Philosophy of Business

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This short article is for those interested in starting a business and need some information on what type of person they need to be. Not a guide to starting one.

Submitted: July 28, 2013

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Submitted: July 28, 2013



Philosophy of Business

I myself have founded and succeeded in a few businesses, my most successful (one which the raspberry pi enthusiasts may have encountered,) is one called Raspberry Rock. Now don’t assume this article is going to be all about me boasting about some business success, no; simply me giving examples so you can take this article seriously.

Many people ask me how to start a business and that they are afraid of starting one, the key to starting a business is for it to be a passion. The business you are starting needs to be something you enjoy… i.e. you ma like technology so endure on the task of creating the next great gadget. This is the starting position because if you enjoy it you won’t give up when the going gets tough. For those that are afraid of business start-up, do not be, the key to a successful business is failure. I myself failed in three business ventures before I had success. But the most important thing is a drive to make money.

Imagine a scenario with two people… John and Jill. John has never had an interest in business and has never failed in business nor started one. He loves fashion and therefore he says he is going to start a clothing label. Jill since a young age has loved the concept of making a profit and when she was younger she set up a stall outside her house to make some money off of her unused toys. She loves the idea of selling old and second hand items so she decides to open an antiques shop, she is originally turned down by banks for investment so seeks it in private investors. John on the other hand is accepted by the bank and is given a short loan that is to be repaid.

Whose business will succeed? I am not going to tell you, that is for you to decide.

Though from those two short situations you can see how business works.

To sum up if you wish to start a business you need an interest outside of business and a drive to make money.


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