My Shade

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My shade is about my relationship with GOD and how he's my shade.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



I looked around for many days

But all I saw was an unclear haze

I can't find protection from rain that falls day by day

Or the sun that burns me with it's powerful rays

I can't show that I'm weak,I need to be strong

I was foolish and didn't know I was wrong

I was unhappy, I was sad, I needed a shade

A shade that would protect me and never to fade

I walked around, searching for a tree

I just wanted a tree, big enough to hide me

But all around me there were only small saplings

Then I asked myself, "Why is this happening!"

"Why don't you try this?" I heard a person say

He handed me a small mustard seed

I took it without hesitation or delay

For I needed all the hope and help I could receive

My faith was small but I gave the seed to the ground

I waited for days, no complaint - not a sound

I was growing weak and needed a shade

"Please grow" I silently prayed

My faith grew stronger as the days passed by

For a small seedling started to sprout

I was so happy I wanted to cry

I no longer was a victim of doubt

The seedling grew big, and the days went fast

It blocked the rain and shield me from the sun's strong rays

Taking care of the plant was no longer a burdened task

My faith in it was like flames of a fire - my heart, set a blaze!

My shield, my shade, I rest under it

Under it's branches I always fit

My plant was once a small seed which I then doubted

But my faith grew strong as my small seed sprouted

In the distance I saw a lonely boy walking

He seemed sad, I went up to him and we started talking

He gave me a sad story

I told him, "I'm sorry"

He looked at me and said, "I'm giving up"

So I said, "I know what you need"

His eyes went big and sat really close up

In his hand I put a small mustard seed

I LOVE YOU GOD!!! You are a GOD that provides and one that I could truly put my faith into. ^_^

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