clive is the only force sensitive child between you both. Therefore, I taught him with you but I also sent him on his own on missions of the force. Close up of bet.  That is why he disappeared for days at a time.

Bet: why wasn’t I informed?-

Taro: because I was afraid you would become jealous of your brothers’ gifts. I couldn’t have you both stray off the path and fall into the hands of evil.

Close up and pause on bets face, mocking taros statement.

Taro: (sigh) one day, I don’t know if you remember, the empire landed unannounced in N’xteev-

Bet: the lights, the screaming people... a dark…room. I remember. clive and I were hiding?

Taro: yes, I placed you both in the most secure place I could think of… a hidden room under the black hut. That day, my warriors and I faced against the might of the clone troopers but failed miserably as disguising my powers in the force was crucial. I could’ve doomed the entire village if I ‘saved’ them.

Bet: what happened that day?

Taro: I vanished and left the village with my second in charge, a skilled mercenary: Barbados Har-graves. But I knew the empire still would not relent… from this hideout, I watched a certain ship fall in from the atmosphere and begin its landing into N’xteev… I immediately realized my duties were not just to the people; but for the people. As the only Jedi in aid, I went back.  

Bet: clive left the hidden room-

Taro: your brother is courageous but foolish. although I couldn’t do it alone, I knew he would take it upon himself to fight for N’xteev. From the moment I laid my eyes on him standing open in that village ready to face the might coming from that ship I knew he knew the ways of the Jedi.

Strong pause.

Taro: we hid behind a mass of huts, I tried to protect him as much as I could. I asked him to return to hiding but he wouldn’t listen… and I thought a general would step out of the ship, ready to take over and conscript N’xteev, but no, it was vader. He was here to capture any force sensitive individuals. In the blink of an eye this situation became far too dangerous for a padawan like your brother but vader did not hesitate, he immediately began cutting down innocent women and children calling anyone who is force sensitive to come forth before he destroyed everyone.

Bet: what did you do?

Taro: your brother and I tailed vader around the village, until he entered the first hut. We ran in and caught him by surprise. He mocked our power but your brother did not relent to his threats. He challenged vader claiming that our combined might can over throw him. So vader threatens him with the complete annihilation of this village… unless, of course, he gave himself to the empire.

Close up of bet shocked

Bet: no-

Taro: your brother was taken by vader, bet.

Bet stands and ferociously sneers at taro.

Bet: you let that monster take my brother!

Taro: there was nothing I could do.

Bet: you could have fought vader!-

Taro: and risk the lives of my people… bet?

Strong pause

Bet: so… you… you cared for your people?

Taro: I always have, bet. My people fought for what they believed in. and what they believed in was freedom. Your brother made his own choice…

Bet walks to the main door and rests his head against it.

Bet: (sigh) Clive believed these ‘freedom fighters’ are just scum…

Close up of a worried expression of taro, like he’s keeping something from bet.

Taro: it is up to you how you see us.

Bet turns to taro feeling sympathetic

Bet: when were you going to tell me all this?

Taro: when the time was right, my friend.

Bet: what do I do?

Taro: a friend of mine once told me to bury my feelings deep down. But Bet, you are not a Jedi. And the Jedi order is no more.

Bet steps closer to taro

Taro: follow your heart, bet. So much has been lost… for everyone.

Close up of bet

Taro: do what’s best for you.

Bet nods but stops in his tracks before he exits.

Bet: he said something about an old promise… what does that mean?

Taro remains silent.

bet: I need to know?

Taro: when the time is right, my friend. Bring your brother back to the light.


Bet: Y-yes…. Master.

Bet exits.

sequence ends.


Sequence 22: the desperate answer


The emperor


The sequence begins with the return of the emperors lair on corrussant. Clive walks into the left hand side of the shot facing its direction, sidious’ dark chair.

Clive: my lord…

Emperor: yes, what is it?

Clive: my lord, I wish to speak with you alone…

Emperor: hmmm… leave us.

Four Imperial guards dressed in red and black alike, emerge from the dark corners of the lair and exit the room.

Clive: recently we spoke of the descending number of troopers, my lord. We never created a-a formidable plan to-

Emperor: yes, I know, commander. Unsticking himself from his chair

Clive: what do you propose we do, my lord?

Pause as the emperor stalks clive.
emperor: the force grants me powers of unimaginable strength, commander. The force shows me the path I must take to sustain such a mighty empire. Unfortunately, I have not been shown a way to combat this unpleasantry.

The emperor now close to clive

Clive: I understand, my lord. There is much debate on obtaining troopers for our cause.

The emperor turns away disgusted and faces the large window

Emperor: yes, sneers, no system would allow innocents to die for this. Their shameful acts of treason, it disgusts me. it angers me, commander.

The emperor quickly turns to clive

Emperor: but I’m sure you have something to say…

Clive: y-yes, my lord. I believe I have found a way to combat our weakness.

The emperor snickers and smirks before walking towards clive openly

Emperor: oh? And how might that be, commander?

Clive: (gulps) what you say about the systems is true. No planet will dare forsake a single citizen and have that person fight and die for the empire. Meaning, I can only insist on one thing, my lord.


Clive: to take them by force.

The emperor laughs manically

Emperor: you believe these systems will allow captured soldiers to fight against them without a war?

Clive: I believe these systems wouldn’t stand a chance in war against the clones. You are desperate, my lord. Close up of the emperor if you want to show the full strength of a force like ours. Do it in ruthless fashion.


Emperor: you have high expectations of my empire, commander. And have a great faith in yourself?

Clive nods


Clive: my men are sorted. I only ask for one favour.

Emperor: what do you need, commander?


Clive: vader.

sequence ends.


Sequence 23: when all seems lost



bail organa


After sequence 22 cuts to black, this sequence fades open to an establishing shot of jakku before bets ship whistles into the frame. There are shots of bets ship flying through space before the camera enters the cockpit where bet sits by s.a.m.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: yeah I guess I’m feeling better…

s.a.m bleeps

bet: actually a lot of crazy stuff, sam, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you… if you knew him.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: yeah I wish you could’ve too! Giggles


s.a.m bleeps

bet: no I don’t think it seems more cozy without mon.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: yeah well don’t you miss mon too? Even a little bit?

s.a.m bleeps

bet: oh you’re horrible. maybe you two just got off on the wrong foot, girl.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: ahhh… you could’ve warmed up. sometime. Chuckles and before you ask, I am going to look for him. I just don’t know how to approach it yet…

s.a.m bleeps

bet: I-I don’t know.

Bets ship is seen flying into the distance in a long tracking shot. The music slows down to a long tone signaling a lost hope.

Suddenly, a ring is heard from the ships communications as the camera lands in the cockpit of bets ship unexpectedly.

Bail: bet… hello… bet… is it you, bet? this… bail orga…-

Bet: yes, sir, it’s me. Sir!

the communication unscrambles presenting an unharmed bail organa.

Bail: oh, bet it’s good to hear from you finally! we’ve all been so worried!

Bet: all? You’re all okay?

Bail: yes, bet, I can explain when you reach us. I am sending you the coordinates of the bardia system.

Bet: what’s the bardia system?

Bail: it’s a system in the further most edge of the inner rim-

Bet: the inner rim?! No, no, what are you doing there? You know that rim is under imperial watch!-

Bail: its fine, bet. I will tell you everything when you return. Now hurry.

Bet: …yes, sir. Over and out.

Bet sits back for a second taking a breath of relief. The camera pans to his face focusing on his rejoiced expressions. He then turns to s.a.m who sits mockingly.


Bet: sam, I know what we’re going to do, but first: takodana; for that hyper-fluid.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: I am not happy because she’s alive!

The shot transitions to the back of the ship before it leaves the frame.

Sequence ends.


Sequence 24: clive wiixx







The sequence wipes to the inside of a star destroyer where technicians and officers are controlling their stations. A general enters the frame to speak with the ship captain.

General: captain, we have entered orbit of Kuat, we will deploy our soldiers in moments.

Captain: inform the commander!

The sequence transitions to the mass of star destroyers closing in on the industrial planet, the score thickens.

The shot changes to clive standing tall in his super star destroyer at the rear of the fleet.

Vaders mask is heard, he enters.

Vader: general…

Clive turns to vader slowly.

Clive: what is it, vader?


Vader: we are landing.

Clive: very well, follow me.

Clive walks towards his drop ship as vader remains still.

Clive: vader.

Vader reluctantly trails clive, they exit.

The sequence transitions to an establishing tracking shot of a dull town aside a large shipyard. The imperial march music bellows as the tracking shot becomes the large number of descending deploy ships filled with clone troopers after hovering over the unsuspecting town.

The ships land and the shot becomes still as the dust settles. People peep out of their houses.

Suddenly, the deploy ships open and hundreds of clone troopers flood the town firing at any who stand against them, taking most as hostages.

Clive and vaders ship lands and the two enter.

Clive: Take what you want. Silence the ones who oppose.

Vader ignites his lightsaber and walks into the fiery town of kuat.

As the clone troopers rampage through the town and its people, clive walks through the wickedness slowly, enjoying his glory. Until suddenly, he hears a whimper. He remembers something.

Clive follows the whimpers into a small building already destroyed by the empire. He finds a little girl.

Clive: hey… hey are you okay?

He kneels down.

She remains silent hiding behind a burnt desk with a chair on top, barely visible.

Clive: its ok, I’m not gonna hurt you. What’s your name?

She remains silent.

Clive: ... hmm, where is your mommy?


She points.

Clive turns to a shadowed body at the back of the building. Clive expresses a look of sympathy.

Clive: well, eh hem, it seems you have nowhere to go. You’ll die here.

Close up of the innocent girl.

Clive: why don’t you come with me? he stands tall; I’ll take care of you. He holds his hand out.


She moves from behind the desk and grasps his hand lightly.

Clive: what’s your name?

Jade: jade.

Clive: that’s a pretty name, jade. now, you don’t have to worry about me ok, my name is clive. I’m gonna get you to a safe place. Would you like that?

Jade nods then turns to her mum.

Clive: it’s time to move on, jade. Come.

He pulls her along by her hand. They walk through her destroyed town as she witnesses the clone troopers patrolling the entirety of the town and her people either dead or strapped ready to be brought on ships.

She looks at clive, he looks down at her half smiling.

They enter his ship as the score builds up

sequence ends.


Sequence 25: ghosts



Bail organa



regal mothma

senator anty



The sequence begins with an uproar of music as bets ship lands on one of the three moons known altogether as the mercius zone inside the bardia system. The system of government has received message of the empires most recent act. Bet exits his ship with s.a.m to a giant hall coloured in imperial war attire, he steps back a moment.

Bail organa enters from the hall.

Bet: is it… is it really you, senator?

Bail: yes, my friend.

Bet: but how?

The two begin walking toward the hall

Bail: you see, once the building began to collapse we escaped and snuck past the imperial ships. We immediately found help on Naboo. We tried contacting you sooner but, your ships communications weren’t functioning?

Bet: I turned them off, senator, that day shook me a little.

Bail: ahh, me too.

The two enter the hall, an establishing shot of an army of men and women stand tall, as well as warships and technicians.

Bet: what is this?

bail: what do you think, bet. this is our army.

Bet: but how?

Bet: after he faced serious injury, senator anty of the mercius zone, spoke with his leaders and addressed the immediate danger in the matter at hand and that these situations should be dealt with a little more seriously.

Net: and they agreed?

Bail: (giggles) well they did more than that, bet. they helped intercept our attacker on Naboo.

Bets attention sharpens.

Bet: and?

bail: he’s recently been seen travelling from kuat. We don’t know his business there but he had a rather large fleet with him. We fear the worst.

Bet: keep an eye on him. If I may…

s.a.m hovers towards the sleeping bays

bet and bail shake hands as bet inadvertently follows s.a.m.

bet: fancy place, huh? Looks like the galaxy finally grew a back bone.

Bet receives a readout of his living quarters by a soldier and follows the direction to it. Upon his arrival he is greeted by senator anty.

Bet: senator. Pleasure.

Anty: I see you’ve checked this place fully.

Bet: yes sir, I’m extremely impressed.

Anty: of course. It didn’t take me long to secure this operation. It was only a matter of time before the empire led onto our crusade.

Bet: you planned this?

Anty: do you think you and senator organa were the only two with a secret. Besides, one can never be too sure with a democracy so delicate.

Bet walks in comfortably and begins eating the food that anty gestures to.

Bet: so… what’s your plan with all this weaponry?

Anty: well it has come to our attention that the attacker from naboo has led a covert mission upon kuat-

Bet: yes, I know, royal organa told me.

Anty: well, the mission is stated to be: capturing slave soldiers-

Bet: to solve the clone problem…

Bet stands quickly.

Anty: bet, its fine. We will do everything we can to stop him, we know about the troopers. The government I am in service of has granted us their assistance in the matter-

Bet: where is he?

Anty: somewhere in the inner rim? Its presumed he’s working through the galaxy quite quickly. he could even be flying by mandalore by now…

Bet: can you dispatch probe droids and search the inner rim for his fleet.

Anty: why, where are you going with this, bet?

Bet: just follow me, it’ll all be explained soon.

Bet gestures to anty as they both leave the bay

Bet: where’s command?

Anty: just beyond the ship depot.

The two enter a room aside three shut down fighters, early prototypes of the x-wing.

As they enter the room, they are greeted by bail organa, mon, captain regal mothma and kainaan-to, the governmental leader of the mercius zone.

Bet: mon!

he walks over to mon as they hug

Mon: bet, you’re okay!

Bet: of course I’m okay, I was worried about you! I saw the building crash and everything!

Mon: no its fine, we-

Bet: I heard, I heard. Lucky, huh? What have you been doing?

Mon: I followed the senators on their journey here. I listened to everything they spoke about. Kuat’s in danger, bet. the killer from naboo was there.


Bet: close up, mon, there’s something I have to tell you-

Mothma: if you please…

Bet and mon part and place themselves on either side of the large information table in the middle of the war room.

Bail: what have you to say, senator anty?

Anty: I wish to have probe droids dispatched immediately across the galaxy in search of the attackers’ vessel.

Mothma: and achieve what, senator?

Bet: hopefully, we can intercept his mission with a fleet of our own.

Mothma: send a mercius fleet against a super star destroyer fleet?

Bet: they will never know us coming. If we strike quickly and swiftly we may have a chance.

Kainaan-to: my fleets cannot amass such a formidable fleet. We are a colony of moons; our strength just does not compare.

Bet: we must do with what we can. Why else have you supplied us with this hall?

Mothma: what do you propose we do, agent, going into collision with the empire will only have us destroyed and worse, detected. It wouldn’t be long before the empire tracked us down, here.

Kainaan-to: I will dispatch your droids, agent. But I warn you now, my men will not agree to a suicide mission.

Mon: perhaps… perhaps we can ambush them. What was their motive on kuat?

Anty: to seize citizens as soldiers.

Mon: the news hits mon for second, well what if we ambush their next operation. When they arrive on the planet, our forces will clash with theirs.

Bail: how will this plan deal with the attacker of naboo?-

Bet: he’d be bound to be there.

anty: its settled then. Captain mothma will rally platoons and I will receive signal from governor to’s probe droids.

Bail: defense of this base is to be the utmost responsibility until the attack is located. I will communicate with neighbouring systems in hopes of an allegiance being formed to combat the empire, in the meantime.

Anty: mon and bet, acquaint yourselves with the defensive turrets on the highest perch.

Bet and mon nod, simultaneously.

Kainaan-to: wonderful. The probes have been dispatched. Goodluck gentlemen.

This meeting is adjourned.

Bet scurries over to mon as s.a.m trails along.

Sequence ends.


Sequence 26: to bardia



Deck officer



The sequence begins in the depths of space where a large super star destroyer is followed by two other star destroyers, navigating past mandalore.

The scene transitions to the central station of the super star destroyer.

Clive: send a transmission to the emperor.

Platform officer: yes, sir. The emperor will be up in moments.

The camera ience faces the direction of clive as a giant blue hologram of the emperor lights up.

Emperor: what is it, commander?

Clive: my lord, my operation on kuat was a success. We have swiftly and mercilessly taken the lives necessary to push prototype troopers onto star systems.

Emperor: patience, commander. Let the dark side feed itself upon them first. They are still citizens of kuat.

Clive: of course, my lord, I-

Emperor: there’s more.

Clive: …sorry, sir.

Emperor: although your operation was a success, commander, regal mothma, a spy of mine, has notified me that the republic has indeed not been destroyed as you promised.

Suddenly, a deck officer enters hastily

Deck officer: commander, commander sir. We have been tracked, sir. a major on deck nine has located a passing probe droid. It’s been locked onto us for a short while.

Clive: (gulps) what have you done with it? Have you found a point of origin?

The deck officer shivers in fear as he makes and breaks eye contact with the hologram of the emperor, scowling at him.

Deck officer: n-no actually sir, the droid self-destructed afte…

clive stares into the officers’ eyes.

The deck officer exits.

Emperor: the republic is onto us, commander.

Clive: but how? I destroyed the republic and its associates that day on naboo.

Emperor: you did not, commander! You have failed me!-

Clive: my lord, I saw their destruction. If I knew they were alive sooner I would’ve gone back and destroyed them!

Emperor: you will do that at once. I will not stand for these criminals any longer! They are making my empire look weak with their arrogance. Perhaps I’ve made a mistake in trusting you?

Clive and the emperor lock gazes.

Emperor: don’t make me believe so.

The emperors hologram disappears, leading to the breathing mask of vader entering the central station.

Clive: ahhh… vader.

Vader: I see the emperor is very pleased with your work.

Clive: of course he is.

Vader: perhaps if he heard about the republic’s probe droid he wouldn’t be as grateful.

Clive: I have an important mission I must attend to, vader. Maybe we can continue this fun exchange another time. I want you to take the star destroyer with the prisoners and have them transferred to a planetary command station on corrussant. I want them trained.

Vader: and as for you?

Clive: I will take the rest of the fleet to the bardia system. I have more prisoners to capture.

Vader remains still for a second before leaving, the score loudens. Clive turns back to the officers working at the control stations.

Clive: take this fleet to the mercius zone!

sequence ends.


Sequence 27: the battle of mercius/ the great war for the slaves




Bail organa

Regal mothma


Senator anty


deck officer

mercius soldier


The sequence begins with rallying war drums and an establishing and tracking shots of the imperial hall on noemir. The scene enters the hall where squadrons of freedom fighters are seated mixed with the old republic leaders.

Mothma, bet and senator anty stand amongst the soldiers.

Mothma: our plan is simple but risky. We plant platoons within the chosen city and hide battle ships from the east, west and south of the city’s perimeter. When the empire attack, we will ambush their divisions on land, mobilizing the ships on the east and west flank to take out stragglers and any residual fighters.

Mercius soldier: we couldn’t handle their might, we’d be crushed!

An uproar is heard in the room

Mothma: alright, alright. Settle down. This mission will only be a rescue mission. We aren’t going there to wrestle the empire. Our liberation coordinator, bet wiixx.

Bet stands ahead of mothma

Bet: now you know my company will be based on the south of the chosen city. We will fly directly towards the furthest point north of the city and rally with any survivors’ you soldiers’ pull from the ground. It’ll be a smooth operation, gentlemen. My ships will be in and out in minutes, I’ll need you all ready. I take off fifteen minutes after collision. Thank you, gentlemen.

Mothma: watch for air fire. Protect every civilian. Not a single slave. Oorah.

The soldiers clap and wolf whistle as they take to their battle stations.

Bet and senator anty enter the command room where they find mon and bail organa.

Bail: gentlemen, we have some bad news.

Bet: what is it?

Bail lights up the holographic sector sensor where three star destroyers are inching towards their location.

Anty: Is that?-

Bet: the empire. They found us.

Bail: they tracked one of to’s droids here-

Anty: impossible, our probe droids self-destruct upon transferring the targets information.

Mon: then how would they know?

The room falls silent.

Bet: what are we going to do?

Bail: with an exact location we have the ability to track the fleets every move before entering the atmosphere. We can be ready for their attack.

Anty: are you seriously suggesting they are going to attack here, now?!

Bail: unfortunately, we seem to be their next target.

Anty: that leaves us no time, our plan was only just omitted…

Bail: They are ruthless, senator, you know this. they will take what they want when they want. Someone contact mothma.

Mon reaches for the communication links.

Anty: We’re fighting for the people of these three moons… soldiers and ourselves! We will lose before any soldier can organize citizens to be saved by bet’s company.

Bail: calm down, senator. When mothma arrives we will design another plan. As the empire approaches in short time, there isn’t much we can do but defend ourselves as best as we can.

Mothma enters

Mothma: gentlemen…

Bail: captain. The fleet from kuat have suddenly chosen your system as their next target, we need a defense plan.

Mothma looks at the hologram

Mothma: what is that ship there? Why has it broken from the fleet?

Mon: we believe it’s the ship carrying the prisoners, sir…

Mothma sighs

Mothma: I knew this would happen from helping you. We haven’t much options, senators, my fleets are limited with men, we must apply the original plan upon our system-

Anty: preposterous. We created the plan for a rescue mission only. If the empire is no longer targeting civilians they’re forces would now gather only for a full scale invasion. There is no way our system would survive after they’ve taken this headquarters…

Mothma: none of this was meant to be easy, senator…

Anty: that’s a suicide- this is a suicide mission! Governor kainaan-to specifically stated: no suici-

Mothma: welcome to war, senator.

Senator anty falls silent.

Bet: we are all risking our lives, senator.

Anty: what good will come of our deaths?


Bet: hope. Hope that someone somewhere will see what we’ve done. What we’ve done for them… and they will do the same for someone else.

Bail: they’re entering this system… they’ll be at the mercius zone momentarily.

anty: get a signal out!

Mon: “all stations, all stations: the empire has intercepted our operation. Prepare for attack.”

Bet: senator anty is right, though. We will lose too many people before I can even set up a rescue mission.

Mothma: there will not be a rescue mission, agent. This is an all-out battle, now.

Pause. Bets expression losing hope.

Mon: what if we created a diversion?

bail: like what?

Mon: like a way to buy us some time?

bail: but how? Captain?

Mothma: I don’t know. Our defensive systems are ground-based. We may have a chance to take out air support… but only air support.

Anty: if we could attack their star destroyers we could possibly have a chance?

bet: but how?

Bail: is there any way to deploy a space attack?

Mothma: like I said, our military operations are mainly secured for the ground-

Anty: all we have are battle ships.

Bail: then we will use them!-

Anty: how?

Suddenly, kainaan-to enters.

Kainaan-to: why wasn’t I signaled!

Mothma: sorry, governor, I was called in unexpectedly.

Bail: sorry, governor. There isn’t much to explain except the empire are… entering the atmosphere in a few moments.

Bet: (under his breath) we have no time.

Mon: we need to send soldiers out.

Mothma: I will rally my men.

He exits.

bail: they’re assuming landing positions.

Anty: what do we do about the star destroyers? They will wipe our system clean!

Bet: wait!

Bet gestures to mon and bail organa and begins charging towards his ship, followed by them.

Mon: bet what are we doing?!

Soldiers are seen frantically running around the three as the alarm sounds repetitively.

bet: we’re going to find my ship, I have a plan.

Bail: did we just storm out on a senator and the governor?

The three reach bets ship

Bet: okay, we need to fill this and two more ships up with high explosives.

Mon: were going to bomb the star destroyers from here aren’t we? Do you think it’ll work?

Bet: its gonna have to, if we fill the ships up enough we may be able to disable the fleets.

Bail: who’s going to fly these ships up there?

Bet: I don’t know yet, I will if I have to.

Mon: bet, no!

Bet: it’s okay, moneera.

He pushes her away slightly.

Bet: Get moving both of you.


the scene transitions to the command station.

Kainaan-to: find out where the empire is, senator!

anty walks to and studies the holographic sensor graph

anty: they’re outside, sir.


the scene transitions to the outside of the imperial hall. The star destroyers are seen merging slowly into the atmosphere from the clouds above entire cities at a time. As the ships advance on the cities, the audience witnesses the sheer size of a star destroyer, especially compared to the hall. The music loudens and thickens.

ports of the destroyers open and hundreds of deployment ships hastily approach the ground and the hall.

Suddenly, thousands of troopers emerge from the hall and the surrounding city. They walk towards the landing deployment ships. They then freeze.

The shot pans over the vast number of soldiers awaiting the ships to land as they cover the entirety of the hall and the city. The deployment ships crash land into small neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city, already crushing hundreds of lives. A shot focuses on a soldier gulping.

The ship doors open and clone troopers burst out as the onslaught begins.


The scene transitions to the inside of the hall as the building begins to shake. Mon, bet and bail are loading up the final ship, bets.

Bail: I have courageous soldiers ready to take these ships into orbit to destroy this fleet once and for all.

Bet: no, senator. These soldiers are needed on the ground.

Senator anty enters breathing heavily

Anty: here you all are, I’ve been searching everywhere for you! The clone troopers have engaged our soldiers. We haven’t much time before they over run us.

Bet: then I must move.

Mon: bet! how will you do this?

Bet gestures to s.a.m

Bet: she will link up my control systems to these other two ships. After overriding the system, I will fly these ships straight into the star destroyers… ending this before the empire becomes too much.

Bet gestures to the deck officer to open the top hatch.

Mon: bet! you’ll die!

Bet: mon. I’ll be fine. Take care of our republic.

He nods to the senators and the soldiers beside them and enters his ship.

Inside the cockpit, bet brings the controls to life gesturing to s.a.m to override the other ships controls.

They then activate.

As the music swells, the three ships take off simultaneously and fly towards the star destroyers.


The scene transitions to montages of the clone troopers outmatching the soldiers of the mercius zone and the troopers stealing citizens from their homes and cities. The scene then transitions to clives face, high in the super star destroyer, looking down on the system in destruction.

The scene transitions back to the battle Montage including deployed a-wing star fighters and tie fighters sent into battle against emerging mercius exo-land-op fighters.


The scene enters bets cockpit:

Bet: okay, girl. Take them nice and easy.

s.a.m bleeps

bet: just help me with this, swerve the fighters. These packages need to make the star destroyers.

The three ships dodge imperial attack in tracking shots behind bets ship with the super star destroyer in the background.

Mon: bet, bet! are you okay?!

Bet: I’m about to pass the war zone…

The scene transitions to within the command station where the senators and mon sit anxiously over bet.

Bet: I’m through, none of the ships are damaged.

Bet:To s.a.m: almost there.


The scene transitions to soldiers pulling civilians from the grip of the clone troopers in the midst of lost war. Brief cameos of clone troopers offlining are shown.


The scene transitions back to bets cockpit

Bet: oh I have a bad feeling about this.

A shot over bets shoulder shows the approaching super star destroyer


The scene transitions to clive where a deck officer enters:

Deck officer: sir, we have three ships incoming. One passenger reported.

Clive: one? Bring up an image.

The officer types quickly into the nearest computer. Bets ship and two other local ships appear on a giant hologram.

Clive scowls.

Clive: take them down!


The scene transitions to bets ships nearing the fleet until suddenly, the super star destroyer blasts a strong beam causing one of the ships beside bet to explode heavily. Bets ship flies in the opposite direction hitting the opposing ship. They both veer out of control.


The scene transitions to the senators and mon gasping.


The scene cuts back to the ships still heading towards the fleet:

Bet: arghhhh! Steady, sam! Steady!


The scene transitions to clive:

Clive: what?! Again!


the scene transitions to bets cockpit:

bet: ha-ha! Now sam!

s.a.m flies over to bets lap as her middle red light turns blue. Straps appear around bet and s.a.m and a space helmet drops on bets head as they eject under the ship crashing back to the mercius zone.


The star destroyers beam misses bets ship slightly before it crashes into the central command of the super star destroyer. The other ship crashes into the star destroyer beside the super star destroyer. The super star destroyer collides into the star destroyer on the opposing side.

The fleet crumbles.

The scene transitions to clive escaping a burning control room devastated by the impact.

The soldiers on the ground begin defeating the limited clone troopers, pushing them back as they take back their people. The battle ships in the warzone and the turrets defeat the limited imperial air force before assisting the ground forces.

The scene transitions to the command station:

Anty: it worked…

Kainaan-to: brave soul.

Mothma enters

Mothma: the empire is retreating!

Anty: really?

Mothma: we’re even retrieving prisoners.

Bail: we did it.

Mon remains silent.

Anty: what now?

Kainaan-to: we wait for our victory! He laughs


The scene transitions to the falling imperial fleet as the shot pans over the succeeding soldiers.


The scene cuts back to the command station:

Bail: this is a first step for the republic.

Anty walks over to bail and rests his hand on his shoulder

Anty: no… this is a rebellion.

The camera pans over to mothma

Mothma: which is why I can’t let this go on any further.

Mothma pulls a blaster from his holster and grabs bail organa.

Kainaan-to: captain! What are you doing?! Let him go this instant!

Mothma: never.

Anty: why are you doing this?!

Mothma: I let everything slide until now. I can take the fleet being destroyed but these prisoners were something more-

Anty: you’re an imperial spy!

Mothma: I will not doom the empire! The emperor… he’s a witch of nightmares.

Bail: calm down, captain, we can help you.

Mothma: this is my mission… my little girl-

bail: what’s her name?

kainaan-to steps towards mothma

mothma: you stay right where you are, “leader”. You wouldn’t have the balls to take on my duties, I should be in charge!-

bail: calm down, calm down.

Mon: yeah, what’s your daughter’s name?

Mothma: sighs mon.

Mon: like me. She giggles

Mothma half smiles

Mon: we can help you, captain.

Mothma: how?! You wouldn’t have a damn clue what I have to go through. This empire… its-

Mon: big. Scary, even?


Mon: a friend of mine taught me once to try. Even against the odds. We can help you, captain. The empire is … - but we beat them and we’ve just been shown how!

Mothma slowly drops his weapon and mon walks towards him slowly clutching the broken man.

Mon: your daughter would be proud of you.

Anty: so what now?

Bail: relax. Enjoy the victory.

Mothma: the empire will be back.

Anty: what will they bring after that?!

Mothma: that’s what I’m questioning.

kainaan-to: I for one have expended enough soldiers for one fight. If what you say is true, mothma, I will have my people as my number one option. And mothma. You have here by resigned.

Anty: governor?

Kainaan-to: we are leaving. Immediately.

Bail: governor?!

Kainaan-to: enough of this talk, senator. This was preposterous. We haven’t achieved anything here today, isn’t it obvious? Mothma said it himself they’ll be back. There was never a motion of negotiation, we collided like unknowing ravage dogs in some game. Have what you will. My people and I are leaving.

Anty: where, sir?

Kainaan-to: I will speak with the hosnian system. Perhaps they will have us.

Kainaan-to exits

The room falls silent for a second.

Mon: we just showed the empire we can be reckoned with.

Anty: but now what will we do?

Mothma: ahh… excuse me. Thank you. Thank you all for what you have done for me. I found courage through you, gestures to mon, I want to help.

Bail: what can you do for us, mothma?

Mothma: I have loyal soldiers; I can supply your protection.

Bail nods

Mon: welcome aboard. Close up.

Mon pulls away from the gentlemen conversing and looks into a small screen with cameras on the perimeter of the town.

She searches and searches but cannot find a thing on bet.

sequence ends.


Sequence 28: an itch you can’t scratch




The sequence pans into a small dark room. Vader sits staring into blank space as his breathing mask bellows repeatedly.

The shots transition many times showing his confused and thoughtful expressions.

The room darkens and darkens until the emperors voice is faintly heard.

The camera closes in on vaders mask as the sound of a lightsaber is heard. He stands.

He walks out of the room, followed by the camera, reaching a small technicians room hosting two officers.

Vader: leave.

They exit.

Vader types into the communication system and leaves the room.

sequence ends.


Sequence 29: you were my brother



the sequence fades into a dark night. The camera pans down to the sandy world of tatooine.

A hut is seen in the corner of the frame with lights on.

Suddenly, the scene changes to the inside where we see obi-wan meditating whilst reading a horror novel.

Obi-wan: … it creeped subtly until… mumbles the words, oh in the name of! By the force that chapter was terrifying.

He places the book down and rests his eyes.

Suddenly, the sound of a recurring beep cuts obi-wans silence

He reads the telecommunication.

the suspense freezes as the scene slows.

He looks around anxiously, grabs his cloak, his lightsaber and rushes out the hut door.

Obi-wan looks out to the beautiful night sky on tatooine.

The camera pans out.

sequence ends.


Sequence 30: the pupil will never surpass their master




An imperial shuttle lands on a dark tatooine creating a small cloud of sand.

The sound of an engine cutting forces through diegetic sound of tatooine.

The walkway lowers as vader walks onto the ugliness of his home planet slowly, almost dying with each step.

He looks out to the desert lands and sees a small woodfire beaming a sunset colour onto his black mechanical suit.

Suddenly, the camera pans showing a figure standing far from the ship.

Vader feels the figure through the force.

Vader: I didn’t think you would show.

The figure walks closer

Vader: do you see how your jedi ways have deceived you.

The figure reveals himself to in fact be, obi-wan.

Obi-wan: how have they deceived me?

Vader: you coware in holes for shelter while I reign supreme ruler of the galaxy. I achieve this through only the dark side, obi-wan.

Obi-wan: you achieved the destruction of a galaxy through the power of hate, darth vader.


Vader: so… you’ve accepted my true name.

Obi-wan: it is a name that has blinded you to who you truly are.

Vader: it has brought strength out of this filth I was born into.

Obi-wan: was being a Jedi not a more graceful lifestyle than a slave?

They circle each other, unknowing to who will strike first.

Vader: my master believed in doing what was right even when it did not agree with others’ rules.

Obi-wan: your master? Darth, I was your master-

Vader: I speak of qui-gon. He rescued me from my slave life.

Obi-wan: darth, he rescued you. He brought you into our great order even when the council did not want him to.

Vader: it was merely a gesture to start understanding my powers. Once I learned all I could from the light side my attention turned to the dark.

Obi-wan: the dark side is not as powerful as the light-

Vader: the dark side is capable of achieving a wholeness with the force, my old master. It is considered to allow one to achieve powers deemed unnatural.

Obi-wan: and padme?

Vader flinches and pulls away

Obi-wan: what about her? How did you save her!

Vader: I… I couldn’t.

Obi-wan: you let her go. You let her die. Your selfish ways stopped you from loving her in her most desperate hour of need. You lost her. For what?


vader returns and lifts his mask slowly.

vader: for power. Your Jedi mind tricks will not work with me, old master. What’s done is done, I am one now with the dark side.


Obi-wan: is that why you’re here, darth? So you can prove it to me by striking me down. Or is it to prove it to yourself?

Vader ignites his red lightsaber. Obi-wan reacts identically with his blue lightsaber.

obi-wan: well? Are you going to kill me, Anakin?


Vader extinguishes his lightsaber and steps back towards the ship. Only the sound of obi-wans lightsaber and vaders mask is heard for a moment.

Obi-wan: I’ve spent years above you Anakin. I’ve learned the nature of the force. I did in such a way that I’d understand only the good. That evil will not triumph. What I’m seeing from you today, Anakin, has shown me that I am a master in the light… and you are but a learner, in the dark.

Vader walks back onto his ship, the engine roars. Obi-wan watches his old pupils ship fly into the distance as he retracts his lightsaber.

sequence ends.


Sequence 31: the next step

Regal mothma

Bail organa


Senator anty


The sequence fades up onto noemir. The scene cuts to the imperial hall (the new old republics base). The audience watch ten speeders race out of the hall, the camera follows one of the speeders in a long tracking shot as it maneuvers through rubble from war.

The score quickens as the violins take over.

The tone is set for a rescue mission.

The camera stops and rises allowing the speeder to race into the large landscape ahead.

Mothma: all my men have been dispatched, we will be notified of any survivors and they will be brought back here.

the scene transitions to the inside of the halls command station:

anty: well… it seems kainaan-to has already shifted half the systems people off to the hosnian system. Guess they agreed to help them quick enough, maybe they’ll help us?

Bail: leave it, senator. We’ve sent enough people into peril against this empire. No system would trust us now. Not with their lives at stake.

Mon: how could we possibly hope to beat the empire on our own. We have a few ships, a tank and a handful of speeders.

Suddenly a computer lights up and flashes.

Anty: oh, that must be your men, captain.

Anty walks over to the computer and puts on the headphones.

Anty: yes… yes I understand. He’s said he’s found something on the outskirts of town.

Mothma: tell him to check it.

Bail: I have decided a plan. It isn’t much but it is something we must do. Unfortunately, we need to leave this hall. and this system, for good. The empire will return here looking for remaining men just as we have.

Anty: he’s found a survivor. We’ll be out there to grab them soon, send your coordinates.

Mon: I agree but where do we go?

Anty: he says he can manage. He will be here soon. Okay… over and out.

Mothma nods to anty

Bail: we can hide on my home planet: alderaan.

Mothma: once my men return from their recon, senator, then we will all leave.

The music fades up and bail nods to mothma

sequence ends




Sequence 32: the emperor and clive




The sequence wipes to a small imperial ship. The camera falls in through the window of the moving ship to find clive retreating and being flown by the super star destroyers captain.

The scene lingers on clives expression as he lays sporting a cemented face.

There are large scratches on his face.

The camera begins drawing into his face slowly.

captain: we are coming up on mandalore now, sir. shall I signal for a landing approach?

Clive rises

Clive: yes. Ready me a personal ship upon our arrival.

Captain: of course, sir.

The camera pans out as the ship dons its landing lights flying towards the large planet mandalore.


The scene transitions into a shot behind clives head as he walks through the imperial facility.

The shot circles around him revealing his face cemented in anger whilst slipping a look of fear.

The shot transitions to opening doors where an imperial officer in black gestures for clive to enter. Clive walks through the door slowly, arrogantly.

The shot follows through behind him into a personal room with a device implanted onto the floor. The doors shut and the room falls dark.

 A hologram of the emperor fades up lighting the entire room a hellish blue.

Clive kneels.

Emperor: commander.


Clive: my lord.

The room falls silent in an awkward second as clives eyes dart around the room.

Emperor: what of the future troopers, commander?

Clive: oh, they are currently on their way to corrussant now. Ready to be trained and to fight for your empire.

The emperor sneers.

emperor: and the republic…

clive: alive. Sir.

emperor: what?

Clive: we stormed their new command post. They destroyed my entire fleet.

Emperor: HOW?! The room shakes

Clive: it was their hero, my lord. He… died destroying our star destroyers’ central control stations.

Emperor: and the rest of the republic.

Clive stands slowly.

Clive: possibly, still on the mercius zone.

Emperor: kill them, commander. Kill them now.

Clive: my lord… I haven’t a fleet?

Emperor: do it yourself!-

Clive: yes, sir!

Emperor: I will pardon you for your efforts, commander. But if you return to me without the heads of the wretched filth known as the republic! You will learn the TRUE NATURE of the dark side.

The imperial march score begins as the emperor disappears leaving the room in darkness again.

sequence ends.




Sequence 33: bet wiixx





Mercius soldier

Bet (silent)


The sequence transitions to bail and mon both nervous, speaking amongst themselves. Anty is moving equipment into the mercius cruiser in the landing zone as entering soldiers sign in from their rescue missions reporting their findings to a seated mothma.

Bail: moneera, I’ve been meaning to tell you since our escape on naboo… I didn’t know the best time to bring this up… but you’ve been a real help to our cause. I’d be glad to call you a friend.

Mon: me too, sir.

Bail: please call me, bail… why don’t you two call me bail! He giggles

Mon: sorry… bail she giggles back

Bail: I haven’t a chance to know you yet. Tell me about yourself.

Mon: tell me about yourself first…

Bail: well, alright, I am a senator of alderaan, I knew many fallen Jedi and political figures from before the galaxy we live in today… and I’m married to the most beautiful… queen breha organa.

Mon: oh, sounds lovely… and, brave.

Bail: thank you, moneera.

Mon: call me mon. I… well, before I joined up with bet I was sort of a nobody. I took what I could get, never looked back… got in trouble. I’m not wanted anywhere but wanted everywhere.

Close up of bail organa

Bail: what do you feel about yourself now?

Mon: I…hopeful. Like I’ve got a purpose. Like I’m meant to be somewhere. Like I’m free… but I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

The music thickens to a peaceful and brave tone

Bail: for a young girl you are sure grown up. He smiles

Suddenly mothma gestures to everyone

Mothma: the soldier has brought back the survivor. Let’s go.

Everyone follows mothma and the soldier to the hangar where the speeder is.

On the ground lays bet, unconscious.

Mon: oh my god, bet! bet!

she runs over clutching him hard. The republic figures sigh in relief.

Bail: get him some medical attention, is he alive?

Mercius soldier: yes, sir. barely but he’s still here.

Bail: then get him some help!

The soldier exits.

Bail organa and anty walk over and crouch down by bet. they check his vitals

Bail: bet, bet are you there?

Anty: bet!

The soldier rushes in with two other soldiers carrying bet into a medical bay.

Mon and bail look at each other before everyone follows.

The scene fades down.


The scene fades up revealing a healing bet laying asleep and mon sitting beside him.

Bet: did we do it? Muttering and whispering

Mon: bet?! bet!

Mon jumps up and hugs him. The scene fades down.

sequence ends.




Sequence 34: desperation





The sequence opens on a close up of clive staring out a window. The shot pulls away slowly as an officer enters.

Officer: commander…darth vader is here.

He exits.

Clive: (under his breath) vader.

Vader enters behind clive

Vader: commander…

Clive turns around slowly.

Clive: we are going to finish this once and for all, vader.

Vader: what is your plan?

Clive: we are going back to the mercius zone and ending the republic.


Vader: yes, commander.

Vader exits.

Clive turns back.

The shot creeps towards clive into a close up.

sequence ends.










Sequence 35: redemption




Regal mothma

Senator anty

Arb tano

Bail organa



The sequence transitions inside the medical bay where bet is surrounded by the republic figures.

Mothma: it’s great to hear you’re okay, bet. but you know we need to leave immediately.

Bail: After finding out about what you did… they will be back for blood. They can’t afford to look as vulnerable as you’ve made them.

Mon: he needs to rest for a little…

Mothma: there’s just no way.

Soldiers move in on bet

Mon: don’t touch him! She protects bet

Mothma: mon! we need to escape now.

Mon: he just fell from the sky, captain! Please… soon.

Bet: moneera… it’s okay. He struggles to move

Bail: no, she’s right. its fine. Rest.

Mothma looks at bail organa

Anty: I agree… he’s earned it.

Bet breaks a small smile

Mothma: an hour. No more.

The republic figures leave leaving only mon aside bet.

The shot falls into bets face closing his eyes. The scene fades down.


The scene opens suddenly as the sound of a loud ship wakes bet.

Mon: what is it?
bet: no…

The scene transitions to the outside of the hall as a small shuttle glides through the clouds and begins landing.


The scene transitions back to the medical bay

Bet: we need to get out of here now!

Bet helps himself up slowly

Mon: bet, no! you need to rest. I’ll go check it out.

Mon exits

bet looks around the room and stands up groaning in pain.

The scene transitions to the command station:

Mon enters

Mon: did you hear it? What Is it?

Mothma: we’re about to check it out now.

The republic figures walk to room with a visor window

Anty: it’s a… a ship

Mon: a ship? What’s it want?

Mothma: it looks imperial.

Anty: who could it be?


The scene transitions to a long shot of the shuttle remaining still as the engines die down.

Suddenly, the walkway lowers as darth vader exits, clive behind him.


Command station:

Mon: its darth vader.

Bail: we need to escape, now!

The republic figures run towards the landing bay whereas mon runs towards the medical bay.

Upon entering, she finds bet has escaped.

She runs back to the landing bay where the doors are suddenly ripped off and thrown away revealing vader and clive.

Clive: well, well, well… look who survived.

Bail: what do you want with us, officer?

Clive: my emperor has given me specific instructions to bring back your heads. You can surrender yourselves willingly and I promise your ‘legacy’ will live on as a trophy for the empire and a symbol of fear to the galaxy.

Clive steps closer.

Clive: you’re brave. Bold. But the republic has, again, interfered with my work. you destroyed my fleet, senators-

Bail: you attacked us, officer-

Clive: yes, but your doing is an act of treason. Mine is simply: galactic duty.

Pause. Everyone remains still.

Clive: very well… stand your ground.

Clive spots mothma.

Clive: oh… and mothma… coward.

Mothma: I am no coward, imperial scum.

clive: you’re foolish, mothma. the republic stands not for renegades such as yourself… they’re using you. And in an hour of such need…

mothma turns to bail organa slowly, inquisitively.

Mon: don’t listen to him, captain-

Clive then spots mon and points to her slowly.

Clive: you. Who might you be? I saw you before with bet.

Mon: his friend.

Clive: peculiar to say the least. Bet never had much time for friends. he never mentioned you.

Mon: what? How do you know, bet? Angered

Clive: your ignorance betrays you. It betrays you all. he giggles

Mon: who are you?!

Clive: supreme commander clive wiixx

Mon and bail gasp in realization.

Suddenly, bet enters through the command station door.

Clive: bet…

Bet: yes, clive. It’s me.

He limps towards clive as vader now stands tall behind him.

Clive: I was wondering where you were. And all this time I had thought you fell along with my star destroyers.


Clive: but I know you couldn’t leave them, bet. not with so much ‘evil’ still left in the galaxy.

Bet: I spoke to taro, clive.


Bet: he told me… he told me what happened that day. I know you feel alone, clive. That you feel abandoned. But it’s not true. I’m right here.

Clive: if you have spoken to that dog then you must know why I am standing opposite you. Opposing you. The republic only stands against me now because they still feel a sense of hope but you will see… they will see! When the light at the end of the tunnel fades and the people you thought who would stand by you ‘til their last dying breath are gone… it is then that this ‘republic’ will no longer seem to be what it once was. 

Close up of mothma.

Bet: clive…  you gave yourself to them. To him. Points to vader.

Clive: to protect my people… to protect him! Why didn’t he come back for me? Why didn’t taro rescue his padawan?...

Close up of vader

Bet: how could he, clive?


Bet: why didn’t you escape-

Clive: how could I, bet. why would I?... I learned quickly that I was meant to be there. He left me, so I vowed to destroy him. I promised myself… that one day I will come back and he would die when I came. I promised myself that I will rule the galaxy. And now bet… I am the dark side.

bet looks at the republic figures, mon then back to clive

bet: I never left you, clive. You’re my brother. I fight for you. And I will, ‘til the end. You don’t need the empire. You just need to come home.

Clive launches himself at bet and grips his neck firmly, pushing him into a wall. mon jumps.

In a sudden change of heart, Clive looks into his brother and realizes his mistake.

clive quickly unholsters his weapon and fires at vaders hand.

Vader drops his lighsaber.

Clive force pulls the lightsaber to his hand but vader force chokes and pulls bet to his side.

The men are in a standoff as the republic figures watch on.

Vader: I knew you were weak. From the moment I picked you up in that village I knew who you were. What you are. A pathetic excuse for a man who does not where he is headed. A man who doesn’t know who he even is.

Bet: stop.

Vader: you’re nothing more than a puppet of the empire. A mere pawn of the emperor. Your destiny was to slave for the empire, then die in it… You will never be a hero.

Clive remains still and looks to his brother, struggling.

Vader: this is your weakness.

Vader looks at bet

Vader: the dark side does not stand for weakness.

Vader focuses on bet.

Vader: you. You are the rebel attacking the empire. You must be silenced. If your brother cannot do it. I will.

Mon: no!

Vader turns to mon and stares at her as his breathing mask continues.

Vader immediately force pulls mon into his other hand.

Bet: no, no! vader-please!

Mon struggles in vaders grip as clive is left confused. He looks to the republic figures and back to vader multiple times.

Vader: give it to me. Or they will die.

Clive thinks.

After looking at bet who calms his face and nods slightly, clive holds the saber up in submission. The saber floats through the air slowly before it reaches the hand force holding mon. vader lets her go and ignites the saber. Bet sits still, still locked in a stare with his brother.

Clive, understanding.

vader swings the red saber under bets throat. He dies.

mon: no!

Before vader can attack the republic figures and clive, taro enters unexpectedly.

He ignites his saber, looks at clive, then attacks vader. The two lock sabers.

taro: that will be enough from you.

Vader: the cowardice Jedi from the village. Have you come to finally protect the life of your padawan and seal your fate?

The two fight aggressively as clive runs over to mon and directs her to the republic figures who clive gestures for an escape.

As they leave, mon and bail organa turn and watch the battle as clive stands still, watching his old master finally lock blades with vader and stare at the fallen body of his brother.

Mon: let’s go! Come on!

Clive doesn’t respond.

Vader gains the upper hand and cuts taro down.

Taro’s lightsaber rolls out of his hand onto the ground, defeated.

Vader and clive’s eyes lock.

But before vader can move, mon drags clive towards the republic figures.

Clive quickly force pulls taro’s saber to his hand before they enter the starting ship.

Clive: he’s going to stop us-

Mon: what do we do?

Clive closes his eyes and concentrates.

he summons all of his might and force pushes vader from the inside of the ship knocking vader unstable.

The ship begins to fly out of the hall’s landing bay and into the atmosphere of noemir but vader quickly rebalances himself and force holds the ship in place.

Mothma: he’s got us, there’s nothing I can do!

Clive: open the back doors.

Anty: what?!

Clive: just do it!

Clive reaches for his blaster and walks towards the back of the ship.

Clive points his weapon at vader and begins firing.

Vader, distracted, lets the ship go, they escape.

Close up of vader as the sound of the ship flying away is heard.

Sequence ends.



Sequence 36: epilogue



Bail organa

Regal mothma

Senator anty


The sequence begins as the republics ship blasts into hyperspace.

Inside cockpit:

clive looks to what’s left of the republic.

Mon: devastated, sits still and quiet.

Bail organa, anty and mothma: confused, as to what will be of the future.

Clive, uncertain, not knowing of how the republic will deal with this imperial straggler

Bail stands, clears his throat and rests his palm on clives shoulder. The rest of the republic figures look on.


bail: welcome.

close up of clive.

the shot pulls away from the republic figures as the music thickens.


Roll credits.

The end.


Billy Gonzalez.



© Copyright 2020 billy gonzalez. All rights reserved.

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