My Best Enemy

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every human being is basically good.what we think of someone sometimes proves us wrong,for there might be a thousand issues between us,but a person in need is a a true human-being indeed..

Submitted: October 03, 2013

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Submitted: October 03, 2013



He grabbed my collar.I pushed him aside and grabbed back his collar too.Soon we two were rolling on the ground,ready to take the life out of each other maybe,until our batch-mates came and separated us into a safe distance from each other.


That was the worst brawl I had with Manas that day and probably the worst with anyone ever in my entire life.It was a very trivial issue to start with,but coupled with a few misunderstandings it turned out to be a storm in the tea cup.


We never talked after that.Never ever tried to either.Avoided face to face contact whenever we bumped into each other by chance in the college.The college with its enormous activities and beautiful girls wasn’t enough for me to forget that day though and i looked at every opportunity to pay him back.


A year had passed now.It was election time in college and the candidate I supported was the rival of the candidate Manas supported.We were all busy in our propaganda for our respective candidates.Manas and me were ending up face to face more frequently now.The scar in my memory just turning fresh each of the time and I was sure it was true for him too.For I knew he hated me as  much as I hated him.Maybe hate was a small word to describe the magnitude of our extreme feelings.


I was to go to a small pharma company for sponsorship and I very well knew the other part had approached them too.Still thought of trying lady luck.

I sped away on my Bullet Electra

I really enjoyed the country side,the smell of the paddy fields,the small streams flowing along with me.Not to compliment the nice weather with just the right amount of cool air supplemented with a fresh fragrance of seasonal flowers.I was lost.


A truck was coming from the opposite end.At a much greater speed than what I had anticipated.Before my reflexes could absorb or adjust,I was lying on a big ditch trying to avoid the truck.

My head got hit by a rock and my bike was smashed.It all happened in a second and I didnt know whether I was dead or alive.

I was alive though for I crawled out of the ditch.My hand felt wet all of a sudden.

It was blood.I was bleeding heavily from my head.

I looked around for help,there was none.The silence and beauty of nature that I was enjoying a minute ago had its dark sides too as compared to a busy city road which is bustling with people,here people to me meant help.


And I was getting none.My head had started reeling,maybe due to the blood loss.I realized I would die of hemorrhage if not attended to quickly.Plus the pain due to the fractures and lacerations defied the senselessness caused due to the acute blood loss.


I couldn't raise my head anymore.Then from nowhere two hands caught hold of my shoulders and lifted me up.Suddenly the pain had transformed to an undefined feeling.I was abusing myself the next moment while looking at the messiah.His very presence sent a chill down my spines.He had saved my life.With a warm smile he helped my bleeding body into his car.



The guy was Manas.

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