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There was once a boy and a girl who fell in love with each other, or so did one of them think.
Inspired by a true story, is the story of how one betrayed the other which changed the betrayed one forever...

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



All the seats in bus that I travel with to campus every day were occupied when this young lady stepped in. I immediately got up and offered her my seat which she gladly accepted. It caught the attention of another young lady; she looked impressed. Let's call her Lee. Lee didn't say anything during the day, but just smiled. Later that night, she decided to message me on a common social networking site. She said that she thought that I was a really sweet person and that I deserved some credit for that. I was flattered and I showed my gratitude. The conversation gradually ended in a short time.


A few weeks later, I decided to message Lee and so I did. We messaged each other daily and the conversations seemed to be getting more and more exciting. We didn't see each other in person during that time that we were messaging each other because it was during the mid-year holidays. About a month later, campus starts again. We meet and talk to each other for the first time face-to-face in the library at my campus (her campus isn't too far away from mine). 


As the days, weeks and months went by, we kept on meeting each other and spending all of our free time with each other at my campus. Everybody could see that we were getting close and they immediately thought that we were more than friends; something I obviously wasn't embarrassed about because I thought that Lee was an overall beautiful person. One day we were laying on a hill and enjoying the cool breeze while holding on to each other. That's the day when I found my lips creeping it's way slowly onto hers. I've got to admit, it felt like the best thing I've ever felt so far in my life-but that one act, changed everything. 


A few days later, we speak about Lee's friend and the guy that she likes. We wondered what they were to each other and if they were together. Then I suddenly asked Lee, what are we? She immediately didn't know what to say. She needed time to think about it and so she did. About a week later, she messaged me and told me what she's thought about and how she wishes to continue this. 


She said that she wasn't ready. Her previous two relationships hadn't worked out and it made her not want anything for a while. She also mentioned that at the same time she doesn't want any regrets. So I empathized with her and gave her a few words of comfort saying that she should not be worried by this and that everything is controlled by fate and whatever happens, happens. She then said that she really likes spending time with me (and that was mutual) so I asked her if none of that has to change. She said that it obviously doesn't have to and that topic was over. As the days went by, she was slowly distancing herself from me, totally contradicting the statement that none of this has to change. 


We didn't even message each other anymore, neither did we meet or speak in campus. I couldn't bare the separation after all that time we spent together, after that wonderful first kiss. I then decided to message her saying we needed to meet in person and discuss something important. She insisted that we discuss what needed to be discussed using a social network because apparently she wasn't too good with confrontations. I wasn't too happy with that but I decided to go with it anyway. 


I begin the discussion by asking her a few questions such as if I meant anything to her, or what did she want from the start, or how does she expect us to be friends after all of this. She replied by saying that I did mean something to her; she thought it was going to be something but when it did become something she figured it wasn't what she wanted at the time, and about the being friends part, she didn't know. Being me I immediately comforted her again by telling her that she shouldn't feel bad or be sorry for that matter. I told her how being around her felt like heaven and I have absolutely no regrets. The discussion ended there and we spoke casually for a while but the conversation ended and we were not in talking terms once again. Days go by, I don't know if she thought about me, but I thought about her all the time. 


One Friday morning, Math class finished an hour early. The time was 10:50am. I was sitting in library and doing what I do the whole day: thinking about Lee. The shuttle leaves at 10:55am to her campus. I think and decide quick, this is it, I need to see her immediately. We haven't spoken these past few days, we haven't met either. It all changed. But my feelings for her didn't. I needed to address this issue immediately before it got worse. So I went to her campus and as soon as I enter, I saw her in the cafeteria sitting with her friends. I approached her and she's shocked to see me, obviously. Then we talk generally, but I felt the awkwardness. I then told her that I'm going to take a walk around and so I did. I walk around in circles, in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces all around me. Then during the second time I walk down this hallway, I saw her. I asked her where the toilets were because I needed to go. She then said that she'd show me. How fortunate was is that the toilet was on the other side of where we were so we then walked there. As we walked, I asked her for 30 minutes of her time as I would like to speak about something to her. 


Yes, I know that she claimed she wasn’t good at confrontations but this couldn't be helped. I needed to get this done right there and then. So after I used the toilet, we walk on the outskirts of the campus in this secluded area. I start talking about us and how we don't even talk anymore. Then we find this steps where we decided to sit down. It gets really awkward for her, maybe because we're sitting together and spending time after so long. We sit on either side of the stairs, a fair distance from each other. Then I go closer to her, and I’m about to start talking about it.


I tell her about how when we used to hang out I used to think about her but now that we don't hang out as much, I think about her even more. And I even told her that I miss her, a lot. I told her that every time I listen to Differences, a song that was basically 'our song', I think about her and I listen to it a lot. I told her about how she's all that I think about these days. Then I told her that I was grateful that we took out so many pictures together because those can remind me about the best times I've ever had, and I told her how much I appreciated that. She was feeling really bad and she even said that, but as I was speaking to her, I was feeling really emotional and I could almost feel tears begging to be let out, on both sides. But I held it together somehow and then... 


I ask her what she thinks about being just friends (again), but of course, she felt the same way about how I felt about that: NEVER going to work. Then I asked her if she thinks that it would be better for us to stop talking and forget each other; she said yes. Then we stood up and she said that she needed to use the toilet. We walk and she says bye before we reached there, but I didn't want her company to end just yet, I wanted to never let go of being by her side. Then we reach the toilet. I can’t wait for her because the shuttle is leaving in the next five minutes. She says bye once more and this time puts out her hand to hug me. I immediately go with it and hold her almost tight, well at least I tried to. I then told her softly that I'm sorry, and she said the same. I didn't want to let go of her hand. I eventually did but wanted another hug so I put my hands out and she went with it. I told her I'm sorry again and so did she. I never felt this way before, it felt like life and death is on either ends fighting and they both throw their deadliest attack on each other and I'm the middle getting hit from both sides. The time is approximately 12:00pm. That’s when I left her and her campus. It all ended there, the one person I had so much hope on, the one person I've been waiting for so long, the one person who was going to make me believe in the fictitious thing known as Love; that was the moment I felt true despair. 


Months went by and we haven't spoken to nor saw each other as the semester was coming to an end and the festive season was approaching. The year ended. January flew by and before I knew it, it was already time for campus to start again. It all happened that Sunday night (the night before the first day) that I discovered something. Something that left me speechless. 


I had deactivated most of the social networking sites that I used, a few months ago. On that Sunday night I had activated this one site again after all those months, but I can't quite seem to remember why. The first thing I did was visit Lee's profile just to see what she's up to and admire her beauty. That was the moment that I got the biggest shock I ever had (and once I touched a live wire and that shock wasn't even as bad as this). I saw a picture of her and a guy which is something that I always saw because she's a very friendly person and has quite the number of friends. But this time it was different. He was much more than a friend to her- they were dating. Immediately my chest started to pain, I mean it makes sense because I still used to think about her and look at our pictures together all the time. But nevertheless I convinced myself that she moved on and I was happy for her; more or less. All of this was enough to hurt someone but wait, it didn't stop just there. 


There were quite a few pictures of Lee and her 'Lover' together so I decided to closely look at each one of them. What I learned really made me regret everything. The first picture of them together was posted (not necessarily taken at that time) barely even a month after we ended our friendship and not too long after she said she didn't want a relationship because apparently she couldn't handle the good and bad of it. Now this made me wonder, how long did she know this person for? Was she seeing both of us at the same time? Well the second answer shouldn't be too hard to find. After I made this discovery, I felt like a fool. She made me fall so hard for her, but she didn't have any intentions of catching me. I told myself that Sunday night that when I see her in the bus the next morning, I would not even look at her or notice that she's there. 


I kept to myself for two weeks, completely ignoring her existence. It was all going quite well and honestly I didn't feel hurt or miserable at all; everything was just as normal. Then on this one day, just by bad luck we happened to look at each other. She smiles at me looking so happy and bubbly. I didn't even smile back, I just looked away.


A few days later, we're on our way back home from campus and she's sitting near me. The wind was blowing quite heavy and she tried closing the window next to her, but she couldn't so I didn't think about anything at the time and I went over and closed it for her. It's almost time for her to jump off the bus, but she comes closer towards me and greets me with a smile on her face. She tells me that she's sure that I heard about 'it' and that she's really sorry. I was caught off guard. I kept on smiling at her the whole time (I have no idea why this was my reaction) and I responded to her by saying that it's all good. 


Now we greet each other every morning and she still smiles when I look at her. I had decided to let things be and carry on with my life as I always did, holding no grudges or hard feelings against her. Even though now I'm a cold hearted and possibly emotionless person, I don't blame her for anything. And the reason for that is simply because if I was her, I wouldn't have chosen me either. 

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