"You Will be Missed" by Quentin

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story I wrote based on a situation that happened in my past.


“You Will be Missed”

Life is full of surprises, full of anxiety, full of wishes, full of emotions that are quick to catch the minds of humans off guard ever so often. People must remember that situations and calamities can quickly fall, and that at any moment they must be mentally prepared to deal with it. So often we as humans walk this earth as if we are promised another day, but that mindset only leads to disappointment and sorrow.

There was a family that grew up together in a small home, the grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and the mother’s two sons. The grandparents were the mother’s parents, and the fathers parents lived on the east side of the country. Tramell and Terence were the mother’s two sons and they had grown up in that house since birth, even though they were five years apart. Sandra their mother had lost her sister prior to their birth, which has scarred her life even till this day.

Mom can we go to best buy tomorrow to buy new movies?” said Terence, as he continually ran around the house jumping in excitement.

At the time, Terence was 12 and his younger brother Tramell was 7. They were not attending school at a public or private building but were homeschooled.

Well, we have to go get some groceries first and clean up the house son”, said Sandra as she dressed up her youngest son.

But mom, I really want to go!” screamed Terence while continually running around the house.

Son, calm down and clean you area, don’t push it” said Sandra.

Life as it was seemed great, the kids were rapidly growing up and the youngest son was entering his freshman year in high school. It was a Saturday night, and the grandparents had turned in to go to sleep. The house was very quiet; one could almost hear the sound of the birds chirping through the skies, crickets whistling through the cold air of night, and the wind brushing against the glass windows. Tramell had just finished his homework and laid his head down on his soft cotton pillow to enter into a peaceful dream.

Suddenly, when all was at peace, a strong and unusual shaking came from the bed in the room where the grandparents slept, a shaking that caused every sleeping and dreary soul in that house to arise with a quickness. The mother burst through her bedroom door almost in a full sprint down the hall to the door where the grandparents slept. A strange and weird noise as of a man in pain and torture pierced through the ears of the rest of the family. As they all ran into the room, the sight of the grandfather was one that scared each and every one of them. He laid there, shaking and trembling, his eyes almost bulging out of their sockets, his hands in uncontrollable movements, and his body locked into a most scarce position.

The family now in fear of the situation, hurried to call the ambulance and paramedics, as the two sons comforted their grandmother whom was shocked and overwhelmed by the situation. Later that night, after he was taken to the hospital, it was discovered that he had a seizure. Nobody would have ever seen this coming, and it grasped the attention of not only the family, but neighbors all around.

Sandra, attempting to surpass her emotions, said to her sons “Head home and clean up the house, we could be getting visitors at any moment and the house needs to be prepared and presentable.

Their father brought them back home, leaving his wife and her mother at the hospital to watch over the grandfather. Many friends and family from all over began visiting the house to find out what happened and to check up on the family. The sons were hoping and praying that this was not the end, for they had not witnessed a death of someone so close to them before.

Dad, is papa going to be alright?” said Tramell while sitting on his bed trying to hold on to the little ounce of faith in his heart.

His dad replied “All we can do is pray son, and hope for the best. Your grandfather is a strong man and has a strong faith in Jesus Christ, I believe God will bring him through.”

About a week later, their grandfather was released from the hospital and brought home, and for the next year or so he suffered many seizures not just at home but sometimes in the car, while walking, in the restroom, and even at stores. His condition seemed to only get worse and worse to the point that his memory began to slowly but surely diminish, his strength was impaired, and could barely even walk to the restroom by himself.

It was a bright and shiny Saturday morning. Tramell was in his sophomore year and Terence was attending a community college during the week. Both the sons and their father had got up early to get to breakfast at church and be on time for Sabbath school. Their grandfather woke up and seemed very healthy, he walked around on his own, and even began playing on the piano which was his favorite thing to do.

The boys left out the house on their way to church, and their mom and grandparents were at home enjoying their Sabbath day to themselves. Shortly after Sabbath school had ended and 11:00 service started, the sons heard an ambulance drive by the church. Assuming it was somebody else, they went about their business talking to their friends and having a good time, until Terence received a call from his mother.

Son, I need you to pray, grandpa has been rushed to the hospital. He had a seizure in the bathroom and has not responded to the paramedics. Grandma is still at the house and your Uncle is coming to pick her up to bring her here”, said Sandra over the phone, as Terence could hear the feint cries from her lips.

Terence replies in haste “Mom is he ok? What happened? What are the doctors saying?”

Sandra said “Son I can’t talk right now I will call you back they are running tests please pray.”

Terence swiftly ran to find Tramell and their father, and relayed the information to them. The sons rushed home to clean up the hou se and prepare to head to the hospital, when suddenly they found their grandmother sitting on her bed weeping and crying. As Tramell tried to comfort her, the only words that came from her mouth were “He’s gone, he’s gone”. He couldn’t fathom the thought of their grandfather really dying, so he figured she meant that he had left to the hospital.

The day was not looking as bright and shiny as it was that morning, the sun was still shining, the clouds were still separated away from the skies where they could see, but their hearts were dark and gloomy. Terence and Tramell called their mother in an attempt to gather more information on the situation, but when they called all they could hear were crying and weeping. Panting and speaking in haste, the oldest son raised his voice to his mother over the phone and asked if grandpa was ok. No reply, no sign of happiness, nothing that would bring about a smile to either one’s face. In sadness, their mom faintly replied, “He is gone.”

Nothing in this world, no matter what it was, could fill the void and hole those words left in those two boy’s hearts. A feeling never thought to be felt before now struck them in a most vivid and petrifying way. Their eyes were like a river that could not be stopped, and the tears flowed ever so quickly, screams and sadness proclaimed through their lips as they fell to the floor. Neighbors and friends who were around but didn’t know what had happened, ran to the backyard, only to see two young men crying more than a baby when not fed.

Who knows how this situation could change these two young men, or their parents, or even their grandmother, but never in life should people take for granite that they are alive. Every day we should be thankful to God that He has spared all of us to see another day and to live and have our being. Situations like this leave a major impact on a person’s life, what if the next death that happens is in your family? Are you ready?

Submitted: January 30, 2013

© Copyright 2020 blackbulletq. All rights reserved.

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Firstly welcome to Booksie
lovely read

splendid work

feelings well expressed in words

keep writing

will be waiting for your next work

dont forget to update me

Wed, January 30th, 2013 11:58am

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