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This is just a poem from a son to his mom

Submitted: May 29, 2010

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Submitted: May 29, 2010




To say something about someone like you

there's so many words i could use

love kindness and caring come to mnd

but to explain how you make me feel is impossiable to describe

you raised me up to be the best i could be

and when i would fail you never gave up on me

sometimes i may have been hurful and mean

but you always made me follow my dream

when i would fall you'd pick me back up again

and when i was crying you knew how to make me grin

so how do i describe the women who i love

how to i love my angel from above

your are the one in who i could always confide

your my shelter and my place to hide

there so many things i wish i could say

when it was time for me to go you asked me to stay

i'm all grown up now but i will never forget what you taught me everyday

and i will never forgett the wise words you used to say

just remember these words that i speak are so true

your my angel my mother and i'll always love you

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