Chain Master - Anorah

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The lands are held in peace by an elite order of sprits, they are whispered in fear, the Chain Masters. It is said that the Chain Master of Dead man's mountain murdered a man called Noah, father to Anorah yet this is a lie. Grathal is hunting the True Bloods, and he has only two to go. Anorah is a young orphan who believes the chain master Anneriah murdered her father and ever since hearing the name her hate has grown her into a sour yet beautiful rouge. her only friend is Nick, a shadow munger. The unlikely friends take the quest to kill a might warrior to earn their honour and they chose the Dead man's mountain Chain Master for death.

Table of Contents

Chain Master - Anorah

A poor young blacksmith raising his strange daughter hands his baby to a hooded figure when the village is attacked by Grathal, a demon seeking the True Blood Chain master of Dead Man's mountain. Read Chapter

“Please no” A young boy stuttered as he grew, there was a crusade of cracking as his bones shifted and reformed, a few seconds ago he... Read Chapter