Fun House

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I was just watching a movie called Fun House last night and went to a haunted house exhibit in the same day >.<

Hopefully you will understand it.

Submitted: December 30, 2009

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Submitted: December 30, 2009




Can't stand the laughter of Ignorance

And the fire breathers last dance

The clowns are laughing as I say

Wind up, crumble me, I won't stay

All the laughter it's going down in my Fun House

Won't you be looking ready to pounce?

I'm going down in my way

Never said it wasn't okay

Gears are turning and words are twisting

Fires are burning, tigers are hissing

Its a circus here

Weren't you trying to calm me down using sweethart dear?

Doors closing, wishes passing

Never thought this place would last

My Fun House

Please enter in person or mouse

Mind you, clowns are screaming, and it's all going down

Well I'm not crazy, I'm your fear just watch me drown

In my Fun House

Doors are locked and people are screaming, its all over for the clowns

In This Fun House.

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