The Two Painters

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Just like the two painters, we have different views about peace. Let's see who painted the perfect masterpiece...

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



There were two painters who had to portray their own views about peace. There were no other requirements nor standards as to how they're going to impart their perspectives other than painting it the way they desire. The first painter painted a picture of calm, placid river, trees that convey serenity, flowers that speak about stillness, and an overall ambience of pure tranquility. The sparkling blue water adds to the dimension and green grass glance on its beauty. The bright sun shines above them and birds of the air fly as if they transcend an impression of lightness and comfort of a seemingly perfect and quiet world. On the one hand, the second painter painted a contrasting atmosphere from that of the first artist. He painted a raging waterfall, and an uproar of falling water and thunderous splashes when it reaches what is beneath is conveyed. Large rocks show their roughness and sturdiness as they let the furious water fall down on them. The sky hides the sun making the whole picture dismal and no birds were hovering on it. Gloomy trees stand on the steep cliff and plants' and flowers' bloom wither. But the atmosphere of gloom and madness is conquered and seized by a striking detail of the masterpiece. On a particular tree on top of the mountains where the waterfall comes from, is a nest. And on that nest is a bird,peacefullysleeping. :-)

It is a reality that each of us wants peace. And it is also true that we long for it so much so that we hardly attain it because we do not know where we can get that long-awaited peace. Being at peace doesn't only mean that you live in a peaceful world, but that it comes from within us amidst the noisy and chaotic world. It isalwaysour decision if we will make peace for our own selves and ultimately for others. Peace starts from within, and when you have it, you can always give it.


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