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Here is a story about a lady and her pet snake.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012






B.K. Faulk


The only thing Victoria took from the divorce was a reticulated python named Silas.  She represented herself and thoroughly enjoyed the divorce proceeding and how much it broke her husband’s heart.  Victoria didn’t like snakes all that much, but she knew that Peter loved Silas, so she kept the snake to hurt him further.


Silas wasn’t yet fully mature but measured just over eight feet long.  His shiny silver body was complimented with bright yellow diamonds that were outlined in black.  Victoria, although five-foot-six and average build with blonde hair and blue eyes, was a snake herself.  After acing the bar exam, she quickly ascended the ranks of the Palmer and Partners law firm and was made senior partner.  It was at this point that she decided her pet store-owning husband, Peter, was holding her back, so she filed for divorce.


Victoria let Silas sleep with her just as he did on occasion when she and Peter were still together.  She took him out of his tank and put him on the floor before getting into bed.  He slithered across the black, carpeted floor and up into bed with her.


“How was your day, you hideous thing,” she asked as she traced the outlines of the diamonds on Silas’ scaly body with her index finger.  Silas stuck out his tongue almost as if he were giving her a snake’s version of a kiss.  “You know, Silas honey, I never would’ve thought I’d say this, but you’re just so ugly that it’s adorable.”  And she turned off the light.


The next morning, Victoria awoke to find Silas coiled up next to her as he always was.  “Damn,” she thought as she remembered the need to buy more mice to feed him.  “I would feed you Peter, my dear, but you’d probably vomit him back up,” she mused.  “Besides, he’s as skinny as a rail,” she added.  After putting Silas back into his tank, Victoria went down to Peter’s Pet Place to pick up some mice.  She walked right up to the front counter, ignoring all of the cute little animals hoping to find a home.


“What do you need, Victoria,” asked Peter.  He looked down, hurt.  He still wasn’t over the divorce even though nearly a year had passed since it was finalized.  And he made every effort not to let his sparkly blue eyes tear up because he didn’t want to give Victoria the satisfaction.


“I need some mice for Silas,” said Victoria, flashing a grin.


Peter bagged up some mice and sat them on the counter.  “These should last you a few weeks,” he said.  Brushing the dark brown bangs from in front of his eyes he said, “It’s on the house.”  Victoria grabbed the bag, turned, and left without another word.


When Victoria returned to her house she put a couple of mice in Silas’ tank.  “Bon appetit,” she said.  Later, when she decided to go to bed, she opened Silas’ tank and noticed that he hadn’t eaten the mice she left for him earlier.  “Getting picky, are we,” she asked as she walked back across the room and crawled into bed.  Silas soon followed, gliding across the floor and then up into bed with her.  Silas was stretched out like a yardstick next to Victoria the following morning.  She thought it was a tad odd, but she didn’t let it consume much of her time because she had to get ready for work and had a complicated case on her mind. 


After a few days, the stench of decaying mice was too much for Victoria to bear, so she decided to put some fresh ones in Silas’ tank after thawing them.  Another few days passed, and he was still not eating.  She didn’t understand why, so she made a trip to Peter’s Pet Place to find some answers.  When the store’s door chime sounded, an older balding gentleman with glasses emerged from the back to assist Victoria.  “How may I help you,” he asked, smiling.


“Where’s Peter,” asked Victoria.


“He’s at home getting ready for a date.  This’ll be the first one he’s had since his wife divorced him.  I guess he finally realized it was time for him to move on.  We’re just glad he’s getting back out there,” the man said.  Victoria rolled her eyes, upset by what she had just heard.


“Well, anyway, my snake hasn’t eaten in about two weeks, and I don’t know what to do,” she said with tinges of anger and urgency lingering in her tone.


“Sometimes snakes just won’t eat for a while,” the man replied.


“Really,” said Victoria in a sarcastic tone.  “Has your intelligence receded with your hairline,” she exclaimed as she stormed out of the pet store.


That night, Victoria let Silas out of his tank.  “I guess I’ll take you to the vet tomorrow,” she told him.  “Some people are real morons.”  Silas just playfully stuck out his tongue as he often did.  Victoria settled into bed and pulled the covers up to her chest.  Silas slithered across the jet-black carpet and up into bed with her.  Not long after Victoria fell asleep Silas stretched straight out and measured himself against her one last time.  He decided that she wasn’t too big for him to constrict and eat as he wrapped himself around her.

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