The Trouble With Love--Feedback Welcomed!!

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Ramblings about love and all of its troubles. Is it really worth it? Let me know!


The Trouble With Love

There is something about love that makes it seem so inviting and so warm and welcoming, but is it really? Is love really this thing that will change a person’s life for the better, no matter the circumstance? How many times has love resulted in someone losing the job of his or her dreams? How many times has it torn apart a family? Even worse, how many times has love resulted in death? All of these questions may seem a tad depressing, but if you really think about it you may come to see that love is not what it seems to be, at least in all cases.

Think about the star high school quarterback who fell in love and stayed with his girlfriend in their small town, never taking that college scholarship. Sure, he may be in love with this person for the rest of his life, but can someone live without ever realizing what they should have been had they not fallen in love? Because he fell in love he will never know if he could have gone pro, if he could have gotten a college degree and made something of himself. Instead he is working at a mechanic shop selling tires trying to make rent.

Think about the girl who fell in love with the alcoholic who beats her senseless when he is angry. Because of love she stayed with him and told her mom to stop calling her and telling her to leave him and come home. Is it right for love to do that to her?

Now don’t think that I am one of those people that look at love as a bad thing because I was left at the altar or because a girl left me for Rick Springfield. I can promise you that neither one of those things have happened to me because I have never been in love. This is not by choice, I just haven’t found that right person and I am only 21 so I don’t feel like I am in any rush to find that special someone. Having said that, I do tend to look at love from a different perspective than most others. I look at like a student looks at a math problem: I study it and try to find an answer. Through this careful observation, I have come to find that it leads to more harm than good. I have seen many people lose their friends because of a girl they love, I have met many people that are still torn up from their parents’ divorce, and I have seen many people that have lost great job opportunities because they don’t want to live without their girlfriend. Is it just me or does this seem horrible? Sure, the divorce thing is going to happen no matter what, but should someone leave his or her friends because of a girl? What happens if they break up? Who do they go to?

Now I am literally sitting in my chair writing ideas as they come to me so I apologize for the random structure of it all. But I would love for some feedback from some fellow scribblers as I plan to post this on the “booksie” website. Thanks for any input, whether you agree with me, disagree with me, or just want to tell me how I suck balls, any response is welcomed. 

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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I agree about the hardships and misery that love causes and you express that beautifully. I've seen downright evil happen under the guise of love. I wish I could say I was immune but even after everything I have seen and done, I still fall prey to love's charm.

Fri, April 13th, 2012 6:46pm


The big question is 'does love exist'? I've lived a long time, and I look at the different kinds of 'love' and I can only conclude it doesn't.

Sat, September 22nd, 2012 10:01pm

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