Songwriter part 2

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Submitted: January 28, 2010

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Submitted: January 28, 2010



I sang a tune
In my mind
And a flute
In the night
A symphony was made
A harmony of yellow shade
And I flew
With a smile
There are few
Who could write
I thought I had made
The perfect yellow shade
Eager and young
My thrilled soul
I had become
What I had never known
A player of words
It was just plain wonder
Meaningless phrases
Worked out in ways
A rhyme you could play
On and on and on
All night long
Inside my head
Inside my wonderland
I was content
With what I had to offer
To the boy in the mirror
It was perfect
When I suffered
I sang to the broken mirror
And the little child’s heart
Would heal
It was his new medicine
So sweet
But as days passed by
A little voice inside
Told me o reckless fool
Don’t let time fly
Your brain is buzzing
New thoughts arriving
Tell it to the sleeping world
Don’t bottle it inside
And so it began
A journey to till the end
Of a passion
That at times
Seemed to fade
Hurt by ignorant
Drowned in shame
And the boy in the mirror
Would always bleed
The cure was impure
It couldn’t heal
But summer followed winter
Spring after autumn
The engines came to life
My head: a bee hive
Thoughts racing to and fro
And I would say lo!
A little this and that
Magic from my thinking hat
A masterpiece in the making
The boy in the mirror would be leaping
And by chance or fate
There came a day
When I sang that tune
That made the flowers bloom
Stunned silence in the crowd
Finally someone said aloud
Are you famous sir?
If you aren’t, foolish is the world
But now it troubles me no more
I don’t care for the gold
I reflect upon that time
Of that innocent child
Who healed
With words of peace
And a knowledge
Of a skill known to few
A songwriter who knew the tune

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