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anger released in words rather than actions...

Submitted: October 02, 2006

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Submitted: October 02, 2006



Red Pressure collecting and condensing

The Rage slowly consuming my eyes

Thoughts of blood and terror streaming through my veins

Bashing skulls, bloody noses, handfulls of hair in my fists

Couple of kicks to their already ugly faces humors me

Their screams excite me, I just can't stop smiling

All four on floor thanks to me and my Louie

The sweet satisfaction of gore and horror

It dosn't end here either...hah

This massacre of beaten bitches will haunt their sleep

I will be the devil of their nightmares

The darkest angel of revenge

They wake up beds wet tasting the scent of their urine

Pansy little girls shouldnt play in my world

Although amusing with their whore-ish ways

Reasons there are to not touch the flame

The flame that is MY life and myself

The flame of Rage that taints your soul

The thirsty Rage that longs for blood

Yours to spill onto the floor

Crys for help that places a solid smile on my face

Lucky them they'll never know

At least that's what they think

Someday I know I'll see them on the street

I have no fear of pain or death

It's stupidity if you wish

If I'm out numbered and unarmed

The wraith of Ashley they will not miss

Their teeth will still be broken

Their eyes all black and blue

Some hair will still be missing

Oh I love sweet violence

I just wish I had the chance to make it true...

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