It's the cleche'd "Cat and Mouse game". Girl is head over heels for boy. Boy doesn't seem to take an interest. Years go by of drifting apart. Girl learns the "Love" game. Boy and girl meet once again. Boy is head over heels for girl. Girl could care less.

Light It First

Simple banter.

"I like you."


Doesn't seem like much now.

"I like you."


Those years pass and and you seem to have learned...

or be trained.

"Hey there."

"Can we go?"

At last we meet again,

only to find out...

"I love you."


Submitted: July 17, 2008

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mohammed al damen

loved your story unbeliveable you are talented,please read my new story "the black sword" please wright a comment please.........hope you like it

Tue, July 29th, 2008 5:43pm

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