My view of Opportunity

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for school we received a quote, and had to write using a specific format. I wrote the best in the class for this quote, i hope you enjoy.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



“Opportunity doesn't knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door” Kyle Chandler

This quote means to me that you need to look for an opportunity and once you’ve found it, you need to be aggressive towards keeping it; one small opportunity can open up a lot of other opportunities. Another way to say this quote is “A great opportunity doesn’t just show up, awaiting to be taken upon, so work hard to find and keep an opportunity. I’ll prove this quote is true for me and everyone. Finally i will conclude with a lesson we can all learn from this quote.

An example that shows this quote is true for me is once in fifth grade, my grade wasn’t able to try out for either boys’ or girls’ basketball team, but i really wanted to join. I begged the girls’ coach, but he always said no, so one day at recess I was playing basketball with my friends and the coach just happened to be chaperoning recess that day so he saw how well i played ball, although i wasn’t able to join that year he encouraged me very much to try out for the team next year. The opportunity to join the team opened up for me, even though it was for next year it was still an opportunity, also if i get really good in eighth grade i might get a scholarship to a high school with a good basketball team. This proves that this quote is true for me because i was able to join the basketball team next year, extra curricular stuff looks good when applying to high schools.

Not only is this quote true for me, but everyone. An example that demonstrates my previous sentence is the movie Forrest Gump, he has achieved a LOT; he received scholarship to a good college because of his good and hard work in high school , where his speed helped them win several game. Forrest was approached by an army recruiter who asked if he'd given any thought to his future, so he joined the army. in his time in the army he discovered he was good at ping-pong (when he was released from his duty he was famous for his ping-pong skills, also when he was released he became a shrimp boat owner as a promise to his best friend in the army. All these opportunities, one after the other in Forrest’s life. This proves that this quote is true for everyone because things like this happen to alot, lots of great opportunities showing up, but only if you work hard to earn and keep it.

In conclusion, it’s obvious this quote is true, not only for me but for everyone. A lesson we can all withdraw from this quote is when you see an opportunity you have to work hard to keep it, or work hard to find it as well keeping it.

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