As Simple As a Thought

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Are you dissatisfied with yourself? Well, satisfaction comes when you have a simplified standard- simplified yet highly regarded one. Simplicity purifies life.

Submitted: January 11, 2012

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Submitted: January 11, 2012




Simplicity is true. It does not deceive, it does not boast. Simplicity is our real nature.

Simplicity is not about being dull or being left behind by others. It is about being the real you, for we are made naturally out of humility and perfection.

Parallelize simplicity with the idea of a tree. A tiny seed that is barely appreciated at all, a speck as it seems, as simple as it is- that's where a tree springs up. But behind the mere impression towards it is its genuine nature of having the visualization of a tree; that somehow and sometime, it will grow into a full-bloomed creation that only the Creator can make. Its beauty can be appreciated if we direct our eyes not on its beginning, but on the ends as it amazingly transforms into something it is supposed to be.

Simplicity has no standards at all for it is the standard in itself. Fleeting beauty has standards for which the competing pride obliges ornateness, and so does not give contentment. You'll always be wanting more and more to be "beautiful" and "presentable" before people's eyes. And so, you deceive yourself.

Anything that is outside simplicity is pride... pride that eats your true beauty. It deceives, it kills. Consume it before it consumes you. Unknowingly, we are depleted by varied constraints that our physical and rational nature compel. We are constrained by competitions, who-is-better-than-whom, or who is the 'superlative'. And behind these concepts, we unconsciously totally forget about the truth that is written all over our faces. \"smiley\"

Be blessed because God loves you (SO MUCH!) for who you are! \"smiley\"

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