Crimes Of Raindrops

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This poem is about losing someone, even though you might not be close at the moment..

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



We cry because it hurts. We cry because we don't want to get caught.
We're bleeding and it won't stop. Your saying "It's all my fault. Their coming closer."

I sob only because I know what's coming next.
It's the rain. It's pouring and drizzling and coming down hard all at the same time.
We think the angels must be mad at us. We broke each other's hearts out of emotion and our loveless marriage.

You were driving. Going the wrong way and they came closer. Much closer. The rain got in the way. The angels got in the way.

We crash into the others, screams and thunder yell about the world and cover all the people with nightmares and our own blood of shame.

I hear nothing. Only the rain.

"Come closer, " You say and I do. "Let me hold you one last time before the angels take me away."

We hold each other. Even after all the fights and arguments we had just had, we love each other more than ever. We hold onto that love. We cling to it and pray for it.

The angels fall down, and the man in the other car stares at us.

He's speaking, but we cannot hear the words he talks. So we hold onto each other.

The angels crash down. Loud and merciful. With power and strength.

They take us away. It was a crime we committed. A crime of love and passion. A game of lust and seduction.

Our game.

Our Love.


But we leave. The angels take us and we go. Together.


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