Drop Dead Baby Girl

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This one is about losing someone close to you, but you don't pay attention to them till it's too late.

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



I try to look through the glass mirror. I can't see myself, I can't feel myself.

Am I here?

I walk outside where the streets are busy with cars and people and crying babies, and where the wind blows, but I cannot feel it.
I jump and wave my arms.

Can they see me?

I try stepping infront of a woman and her child crossing my way.But they walk right through me. So I then, look around and step in
the middle of the road. And I scream and I yell and I jump and go wild.

Can they hear me?

A car is coming closer to me.I stare at it as if it will stop when I say 'Stop' but it won't. I watch. Thinking the car would slow down and
the teenager driving the vehicle will see me or maybe even hear me.

Are they there?

He comes closer in the car. The music is blasting at maximum volume and he is talking on the phone. He is not looking at me. He is
not listening. He is not paying attention.

Is he blind?

I look to my left and see a little girl with ponytails walking in the street by herself. Her mother is turned away from her yelling into her phone about some stupid meeting and what not.

But she is not watching her young daughter.

The little girl spots a dead flower in the middle of the road. She walks to it,bending to pick it in her little and small hands.I swear she just looked right at me.Looking me straight in the eye and she had just smiled to me. And the teenager driving the car comes much,much closer. I can only watch and not feel of what is to happen this very moment.

The young man looks up from his phone.His eyes widen and his heartbeat picks up and his heart drops to the floor as he slams on his brakes.

But it is indeed too late.

Now it did of course catch the mother's attention.Her daughter is hurt. Her daughter is bleeding.

Her daughter may be dead.

I can hear many gasps and screams and yells and sirens. I see a police man and two medics come rushing to the little girl.

I can feel the girls blood.I can feel the pain.I can feel the lonliness.I can feel the silence.

It's dead.Not the silence, but me.I'm dead.I can feel it and it hurts so much. There is blood on me.On me is my own blood. I am on the floor and I look up.

The girl is alright, burt hurt as well. But she is okay. And I am not. Then I see and hear the mother. She says :

"Thank you! Oh my God! Thank you so much!" She says through tears and police men hold her back as she tries to step towards me.

I lay on the floor as I feel a sheet of some sort being layed upon me.

I am dead.But I am awake.

I saved this girl when no one saw her. I saved this girl when no one saw me.

I realise then, that me and the girl, we were invisible.But not to each other.

We saved one another.She saved me, and I saved her.

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