Are you the 5%


Not all of society cares for you

Not all of society is there

Most of them are distant

Most of them don't share

95% of society sucks, but that's just human luck

The 95% are all the same, they all in the end are called the same name

95% of the world is dying

95% of the world is lying

The last 5% is the only one trying

trying to be different

trying to be themselves

trying to live with the 95% you know the ones that don't give a shit

5% of the world is crying

While the 95% is still denying

Closing their ears to the 5% sighing

The 5% get tired of fighting

The 95% push them into hiding

You can't see their face

They can't win this race

It's been unfair from the start

The other 5% stays misunderstood

because they don't walk and talk and act like you

The 5% don't want to be the same, they don't want to be tamed

5% of the world is quiet

As wars rage on and the 95% is dying

The 5% will still be trying

 Trying to improve the world

Trying to change their life

While the 95% will still be denying

They fear themselves, they fear reality

95% can't live in peace

95% will never be at ease

95% will never be pleased

And because  of all this  in the end the 5% will bring them to their knees.

Submitted: October 10, 2012

© Copyright 2023 Blackheart. All rights reserved.

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