Aphordite & Artemis (History Project)

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This is a script I wrote for a play I'm directing for History class at my highschool. The gods and goddess's I use here have their personalitys from the actor that's playing them, that way they can act it out naturally. The assignment was to creat a 'Radio Play', as in no acting, just sounds. This isn't an actual story in greek mythology, because the assignment was ALSO to come up with our own. These ideas were all incorperated from a group effort (Thats why the dumb twist ending is in there. It was Trey's, aka Aries, idea. He INSISTED). Now, lets hope I get an A+!

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Part 1

Hannah: Long ago, there was a great war, one man could never comprehend. I'll take you back, thousands of years, to the time of the mighty Greek gods.

D.K.: Athena, I need to talk to you.(Angry)

Lana: Yes, sir? (Proudly)

D.K.: A sentry told me that you have been afiliating with humans. (Serious)

Lana: I have. What of it, father? (proudly)

D.K.: (angry) You KNOW it is an INSULT to the Gods to have ANYTHING TO DO with HUMANS!

Lana: Father! They were starving! How was I not supposed to answer their praye-?!

D.K.: (cutting off Lana) ENOUGH! I've had TOO MUCH of this! This is the second time you've been with mortals this whole MONTH!

S: *Zues's footsteps*

D.K.: (low growling tone) Only one punishment can fit this...

Lana: (cocky) And what would that be, Father? A beheading?

D.K.: (angry) No. You'd just come back. That punishment isn't harsh enough. (Long Pause) I know EXACTLY what I'll do. (Menacing)

Lana: (pause)

D.K.: You must give up your athourity over Athens.


D.K.: (angry) ENOUGH Athena! My word is final!

S: Sound of Athena's charging footsteps. Sound of Athena drawing her blade.


S: Sound of lighting bolt hitting Athena. Sound of Athena falling to the ground.

D.K.: I warned you Athena. Now, either you give up your athourity over Athens, or I'll shock you so deep your bones will be black.

Lana: (weakly) Fine. *cough* But at least let me choose my sucsessor. I want to know my city's in good hands.

D.K.: (pause. Long thought) Very well. But only because you're the favorite of my children. Now, get out of my sight.

Lana: (greatfull) Thank you, my father! Thank you!!

S: Athena's feet scampering away frantically.

Part 2

Madison: (humming)

Lana: Aphordite. I must speak with you.

Madison: Athena, you scared me. I haven't seen you in an eternity. What's so important you'd come and see me after so long?

Lana: It's Zues. I'll spare you the details, but I was forced to leave my power over Athens to someone else... and I've chosen you.

Madison: (Excited) Am I dreaming?! That's amazing! Thank you, goddess!

Lana: (laughing) Aphordite, did you honestly thimk I'd hand over my great city just like that? How childish!

Madison: What are you talking about...?

Lana: I don't know if you're worth enough. That's why I've arranged a battle. You and your sister will fight to the death. The survivor will be worthy of Athens, and become the new leader.

Madison: Artemis? But I HATE her!

Lana: Exactly. That's why I chose you two. I knew you wouldn't hold back on each other.

Madison: (sigh) At least I'll finally be able to get my revenge on her. I've ALWAYS hated her.

S: Athena's owl hoots

Lana: I'm going to give the same message to Artemis. At dawn, be on the roof of the great Colosseum at Athens. The battle will ensue there.

Madison: Yes, ma'am.

S: Flapping wings, Athena's owl carries her away.

Hannah: And so Athena flew away, her mighty owl carrying her into the night. She found Artemis and delivered the same message. The hours ticked by. Soon, the battle at Athens would erupt.

Courtney: Where IS she?! The sun will rise any minute now! If she doesn't show I'll just claim Athens for myself! And I'm almost SURE AThena will allow it, too!

S: sound of swirling wind, Aphordite apears

Courtney: (angry) About time!

Madison: Shut up! Where's Athena?! The sun's almost up! The sooner I can KILL you, the better!

Courtney: (huff) I HATE you! You can't even wait five minutes without getting impatient! You're so unbeliveable!

Madison: I'm unbelievable? I'M UNBELIEVEABLE?! LOOK WHO'S TALKING!


Madison: LETS GO!

S: Sound of footsteps running towards eachother, and the sound of blades crossing over and over and over again.

Hannah: The two sisters battled for what seemes like hours, and neither was winning. What they didn't know was that Athena was watching, and that things were about to get way worse.

Lana: (sigh) This isn't going well at ALL. Neither of them is winning. If this will going on for much longer, Posideon will notice. Knowing him, he'l go on a rampage and kill them both. I NEED a victor.

Hannah: Athena was right to worry. The two sisters didn't know it yet, but the sky was darkening. Rain fell, and lightning lit the sky. A distant rattling went through the sky. Then, bursting out of the clouds, a mighty chariot flew.

Shane: WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!

Lana: Oh no!

Courtney: Is that Poeideon?!

Madison: Yeah! And Aries too!

Courtney: Is Zues there?! There's lightning everywhere!

Madison: Yeah! I see him!

Hannah: The tree gods leaped into the air as the chariot crashed into the ground, landing on the same stone roof as the two goddesses.

Trey: Zues told me there was a fight going on! Why didn't you invite me? Everyone KNOWS there can't be a good fight unless you have the God of War in it!

Shane: And who forgot me? I like to party too, you know!

Zues: (low mumble, barley audible) so immature...

Courtney: Get out of here! This fight doesn't concern you!

Shane: It does now!

Hannah: Aries raised his sword. He charged at Artemis, swinging his blade to her head. Artemis blocked the blow with her sword just in time. Aries struck again, forcing the goddess on the defense.

Trey: (cocky) What's wrong, little girl? Can't put up a fight?! Ha!

Courtney: Get away, Aries!

S: blades crashing, rain falling, lightning crashing. More blade sounds.

Hannah: Artemis hit Aries wit a blow hard enough to cause Aries to skid off the roof.

S: skidding sounds, crash sound.

Trey: OOF!


Madison: (battle cry)

Courtney: (battle cry)

Hannah: The two goddesses drew their blades, hitting eachoter simetaniously.

Courtney & Madison: (scream in pain)

Hannah: The two fell to the stone. Their arms had been cut off. Each had one arm severed. The two girls rose to their feet, limping in pain. With their remaining arms, they charged and tried to slash eachother. But they were too weak from blood loss, and as soon as their blade hit they stumbled back and fell.

Shane: Hahaha! Looks like the final strike is mine!

Hannah: Posideon rose his eweapon into the sky. Hitting yheir heads into the stone, he forced the life out of them.

Part 3

Hannah: Artemis woke up in a dark place. She wandered aimlessly for hours. She saw a bright red light. Running frantically she headed towards it, desparatley wanting to leave the darkness and confusing.

Courtney: It's getting hot... (pant)

Hannah: As Artemis entered the bright hole that lit the darkness, the heat became almost unbearable. Her eyes adjusted, and to her horror, she realized the place before her was the underworld. Hell.

Courtney: No... this can't be...

Hannah: As the goddess turned to leave, the hole she entered through closed.

Courtney: I guess I have no choice now...

Hannah: An idea sparked within her.

Courtney: (thinking) I know. If I find Hades, I can ask him to let me return to Greece. Then I'll take over Athens!

S: Demons and Tormented souls screaming

Courtney: Those demons. They're horrifying...

Hannah: Artemis waded through the screaming souls, fire, and demons. She walked for eternity before she came to a long and steep stone staircase, elevating from the hell around her. At the top was a grand door with engravings all over it. She climbed up the mile of stairs before reaching the door, opening it slowly and cautiously. Inside, a huge tiled room lit with torches and covered in red and black. In the center was a large, scar-covered man, sitting in a black chair.

Mason: Hello, Artemis. I've been watching you ever since you fell from the overworld.

Courtney: If I had to guess, I'd say that you're Hades. Am I right?

Mason: Yes And I have a proposition. But it will cost you...

Courtney: What 'proposition' is is this? (low sarcastic mumble/ whisper) as if I don't already know...

Mason: I'll let you return to the overworld. You can rule over Athens for eternity, free if your sister. I only want one thing in return.

Courtney: (sarcastically) And what 'thing' might that be?

Mason: (slyly) Nothing much... just your soul is all...

Courtney: Ha! Like I'd give you that! No deal.

Mason: Think about it. You're trapped here unless you take my offer. Either burn forever, or rule one of the finest citys in Greece for all eternity. All for your measly little soul. Nothing more.

Courtney: (looooong pause) Well... (hesitate) when you put it that way...

Mason: So, do we have a deal or not?

Courtney: (hesitate again) ...alright.

Mason (laugh evily) Then it's done.

Hannah: On the other side of the dark void, Aphordite was just waking up.

Madison: (groggily) Wha... Where am I?

S: harps playing & birds chirping

Hannah: Aphordite stood and walked- going a different direction than her sister took. Instead of a hot red light, she was met by a cool white one. Disoreinted, she stumbled towards the light. Entering the room, she beheld a btight, glorious sight. Waterfalls and winged angels crowded the flourishing garden before her.

Jada: Hello, my child. Are you lost?

Madison: (still groggy and dizzy) Hemera, is that you?

Jada: Yes, my child. It's been so long since I've seen you last.

Madison: Mother Hemera, I have an issue...

Jada: Yes, I know. I watched the battle from the skies. Are you aware that Artemis is still alive?

Madison: (shocked) WHAT?! You CAN'T be serious!

Jada: I'm afraid it's true. She just made a pact with Hades. She has returned to the overworld and is taking control of Athens as we speak.

Madison: NO! Mother Hemera, PLEASE give me life! Let me return to AThens. I HAVE to STOP her! PLEASE!

Jada: (sigh) Very well. But you have to SWEAR that you'll be the victor.

Madison: Yes! I promise!

Jada: Alright...

Hannah: Hemera worked her great spell. Aphordite fell from the garden, landing into the ocean. When she crawled from the water, she was an infant. The goddess had been reborn. In only seven days, the great goddess grew from infancy to adulthood. Her sister still thought she was dead, giving Aphordite the advantage of suprise. She walked from the ocean and headed towards Athens. On the way, she made a stop at Aries'.

Madison: Aries, PLEASE help me defeat Artemis!

Trey: And why should I help YOU?

Madison: (desparate) PLEASE! You love to fight, don't you?!

Trey: Hmm... you have a point. Okay, I'll help you. But you better leave the fighting to me!

Hannah: The two travled to Athens They were met with a horrible sight. Lava covered the city, flowing from the volcanoes. The volcanoes were the path to the underworld, and countless demons crawled from it. Thousands of underworld creatures crowded the once glorious streets.

Madison: (gasp) Wow... It's worse than I thought. (Disbelieving tone)

Trey: Looks like fun to me! The more things to slay the better!

Madison: I see Artemis. You handle these demons. SHE'S mine.

Trey: Whoo hoo!

Hannah: Aries ran into the distance, slaying demon after demon after demon. Aphordite stared down her unsuspecting sister. Musturing all the courage she could, she took off, charging towards the Colloseum Artemis was perched upon.

Madison: ARTEMIS!

Courtney: (shocked) Aphordite?! How are you still alive?!

Madison: Mother Hemera gave me a new life. Unlike YOU, I didn't stoop to trading my soul!

Courtney: (defensive) It doesn't matter anyway! I rule Athens now!

Madison: You don't DESERVE Athens! Now come down here and FIGHT me!

Courntey: FINE! But it's YOUR death wish!

Hannah: the two girls engaged in battle. On the other side of the city, Aries was dealing with bigger problems.

Trey: Hades? Is that YOU?!

Mason: (sly) Hellow, Aries. Long time no see.

Trey: Don't get so cocky! Today is your LAST day!

Mason: (Sarcasm) Of course it is.

Trey: That does it! You're THROUGH!

S: blades crashing

Hannah: The two fought for a long time, neither doing well. They were both bruised and bleeding.

Trey: I'm TIRED of this! You're OVER!

Hannah: With oe final blow, Aries knocked Hades off guard. In one single swift movement, Aries ended the devil's life.

Trey: (laughing) Looks like I'm the victor after all. I TOLD you not to get cocky! HA!

Hannah: Back at the colloseum, the battle between Artemis and Aphordite was still raging on.

Courtney: (panting) Athens is MINE!

S: swords clashing

Madison: (panting) Forget it! It's MINE!

S: swords clashing

Hannah: Both girls were bleeding, injured badly. Aphordite took a deep breath. She knew she couldn't keep it up for much longer. She had to make a finnishing blow before she was too beaten to continue. Bringing up every fiber of strenght she had left in her, she raised her sword.

Madison: Goodbye, sis...



Hannah: In the end, Artemis and Aries claimed Athens, meaning Artemis finally got her revenge. But there was STILL one mystery left to solve...

Trey: That was fun. I LOVE battles.

S: door opening

Trey: Who's there?!

Jada: (Talk in an innocent little girl's voice) Daddy...?

Trey: What do you mean, DADDY?!

Jada: Aries... I'm your daugter. Pandora is my mother.

Aries: WHAT?!


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