That Bitch Named Sarah

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The following des not refer to anyone so dont get offended and if you do do not think abou sueing because ill tell you right now you will not get shit

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



It was the first day of school for me and I was happy t be alive that day and I remember clearly what that bitch Sarah did that day oh I remember all to well. I got on the bus with my backpack on my back. I walked by here and this bitch trips me so when I get up to say something she hits me dead in my mouth. I got up and did the manliest thing a man could do in the history of men. I started crying and ran home now how manly was that . The next day my mom got on the bus to talk to Sarah and Sarah kicked my mom’s ass too so after that we where shit out of luck we called animal control and everything. Sarah kicked all there asses she was the true queen of doom. I knew I had to step up. The 6th day of school hit and I went to tell Sarah what I thought about here kicking my mom and I’s ass. Sarah stopped me from talking and told me her true feelings that day. She said that she loved my bitch ass and we got married and I know it doesn’t make since because I am a ignorant jack ass so go to hell. Also I wrote this story for the hell of it because I could.

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