Gone Again...

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This is a short poem about a friend of mine. I found out last night from a friend that she lost her baby due to the stress of trying to help me out with my ex-fiancee.

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



I hang my head

I see only the cracks in the pavement, moss growing through

Why didn't you tell me?

Not that there's anything I could've done I made a mess of things. Again.

Add one more reason why I should've left you out of it

Why didn't you tell me? It wasn't my fault. Not my fault.


It's hard to hear your words of encouragement,

That I'm a "good man," a "dedicated father"

I know that if J knew, she'd be gloating at your loss-- if she actually cared.

But I do.

And you know I do.

That's why you didn't tell me.

I'm not supposed to know, but I delicately ask if you need anything I shouldn't have involved you. I shouldn't have asked you for help.

That's why I hang my head in shame.

That's why I feel that I'm the one to blame.

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