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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



You say I need to be happy

But all I feel is depressed

You say my dialog is sappy

But my worries are unaddressed


We talk on Facebook

And you complain when I open

Well my trust you took

And now I am mopin’


I understand I am irritating

And all I do is nag

And with a little bit of deliberating

I see I sit around like a fucking hag


I should just go slit my wrist

I should take the fucking overdose

I should embrace death’s tender kiss

I should just make the bitches go “gross”


I am not pretty

I am not smart

I am quite slitty

Smart remark


Its no surprise I have given up

After all others have forfeited the game

Ten I count in the cup

Should I tell you them by name?


The first one was so touchy feel

I felt like I was been abused

She simply made her little meal

From the money we paid… Confused?


The next one had his head up his arse

He tried to scare and threaten me

I wanted to mention he take a bath

He lost my respect you see


Others have flown by

I was committed

In the ward I heard a girl scream and cry

Now in there my mind was unfitted


Now I go to ARC

I have met others alike

But still I long for the dark

I long to say Goodnight

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