Exotically Animistic

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Despite Ginger's few shots of Jack, the recent drama of losing her boyfriend, and her newly acquired bad habits; it still doesn't explain her current situation, does it?

Submitted: November 18, 2009

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Submitted: November 18, 2009



I crossed my arms over my chest as I sat on one of the chairs outside of the headmaster's office. I got in a fight, so what? That girl deserved to be punched, and it is in my nature to give people what they deserve.

The girl walked out of the office; she had tear streaks on her cheeks and two black eyes. I chuckled, girls like her can't fight for nothing. As I was in my own little world the headmaster stuck his head out of his office, and motioned for my father to walk in. I guess I should explain myself while I have time. Let's see, my name is Ginger-Graham Von Erich, I'm 15 years old, I have a twin sister named Magatha Von Erich, we call her Maggie for short. We both attend Coleama Leech Boarding School. We moved from Paris, France when we were 10. Maggie settled in perfectly, while I had some trouble, seeing as I had a hard time learning how to speak English. My father made a living running a shelter for exotic animals, and my mother is the head distributor and owner of a local red-light district.Did I also mention that I'm a rising star in the music industry? I'm quite the singer even if I do say so myself.

I looked up as the door opened again, the headmaster waved his hand for me to come in. I stood up, smoothing out my skirt as I did. I didn't like wearing uniforms, and this would be the last day I would for a while. The headmaster said one more outburst from me would get me expelled. Without a word, I sat down in one of the plush chairs, sat sat in front of the old man's desk. He and my father started talking about me, what all trouble I've caused, and me being expelled. I didn't care, never did, never will. They continued to talk like the old people they are, well my father isn't really old; he's only 35.

Anyhow, the ranting in my head seemed to drown out most of the conversation they were having, because before I knew it we were in my father's truck driving home.

The ride home was mostly silent, as little conversation was held. I could tell he was mad at me, Daddy can't hide his feelings very well. If he's mad he's normally really quiet and has a really frustrated look on his face. I really couldn't care less, I still get whatever I want. I don't even care if everyone at school thinks that I'm some spoiled rich brat. I'm not rich and I'm not a brat, I just get want I want along with being extremely mean.

Although a recent person has made me see just how mean I've been being, my ex, Dominik Silvester. Oh how I loved that boy, too bad one little fight ruined our whole relationship. Either way I wanna cut his balls off now. Oh well, now that I'm single that means I get to plunder new love interests. Nick maybe? No, he almost got me pregnant. Bill and George are definitely off the list, players. My very last option would be Vergil, but maybe his brother would be interested. Dante? I've heard that he had a reputation as a player in the past, I've also heard that he plays hard to get. Yes, Dante would work out just fine.

I barely noticed Dad pulling up into the driveway of the house. We must've already made it through the protective wall, dearest Daddy always so protective. I quickly excited the truck, and jogged into the house, and into my room before Mom could see me.

My room was on the third floor, the only room on the floor, for which I was happy. I got my own bathroom and a freakishly huge walk-in closet. Maggie's room was directly below mine, next to her was a bathroom, then my older brother's old room; he moved out. My parent's room, Dad's study, the kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms were on the first floor. I was broken out of my trance by a knock on my door.

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