Modern Day Dragon

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A joke around Poem.... I hope you enjoy it.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



Scales black as the darkest night

The top of your head out of my sight

Your form so glorious yet so fierce

Your eyes so potent the sky they pierce


Deep amber that cuts to the soul

You bellow fire in the deepest cold

Bright flames that leap to heaven

Someone cries “You charred Kevin”


As you walk you claws on the ground do click

“Fire Fire” the police empty another clip

The bullets bounce of you heavy armor
you glare at them but seem even calmer


I stare at your handsome jaws

So powerful, like your giant paws

You stare as us and walk our city

You golden eyes shine with pity


Humans cannot live forever

They become victims of their last endeavours

Humans unlike dragons cannot fly

They unlike dragons are doomed to die


Yet we judge you as a monster evil

We believe you the hound of the Devil

We judge you to look so ugly

Yet you do not judge as smugly

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