Your not here

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This poem is about not being there for someone when they really need you.

Submitted: May 21, 2008

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Submitted: May 21, 2008



You said that we could play hide and seek.

I looked under the sheets, I looked under the bed, and yet you were nowhere to be found.

I'm on way down the staircase, hoping that you wouldn't pop out of the shadows and scare me.

My hands sweat with the thoughts of that as I slowly turn the corner into the dark basement. I sand at the top of the stairs,trying to see into the dark, but I see nothing.Nothing but darkness and nightmares.

I creep down the steps, one-by-one, careful not to wake the demon sleeping in the corner.

But where are you?

Your the pretender, and I am the finder. Define me. Try me. Scare me. Like me.

I need to know.I need to know taht your here with me and not somewhere off in another galaxy waiting for eternity for me to find you.

I'm scared that your not here and that I am here. I am here by myself with no one to help me.

I step down onto the floor and hear the step creak.

I pray the monster disn't hear it. I slowly try to find the light switch, hoping that I can get to it
before the monster gets to me.

Where are you?

I feel the switch and I try to flip it on as fast as I could, but no luck.

The monster got me from around the waist.

I kick and I scream and I yell for you, but you do nothing.

Your nowhere to be found.

Your not here to help me.

Your not here to save me.

Your the Pretender.

I am the Finder.

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