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I am a massive fan of Robert Ludlums Jason Bourne series and i love his Carlos the Jackalso i am attempting to write my own Carlos tale using some aspects of his Jackal because he was cool as. seriously i read all 3 bourne books in about four days they are awesome, if your into espianage thrillers anyway so check them out and read this and please give me your take if you know the books i'm talking about

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



A man in a suit walks down the dark street towards a pay phone that sits under the only street light left that still shines. He looks out of place in this blue collar niehbourhood, espeacially being there in the dead of night. The only sounds are the distant humming of cars and glass crunching under his footsteps. In front and either side of him warehouses rise up into the night throwing tremendous shadows over everything making it look like a scene out of The Big Sleep. Behind him is the only way out. The man looks around as he approaches the phone, taking on an orange glow under the halogen light. The phone rings piercing the silence with its shrill tone and the man picks up the handset quickly but doesn’t speak. For a moment there is silence on the line, it starts quietly just a little chuckle that quickly rises to a menacing deep laugh. The man spins around visibly anxious and as he does he feels a sharp pain just above his knee. Before he even has time to look down at the source of the pain another  his other leg feels the sting and he drops to the floor, helpless. He makes no sound though even as the pain grows to an agony he couldn’t have imagined. Footsteps crunching on glass draw his attention and his hand goes to his waist to pull out a berretta m1951 how ever as he raises the gun a flash comes from the shadows down the street momentarily revealing a tall figure striding toward him. The flash was a result of the bullet that slammed into his hand sending the gun flying from his grip signalling the end for him, all he could do now was wait. It wouldn't take long as his killer was already striding purposefully out of the shadows towards him.

Who are you” the victim spat through a grimace of pain

“Another professional” he replied coldly. Nothing in his face showed any emotion was being felt there was just sheer indifference.

“Who…who hired you,” the soon to be dead man demanded. The killer let out that low pitched laugh again before he answered,

“ Nobody hired me” he said with a cruel smirk,

“then why, why take the risk,” anger in his voice now, if some body had paid for this he could understand it, it may even be fitting as well as ironic,

“you should be pleased you even made my list, you made it by being good at what you do… sorry did, you were good, however I am better, the best and soon the whole world will know Carlos. Tonight the year of the Jackal begins.” the assassin enjoyed this moment, that wicked smile grew bigger and he raised a type 64 silenced pistol for the kill shot.

“The jackal is dead, he was killed years ago, you are an impostor and the jackal is now nothing more than a myth” those were his last words as, with less noise than a loud cough, the final shot was taken. A shot directly in the centre of the throat. The Jackal bent down and retrieved a switch blade from his belt lifted his head as the man gave his last few breaths and removed the bullet that had become lodged in the pavement. The man was fading quickly now but before he could escape to death the Jackal stared into his eyes, watching the life drain away, and shouted

“The Jackal is NO myth but soon he will become a LEGEND

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