Once upon a rhyme

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i made this with a friend when we were just messing around. these rhymes crack us up, combining 2 of our favorite things, humor and writing.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



Once Upon A Rhyme


You see my friends the stories you hear

Will not be true, not even in a million years

The story is much for gruesome than you think it all started on June the sixteenth

On that day Cindy was sittin up in the attic

When it all started to get dramatic

She was so hungry she ate a rat

No one could even bear that- not even the rat

She stormed downstairs complaining she had nothing to eat

Her step mother said "Shut up were eating a treat"

This all happened because after Cindy's mother died she lost all of her stinking pride!


This tale is long just like her hair

She didnt have a life and no one cared

For her whole life she was locked up in a tower

For more than eight hundred seventy two hours!

The evil witch came up and said

Rapunzel, Rapunzel are you dead?

Barely Punzy Answered in a sacastic tone

Good she said Then take me home!

Punzy threw up her lunch onto her hair

That landed on the witch's pet bear

Grrr he said as he clawed up the tower

Then Punzy only life for 1 more hour

Rapunzel Rapunzel are you dead?

No answer then the witch said

Was my oatmeal really that bad?

Hansel and Gretal:

Hansel and Gretal how stupid could you be?

To follow your evil mother into the trees

She left you alone you fat old nitwits

She left with only 2 stinking biscuits

You went to a cottage filled with lots of candy

The witch kept you she thought you could be handy

Oh Gretal! Oh Gretal! Get your brother out of that pot!

If you don't the witch will eat him nice and hot!

Oh Hansel! Oh Hansel! Your way too fat!

Gretal can't pick you up just like that

Hansel logged on to weight watchers no one could help him not even the doctors

He tried and tried for 500 years

The witch ate Hansel and Gretal, no one was in tears

The Hobbit:

That fat hobbit with hair on his feet

He wore a sheet

Like Dobby

He was very blobby

He was sent to on a quest

To clean up the mess

Instead he met this skinny wizard with a long beard

The hobbit really feared that man that just disappeared

The hobbit ran

Trying to find the man

Then he met Gollum

Gollum had broken his spinal column

Hobbit took him to the hospital

The hospital was very toxicological

That was the end of Gollum

His funeral was not very solem







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