butterfles in spring

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just a butterfly spring

Submitted: May 02, 2010

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Submitted: May 02, 2010



butterflies in spring

come into a world i already know

butterfly dance in springlike show

they dance to the guitar man

try and catch us if you can

we are fast and wings of light

that dazzel in the mist of the night

you wish you could be so free

high above the troubles you see

but be carefull for what you wish

never want for a butterflies kiss

for once you touch our lips

a dream state you may slip

for here nothing is what you beleive

wings untouched bequived

a spell unpon you this spring night time

and  the magic you see is all mine

as the seasons changed so do i

spring i am new in autum i die

to sleep in the winter

and born again in summer glinter

so enjoy while you can

a butterflys song of the guitar man

the door will close on the world i leave behind

and you wake up just in time

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