The One Rupee Coin

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The value of the rupee has depreciated like says about the grief of the coin indirectly reflecting the country's inflation....

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013




Hi everybody.You must have seen me during the toss in a local cricket match.I am the one rupee coin,the unit currency of India.

When i was born,like any other kid I was pampered to the hilt.My value was such that i was the salary of some top government officers.I was welcomed everywhere as a precious thing.I was at a time even more costlier than my foreign brother, the dollar.I was the patriarch of the family with many small kids around called the ‘paisa’.I monitored them and they were in the field and me in treasury most of the time.That made me feel very special.

Now I don’t even find myself in the beggar’s bowl.Times have changed so much so that with me one can only buy a match box.My sweet little kids,the ‘paises’ which flourished the market have become extinct killed by the tsunami of inflation,so much that you can find them only in museums maybe.I am all alone in this world on the verge of extinction too.From the safe treasury I have been ruthlessly kicked out,so much so that even a beggar gives a grin on getting me and sometimes even throws me out.The humiliation has increased just too much in recent times.

From filling men's wallets I don't even fill kids pockets these days.There are jokes and humor alike going on about the demise of my value.Nobody knows and nobody cares that it affects the very people.Things are getting costlier and dear at a very fast rate than one can imagine.The economy is hard hit but is camouflaged by the misnomer of 'high earning'.The buying capacity of people has gone for a toss.

I am nearing extinction as like the paisa.But it is the very economy which is hard hit in this mayhem.With an uncertain future i keep tossing here and there..I have no buyers and I have no takers....and worse I can never think of making a comeback.....

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