I Could Never Repay You, for What You've Done

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I couldn't find a proper image...
I guess you could call it a short story.
A short story of this young girl who stays alone, purposely, Who hates the constant labeling, crying herself to sleep, being hurt. And it just so happens, that some guy comes along and makes her forget all of those things.


You see this heart? You broke it’s barriers. You made it...feel again.

She spends her time alone, thinking of all those who left her, like she was nothing. Music is her best friend, her only friend. It’s always there, no matter what, and she know’s it’ll never leave. It’s what keeps her going, without it..who knows where she'd end up..if she even still resign in this wretched world. She keeps to herself, and lets no one in, she’s learned that’s the way not to get hurt.

Her heart and emotions have been tossed around, played with and broken so many times.

She’s been called emo, fat, ugly and so many other disgusting things, people don’t realise that words can cut deeper than a knife. They don’t think, maybe she’s already been through enough, and that one word, could push her off the edge..

She pushes everyone away,

even when she doesn’t mean to, it’s sort of just an instinct at this point.

Hah, who would even care about the ‘emo’ girl right?

Honestly, being labeled and judged everyday of your life hurts, a lot.

Most nights she cries herself to sleep because she hates being the ‘emo’ girl people make fun of, she hates her own reflection, she hates being the girl who isn’t skinny or pretty enough; her insecurities eat her up inside with no one to save her.  

But, that was all before you.

She opens up, she feels safe and secure with you, so she doesn’t have to cry herself to sleep.

Those labels she that stick to her, everyday, don’t mean anything now. You made her see that she is who she is, to accept that, even though she is flawed, it doesn’t matter because she’s perfect in every single way.

She doesn’t think there is any way that she could ever thank you for what you’ve done.

And she just hopes her saviour stays, forever~

Submitted: January 20, 2013

© Copyright 2022 black dagger. All rights reserved.

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