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A story of Dark Knight Hiroki and Princess Aoi

Submitted: January 01, 2013

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Submitted: January 01, 2013




The Sacrifice


River of Life, flowing from the north east to the south east with its crystal clear water which full of aquatic lives. The only place where I met my dear one who died 16 years ago. The princess of Arcada, Aoi Yuki. I was lying on the ground which covered with greenish yellow grass, remembering my moments with her.

It was the first day I met her with my body full of blood. I was totally exhausted after killing a group of cannibals who tried to make me their dinner. I fainted. I don’t know how long do I unconscious. Until, I felt someone put a wet thing on my head. I opened my eyes and saw a girl in white gown, squeezing a wet towel beside me. Black hair, light blue eyes and matured looking face together with her nice body shape.

Omai wa dare da? (Who are you?)”

She turned her face and look at me. Her smile could make men to fall in love towards her, except me for that time. “Aoi. Yuki Aoi, Arcada no hime desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. (Aoi. Aoi Yuki, Princess of Arcada. Nice to meet you.)” Her voice was so tender. She added. “Anata wa? (And you?)” I turned to look at the river. “Hiroki. Tsubasa Hiroki. Yami no kishi. (Hiroki. Hiroki Tsubasa. Knight of Darkness)

After that day, we became close friends. Every time we wanted to meet, she would came to the first place we met since I was prohibited to enter the country as I was a dark knight. She told me what was happening and problems she faced back in her country. I felt like my lonely world started to brighten up a bit by her presence.

“Do you know the story about this river?” She asked me with her eyes full of delighted. I just hummed. “This river is said that it can bring back the life of the dead if the body is put into the water. What I heard, this river was not originally water. It is dust.” She explained. I laughed silently and she notice it. “Doshita? (Why?)” She asked. I stared at her with a grin. “It was a tale you little girl.” I replied. When I think about it again, it maybe true since she grown up near this river.

A few months later, I proposed to her hoping that she would accept me. We fell into silent. Only the sound of moving water and the gentle blow of winds was heard. “So?” I said. Without any delay, she jumped and hugged me till both of us lying on the ground. “I will,” she said softly to my left ear. A few weeks later, we got married near the river with the presence of her noble family and her loyal people. What’s more, she got pregnant a few months later and I was full of joys of spring.

After my first child was born, I brought Aoi to take a walk near the river. Out of the blue, red colour liquid stained my face and clothes. I look at her. My heart wanted to stop on seeing that. An arrow drives through her heart. She collapsed on the ground. “Aoi, hang on!” I kneeled and shook her body hoping she was still alive. My tears started to shed.

“That’s for what she had done to me.” A voice came out from the forest. “This voice.” I turned around and saw a man holding a large bow. I knew him. I knew him very well! Brown eyes and red hair. The king of Karland. Kratos Vein. I held back my tears but I could not stand to hold my burning anger. “Serve her right! How dare she reject me just for a knight like you.” Said Kratos and drew a dagger out from his back. “You ruthless fool! How dare you treat her like that?!” I shouted. “If I can’t have her, neither you nor anyone could.” He said coldly.

Omai wa… yurusenai. Hontou wa yurusenai! (You unforgivable. Totally unforgivable!)” I shouted all out. I drew out my blade and struck him. “I’ll send you straight to hell!” How unlucky. He managed to block my attack with his dagger. I knew that he wasn’t an ordinary opponent which I used to fight. He was far, far stronger than me. A high skill man. A deadly enemy. I jumped to the air and land on the grass. “I thought that a dark knight like you could show me an interesting performance. But, I was wrong. You’re far  weaker than I considered you to be. Die!” He shouted and ran towards me.

I calmed myself and my mind managed to build up a strategy. “Goodbye!” Shout Kratos but I dodged his attack and able to get behind him. A perfect area to kill this fool. “Nani?! (What?!)” He looked surprise with my action. “Kore de owarida! (This is the end!)” I shouted and my blade drove through his back to his chest. His blood poured down to the ground.

“Men are not to judged by their looks, habits, and appearances, but by the character of their lives and conversations. ‘Tis better that a man’s own works than another man’s words should praise him.” I whispered. (*Sir R. L’Extrange*)

I threw his body into the forest and went back to Aoi’s.

“Aoi, hang in there!” I put down my blade and pulled out the arrow from her body.  “Hiroki,” she called. Her voice was really weak. “I couldn’t make it. She breathed for air, and bare the pain she had.  “Onegai, kitte kudasai. (Please, listen to me.)” She pulled me and whisper afterwards. Then, she released me and bid, “Sayonara, Hiroki. Hontoni arigatou. (Farewell, Hiroki. Thank you.)” She slowly closed her eyes and died.

The sky turned cloudy, soon it became dark. I lifted her up and walk until I reached at the middle of the river. The water level was only reached at my waist. Slowly, I put her body into the water. Her body turned yellowish and dust was formed. The dust dissolved and followed the current. Rain started to fall like my tears. I cried all day long. The only woman who I loves, was finally gone forever.

“Take care of our daughter well. Aishiteru, Hiroki. (I love you, Hiroki.)” The sentence she whispered to me just before she died.

I opened my eyes and sat on the ground where Aoi was dead. I held my necklace which Aoi gave me as a present. Ao no sora (Blue Sky).  I really appreciated it. “Dad, it’s nearly dusk. Want to go home?” Said a girl who was my only daughter. Rin Tsubasa, 16 years old. She nearly have same characteristic as Aoi. I was wondering if this is the miracle which Aoi told me 16 years ago. “Let’s go.” I replied. I looked at the river. “See you again. Aoi, River of Life.” I ran to my daughter and went back to our kingdom.





Faith is like love, it cannot be forced. Therefore it is a dangerous operation if an attempt be made to introduce or bind it by state regulation; for, as attempt to force love begets hatred, so also to compel religious belief produces rank unbelief.



Do not pull out anything which drove through our skin like knife. Let the knife stay and do not move it so that there is no blood loss. Immediately go to nearby clinic or hospital to get treatment.

Red Crescent/Cross Society

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