The Observation of Life

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This content is a small summary of how life is perceived through vision.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



To see is to observe, to observe is to understand. With life to understand something you need to observe and let your eyes make sense of it. To know something for sure you need to realize the possibilities and therefore letting go of what is not correct. To give a simple example when a detective is trying to solve a murder they must first find their suspects; finding evidence will then help them let go of the innocent. If a person simply observes another, one can tell the story of that person. For example... a man walks into a room he has dirty trouser knees scuffed boots sweaty hair and ruff skin on the ends of his fingers. Now by ruling out unlikely situations, i.e. he is a miner, we can come to a more likely maybe useful conclusion that this man is a builder and from the dirt on his knees he has most probably just returned from his work. In some instances people may think they know something like “the back of their hand” but in fact they have not observed and don’t properly understand. What is the bet that you have walked up and down the stairs in your house many many times, you may have spotted a small stain on the carpet and now thinking you know all about that small space; but what if i said, how many stairs do you trail upon at least twice per day? Most of you wouldn’t have a clue because, though you think you know, you haven’t looked, or seen. Next time you think you understand something, take a moment to observe it, you may be surprised what you see.

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