written probably before 2007

The Night I Disappeared

The Ocean sprays across my face

The cold wind lashes at my skin

There's something about this place

Yet to me it feels strange like the ending that says fin

I'm numbed by the cold

I can't feel a thing

The water helps to make things feel young instead of old

Yet as the waves hit my feet and arms, it stings

The ocean sparkles in the night

The crescent moon's luminescent light reflects upon the water

It's actually comforting to one's sight

So that it isn't uncomfortable to my mind that feels like a swimming otter

The ocean sprays across my face

The cold wind whips my hair around

I guess this is my favorite place

Especially at night when it barely makes a sound

All that is heard are the waves crashing against the rocks

The tide rises in its height

Sometimes the water even drenches me so I'm soaked

And it makes a shiver go down my spine

The ocean sprays across my face

The cold wind numbs my wings

An ominous feeling stays

One of fear and comfort is what it brings

I walked into the ocean and let it take me away

Where I finally felt whole and that's where I stayed

Submitted: July 04, 2009

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