stolen piece 3

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depict the life of the major god of the mt. Olympus; DIONYSUS. HIS traits reflects on modern man which is strange after being drunk, and knowing that Dionysus is the god of wine who sited in the last throne in the mt. Olympus

Submitted: February 09, 2011

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Submitted: February 09, 2011



Stolen piece 3

Born to be god of wine
Whose strength clang like a vine
Continuous growing with thorns
And sited in the last throne

Seek the light in Nyssa
Far from the power of Hera
Incubated by fire
Nurture by rain in desire

Like a fruit bearing vine
Which’s precious as made in wine
That heaven’s fire ripen the fruit
And the drizzle in heaven’s eye nurture the root

Pirates have witness the king in grace
As they landed the shore of Greece
Oh! Kingly Dionysus, reveal thy clothes-
Thy posture, thy reason to behold

In Thebes destiny was wrote
For his reign to be brought
There came a king- Pentheus
His cousin in mortal blood

Regret his presence
And bring into sentence
For king have made his will
In his hand justice will prevail

No matter how god persist
His cousin still resists
For no reason to uphold
His power burst to be rude

Warmth wind of time
Refresh the new mind
And wrote into madness
His winning piece of greatness


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