Jo's Bees

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Len and Jo were the best of friends, they did everything together.
Not to mention the fact that they were brothers.
Like always Len and Jo went for a walk in the Woodly Forest,
Today Jo learns about bees.

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



Once upon a merry time, there were two little mice. One was named Len, while the other was Jo. They were brothers, as well as best friends, the two mice did everything together, always went on crazy adventures, learning all the time. Len was the smart mouse, and Jo wasn't so smart, some people say he was dropped on his head when he was nothing but a furless baby.
*coughs* Now where was I? *chuckles* Oh right.
The two little mice were out walking in the Woodly Forest. A place where the trees were as pink as pink eye, the grass was as red as blood, the stones and rocks were as purple as bruises. It's a beautiful place, you never know what you'll see when your wondering in this Woodly Forest. There are creatures big and small, some a that tiny you don't even realize they are there, but you'll always know if you stand on one of the small creatures, their scream is mighty. The big ones, oh boy! You really can't miss them, they are massive.
Len and Jo were out looking for something to learn, something to discover, something far out of the ordinary, something they have never seen before.
"Hey, Len. What's this?" Jo confused as always asked his brother.
"Uh, Jo, I'm pretty sure that's your reflection in the puddle!" Len said, rubbing his head, wondering if Jo knows anything at all.
"Oh!" Jo replied, he giggled. "I'm preddy."
"Lets keep going Jo." Len suggested.
Jo shrugged his shoulders and kept walking along with his brother mouse. Len got his camera out, and started to take pictures of different flowers and creatures. Len loves taking pictures, if you knew him you'd say he was addicted to photos, his room is covered in photos. He takes pictures of little blue, pink, green, purple, every coloured flower he possibly could, and when his film is full, he replaces it with a new one.
Jo loves looking at everything and anything, you always see him starting at something, trying to figure out what it is, why it's here, what it is doing here.
Jo stops, and thinks, he looks around, a puzzled look falls upon his little face.
"Hey, Len. What's this sound I can hear?" Jo asked curiously.
"That, my easily confused brother, is a Bee!" Len replied.
"Hey, Len. What's a Bee?" Jo asked even more curious then before.
"A Bee is a very tiny creature, compared to us that is, they help the flowers grow, they make honey. Beautiful creatures they are!" Len answered his brothers question.
"Len, would you please explain more about this tiny creature, you called a Bee?" Jo responded with, yet again, another question.
"Well, Jo, a Bee is a tiny striped orange and black creature." Len takes a deep breath, wonders how he's going to explain what a Bee is. "They buzz, just like the sound you heard before, that's their way of telling you that they are here. It's best not to annoy those little Bees, they might sting you. It hurts when you get stung by a Bee, it's always best to leave them alone and let them do their thing. They fly around, always looking for fresh flowers. The Bees help the flowers grow, they do this by sucking the pollen out of the flower itself, and sprinkles the flowers with a special powder that gives the flowers a boost in growing. Then when they're pollen bottle is full, they go back to their hive, and use that pollen to make honey. No-one knows how they make the honey, and I'm not too sure that they ever will know how the Bees make their honey. But they make it and we eat it. You got all that Jo?" Len asked.
"Wow, Len. That's pretty amazing. Thanks for telling me about these beautiful, tiny creatures." Jo replied.
The two mice walked back home, they both are exhausted from their long, walk in the Woodly Forest. Len and Jo told their parents all about their day, it was packed full of learning.
And there you go my friends. That was the day my brother learnt about Bees.

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