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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Not for the lighthearted.
"Gruesome... No... Brutal!"
About a Chief inspector who is constantly being watched by an unknown being, what's his purpose?
Whatever it is.... It's not human.

Submitted: June 24, 2014

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Submitted: June 24, 2014



Crime scene tape rustles as the Cheif Inspector Nicholas crouches underneath it, he looks up and the Inspectors are stood there awaiting his arrival.

"So what's happend here?" said Nicholas with a concerned look on his face.

" A teen aged 15-17 years old, stabbed in each of his major organs and hung up from a tree and decapitated, he died instantly." Said Inspector Jack.

"Lovely, do we have any leads on the culprit?" said Nicholas looking grim.

"Not yet sir, we need results back from forensics first" Said inspector Alex.

"Alright, thanks for your hard work" said Nicholas.

Nicholas walked around the crime scene and passes the body, holding his hand over his mouth, "Jesus" he cried out... "Gruesome... No... Brutal!". He quickly walks by and out of the massacre making his way through the crowd of journalists and news reporters, The cameras all point at nicholas frantically asking him questions "Do you have any leads?" asked one news reporter, "Is this the doing of a serial killer? Who could have done this?" asked a journalist.

"No comment!" yelled cheif inspector Nicholas and calmly but quickly walked away and back to his car.

He drove away, as the crime scene flashed before his eyes causing his car to swerve, nearly hitting a lampost, but he caught the wheel just in time and he sighed a sigh of relief.

The sun peaked through the dust coloured clouds and shone directly in his eyes, he quickly unfolded the mirrored sun visor to block the sun out and looked into the mirror, he stopped the car in shock, "Who are you?" he said in a trembly voice, Nicholas had seen another being in the mirror, someone sat in the backseat of his car, though it was just a shadow.

"Who are you!?" Said Nicholas beginning to yell, The dark being replied "You".

He was about to say something else but he was interrupted by the beeping of a car behind him and he looked in his side mirror and there was no car behind him, He looked back into the mirror where the shadow had been and it vanished.

Feeling confused and angry, Cheif inspector Nicholas drove on parking outside of his house, he put the break on and turned off the engine slowly, took one last look in the mirror hoping to see the shadow again but it wasn't there.

"Daddy!" Shouted his bright eyed daughter as she ran out of the house and to the car pressing her face against the glass of the car window.

He opened the door carefully stepped out and said "Hey Pumpkin!" as Casey(7) jumped into his arms laughing with glee.

He carried casey inside and set her down on the sofa, "Hungry?" he asked.

"What? Of course I am!" Said Casey brightly.

Nicholas walked into the kitchen and opens the freezer door spotting a medicine ball shaped object, he takes it out of the freezer and unwraps it a little, he jumps back when he sees something looking back at him, Casey runs in and asks "Daddy? what's wrong?", he looks at her and smiles, "Nothing sweetie, go back and watch TV", she shrugs then walks back into the living room and plops herself on the sofa.

Nicholas Unwraps the object fully, revealing a decapitated head, he looks at it in shock and horror and thinks to himself frantically "Why is this in my freezer?" "Who did this?"...

Shaking, he wraps the head back up and places it back into the freezer. "I didn't do this... so who or what did?" he whispered to himself, He felt cold on his back and he did a 360 turn quickly, seeing nothing except a shadow, the shadow that had appeared in his car.

"You did it, you killed him." It said evily.

He was taken aback and said, scared now, "What are you? You did this didn't you?!"

"I am you, you are my host" It said coldly.

"But -" he started then Casey runs in again "Daddy? who are you talking to? I heard voices".

He quickly looked at Casey then looked back at where the shadow had been stood, "No one sweetie" He said calmly.

"Okay, can you make me that lasagne again? I liked that!" She said hungrily.

"Sure, Casey" He said

Casey started dancing around the kitchen singing Hannah Montana as I took the lasagne out of the freezer and into the oven, "It will take half an hour, Casey, so calm down" he said slightly annoyed.

Casey looked at him with a sad expression and said "Okay..." and sat back down on the sofa watching Spongebob.

Nicholas climbed the stairs and lay on the bed, he rolled over to the bedside table looking at the framed picture of the family, Him, Casey, and Laurie his wife who died of cancer 4 years ago in January, He visualized the last time he saw her the beeps of the life support machine filled the air, as Nicholas sat by the hospital bed looking upon Laurie... She had been in a coma for 3 months and the doctor had given him the choice to pull the plug, He had nearly fallen asleep when Laurie took his hand and spoke with her eyes shut and said "Look after casey, don't let them harm her". He looked at her with shock and was about to reply when her pulse went flat "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep", He got ushered out of the hospital room by nurses and doctors as he looked through the window in the door watching them trying to save her life, but it was too late...

The oven alarm went off "Beep, beep", he got off his bed and walked out of the room and down the stairs, "Daddy! It's ready!" Casey shouted from the kitchen.

He got a tea towel and pulled the lasagne out of the oven and scraped it out and onto a plate for her, she was in the living room ready and waiting, he opened the drawer and pulled out a fork and knife for her and placed it on the plate.

He walked in and placed it on her lap. After Casey had eaten she fell asleep. He noticed and carried her up to her room and put her in bed "Goodnight pumpkin" He whispered.

He walked into his bedroom and climbed in bed and instantly fell asleep.

Silence filled the room.

The shadow had appeared hovering above him, as he breathed in and out the shadow was sucked in too.

He opened his eyes which were now black and empty, it wasn't him... It was the shadow.

It got up and looked in the mirror and grinned, his mouth abnormally big, an evil smirk.

It turned towards the door and walked towards it, opening it and walking down the stairs slowly and carefully, and out the front door of the house picking up the car keys.

Unlocking the car, it opens the door and turns on the engine and drives towards the gas station, when it got there it parked next to a gas meter, opens the boot and takes out a shot gun and carrys on walking towards Tesco express, it walks in with the shot gun in sight and the cashier looks at him in fright.

It walks up to him and said "Give me all your Gasoline before I blow your brains out".

The cashier jumped and said "Right away, please don't kill me" as he walks into the back room and comes out with 2 big plastic containers of gasoline and hands them over to it.

It looked at him with anger, "Not good enough" and shoots him between the eyes and his brain splats onto the cigarette cartons behind him.

It walks out with containers in hand and puts them in the car and heads towards the forensics lab.

(May be a sequel as it isn't finished)

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