*My Apology*

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Submitted: July 31, 2013

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Submitted: July 31, 2013



Apologies burn like acid on my tongue

They are dragged out of my mouth, smothered in sugar and delivered to the undeserving child

The ungrateful selfishness makes me sick

But I have no choice

Sympathy is no longer in my favour

Deceit, lies and secrets have turned the tables against me

I load the blame onto my own shoulders

Heaping it on until the weight crushes my weak spine

This undeserving lowlife begins her slow, painful death

Seen by no one but the dejected gaze of misery

Silently I am begging for someone to see through my coded words of self-loathing

But only disagreeable words of assertion greet my ears

It’s all a lie, this love you’ve proclaimed to me over and over

I can’t look past the affection you still hold for another

This sick, immature child is like a horse wearing blinkers

Oblivious to the world outside of her own pathetic suffering

And getting you to blame me was a clever trick

Divide and conquer, and she could rule the world

And have me rot in a prison of the forever unforgiven

But why can’t she let go?

She’s dragging apologies from my mouth and sucking off the sugar

But the rest is discarded, unread, unaccepted

She’ll rob me blind until my last breath

Then dangle forgiveness in my face, thinking it’s all I ever wanted

But she would be wrong

I don’t care if I die to the sound of taunting and jeering

As long as I’ve heard the sweet song of a changed opinion

The peacekeeper doesn’t always tell the truth

Take my apologies for all they’re worth

For they hold no weight with me.

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