What I feel ( by Black Enigma)

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My feelings when I am drowning in despair and when I breath fresh air of happiness!

Submitted: November 07, 2009

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Submitted: November 07, 2009



The world of despair is a vast ocean. Made from the tears of humans, this ocean is deeper than any on the face of the earth. Though its dark murky waters are unholy it attracts the greatest number of pilgrims every single moment. And as more and more people come it grows. Everyone tries to escape from here. Some swim for the shore…but where are the shores? As far as the eye can see there are the grey gloomy waters and up above the haunting red sky. The waters are so thick it’s more like swimming through gelatin. As limbs tire and hope fades they drown…never to rise again. Many choose boats but what cruel fate; they are holes in every boat. And there is nothing to fix them. It is the battle of the fittest…and the quickest. As water gushes in despair shrouds ever soul. One in a hundred sees the day light. The others wail and scream for help in their capsizing boats. Those who survive come to realize the hell they escaped. Standing on the borderline they feel the light welcoming breeze that breathes in them a new life. In the lush green meadows the birds twitter and sing symphonies of hope and joy. The flowers as if smiling and the rivers merry making. But all the while on their other side they can still smell the decay and disappoint carried by the foul winds of the world of despair. White faceless bodies can be seen drowning in the ocean. There is a terrible thunder and it rains…balls of fire falling down. They retreat to the holy side…never looking back.

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