Last Night was... This Time

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This is simply about how a boy's past became his best friend once he met his present and potential future. (and there a little love story in it as well)

Last Night was... This Time

Last night was... well, just like any other night for me. The usual. The same ol', same ol'. I'm sick of the "same ol', same ol'". This night, tonight, is gonna be different. This night's not gonna fit. I know I say that all the time, but this time... oh, this time. This time is different. This time, I'm just gonna be...

I'm gonna be...

Last night was... well, it was different. I knew it was gonna be different. Just not that different. Usually I go out and just chill with a couple of friends. Drinks, occassional smoking, and you can guarantee that there will be trouble. But this time... this time was different. This time was... Last time. Last time was... Last time felt... Last time was last time. I wish you were there to witness, to feel, to embrace... I just hope this feeling stays.

"Last night was... well, just like any other night." I couldn't say that yesterday. But today... remains the same. I felt so differently, so unusual. "This time is different." I guess I was right. This time I was right. What is this? What exactly is "this time". Last night.

"Stay with me." It's never echoed as loud.

"I kinda love you." With that cherry ice cream smile.

"Stay..." Silence repaired.

Beginning to get repetitive. You can only imagine. You can only repair it so many times before... I want you back. I want you back, "Last Night".

Last night was... well, just like any other night. Last night was just the way I like it. Just an ordinary night. Same ol', same ol'. I would kill to keep that "same ol', same ol'". I hope it never gets different... again. I know I use to say it all the time, but... this night, tonight, it's gonna be the same.

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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