My Deadly Nightmare

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My Nightmare.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



I hear it before I can react. 

The sound shearing through the silent forrest around me, and I know, I'm not alone. Slowly, I walk through the forrest, my fingertips sliding carefully over the frozen bark of the trees surrounding me. I let out a ragged sharp breath, that I didn't realize I had been holding. I'm alone in this dream, the all-too familiar smell of pine and freshly fallen snow. I pull my black coat closer around myself, my elbow-length brown hair hanging loosely out of my hood. I step forward, wandering to the sound that I know will mean certain death. I've had this dream too many times to not recognize it. I know what will happen before it does, but still, I let myself fall for it. Then I hear him, walking towards me, the scent of after shave still fresh on him, he can't see me, but I can see him. I stop in my tracks, lowering myself into a defensive crouch. My body trembling slightly as I watch him. Then he stops, his body leaning slightly towards the left as he scans the area. I hold my breath, the silence capturing us both. I slowly exhale, keeping my eyes focused on only him. Crunch. He's walking again, this time away from me. I don't relax until hes completley away from me. I lower my gaurd, knowing the danger is safe, for now. Standing, I take a quick glance around me, before walking the way I came, back home. I don't get one step away from my spot before I hear it. The howl shreads through my spine, making me shudder. Whipping my head around, I see him, he's on all fours, fangs snarling at me. My most precious everything-- My White Wolf. I half smile, my eyes not leaving his for a second as I use my peripheral vision to survey my surroundings, making sure that we're alone. His eyes flicker with something, recognition. His ears perch forward, waiting, watching me. 

Then it hits me. The pain swells in my chest as i stagger to the ground, clutching my bleeding wound. I swivel around as the man with a rifle reloads, his eyes darting from me to my wolf, to his gun. I growl, deep within my throat, falling back onto the red-stained snow. My body shivers from the cold. In the distance, I hear raging sounds of my wolf, the tearing of clothing and agonizing screams of a man. He's by me in an instant, pushing his muzzle into my neck, whimpering softly. He leans his body against mine, whining, as if he knows. Everything fades to black.

I'm in a room, locked in chains as i try to break free, my arms pulling against the cold metal, cutting deep into my skin. My voice comes out in a tired, ragged breath "...Someone...... Anyone!....Please!..If you can hear me... Get me out of here!" I restrain as much as i can, until i hear a deadbolt being unlocked. I look up at the man standing in front of me, Blood stains his shirt, his massive hands reaching for me. "No... No!... Please!!... Don't!!" I scream, his smile grows wider with every attempt I give. He grabs me, dragging me towards the table as he slams me against the table, knocking whatever air I have in my system out. I grasp the table, trying to will my lungs to breathe, to force air in, but just as I do, His mouth is over mine. He bites hard, his teeth gripping around my tounge as i feel a pulling sensation, I scream, kicking as hard as I can as he rips my tounge out. I choke on the blood, my body trembling as I whimper against the cold metaillic table. I watch as he eats it, savoring every bite. Rolling on my side I try to scream, the blood pouring out of my mouth. He then picks me up, carrying me to another table, this one lined with blood-stained spikes. I scream, thrash out at him. 

LIVE!!! I HAVE TO LIVE!! I will my body forward, smashing my knee into his head. He screams, dropping me and stumbling back. I stagger to my feet, running to the door as i slam my body weight against it, my heart pounding in my chest. My bound hands struggle to be free, to open the door. I turn around, facing him as he stalks towards me, jaw set in a firm line. My hands grasp for the handle, willing it be close. I finally reach it as he leans to me, slamming his hands on the door, I turn it quickly and manuver out of his way as he falls to the floor. Leaping over him, I run blindly through the halls, searching for an exit. Door... Window.. Anything! Please God! Oh God PLEASE!! I run for what seems forever until I see a window. A sense of freedom rushes over me as I dive head-first through it, the glass shattering all around me. Half way through the window, Hands grab my feet, my body slamming against the wall. I scream again, as im pulled inside with record speed. Glass stabs my arms, peircing through my tanned flesh, through one side and out the other. I scream, blood still pouring from my mouth as hands grasp onto my head. The last thing I hear, a whisper in my ear. You will never... ever... be free.. Then, with monumental force, he positions his hands on my head and twists. The last thing I hear is a sickning crack, the world fading to black. 


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